Mar. 12th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (Happy Rin)
Most everyone's got it already I'm sure, but I added the UNLOCK stuff to the video page.

Trying my best to enjoy the last 4-nin KAT-TUN release we'll ever have. It's very bittersweet. Still, Greatest Journey is a great song...been basically playing it on repeat. JET too. Still really hoping they get performed at the Anniversary tour. We'll find out what the set list is after the first concert at the beginning of April.

In other group news, got my pre-order in for NEWS' WHITE tour blu-ray. It's about damn time!!! I hate how they split the content though. I went with the LE by default, since I can always get the RE later, but I can't afford both versions, and it's gonna suck that I don't have the solo PV making-ofs. I'll have to download them :/ I hope the concert MCs are good, cause the LE has those instead.

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