Jan. 12th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (Happy Rin)
Fingers crossed, but it looks like we're back on track for translating part 2 of the Ao no Exorcist butai. We had to take a break due to the translator being stuck in college class hell. I'm sure it'll still be a little bit at a time, but I'm just glad we're both still up for it. Hoping we can have it done before too much longer, but I'm not pushing the translator...they're doing this out of their goodness of their heart. We'll get done when we get done.

Anyways, next month I'll be busy with JE group stuff, since I should be getting both NEWS' and KAT-TUN's new singles in the mail at some point. Already hear KAT-TUN has their next song figured out too, the one for Kame's new drama, called "Unlock"...but they haven't mentioned a release date yet. Seems really weird that they've got so many songs coming out in such a short amount of time. Happens sometimes though (like when we got Come Here and In Fact almost back to back). Here's hoping I can keep up with it all. I know NEWS is due for a concert DVD announcement within the next few months too (and probably sooner than later with the new tour announcement already).

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