Mar. 14th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (OOO - TaJaDol)
You know...I don't post about my tokusatsu shows here like I used to...and it's a pity, cause this seasons shows are great so far! Kamen Rider Ghost is hitting it's second big plot milestone (as it tends to do every ten or so episodes). It's been getting harder and harder to wait for subs, lol. It's the first Kamen Rider series I've really liked in a while. The cast are all great too, following everyone's Twitter's been a trip (even if I can only really appreciate the silly pics, and Nishime Shun is a cinnamon roll). Meanwhile, Zyuohger is only at ep. 5 but has been a fun romp right out the gate! It actually got me watching Sentai again for the first time in years! Actually, the cast for that is fun to follow on their Twitter/blogs too.

I should probably update my toku's still Kamen Rider OOO, LOL! Granted, Tajadol form is still probably one of the prettiest Rider forms ever (those peacock feathers!). Still, aybe I'll update the red bird motif to ZyuoEagle instead :P I actually really like Yamato. He's more like the team mom than the team leader, lol, he's great.

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