Jan. 1st, 2016

hikarikirameku: (Happy Rin)
I rang in the new year by watching Star Wars, Ep. V and VI (having watched IV a few nights ago). Finished 15 minutes before midnight, and watched the ball drop on TV. Used a toy lightsaber in lieu of a noisemaker cause that's all I had, lol. For being stuck at home, I could think of worse ways to spend New Year's Eve. Plus, I found it appropriate to send out 2015 with the biggest fandom the year helped revive. I am so happy to be back into Star Wars, you have no idea.

Later I'll probably be on the hunt for more JE related things, like JCD. I saw Arashi's Kohaku performance already. It made me so damn happy (the did a nod to Star Wars and came out dressed as Jedi, with lightsabers, and it was so damn cool).

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