Mar. 15th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (Happy Rin)
Tried watching Ghost ep. 22 with no subs, cause I was impatient. Only got a vague idea of what happened (and MAN did shit go down), so now I REALLY want subs. Ugh. I wonder why Over-Time subs are so much slower than they used to be where Rider subs are concerned?

Also, got my Houdini Eyecon today. Just three more to go (and they're on their way). The little candy piece that also came with was Ramune flavored. I was pleased. As for other toys, was horribly disappointed to find out Specter's powered-up form will use a recolor of Ghost's Sunglasslasher... REALLY Toei/Bandai?! You're gonna be THAT lazy about it?! Oh well. I'll probably only be after the Eyecons for Deep Specter and Infinity Ghost after this anyways. Not buying Grateful form's stuff cause it's a whole other freaking belt and not even a final form.

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