Mar. 17th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (Happy Rin)
So, tonight was an adventure. Was working late tonight, and on my way home I spotted a fox crossing the street. I stopped my car, waiting for it, and noticed it had a collar and harness. It was a domesticated fox! That's incredibly rare here, despite them being perfectly legal. So I put my car in park, put blinkers on, get out, and try to see if I can get close. I kneel down and am like 'hey, buddy'...and the little guy just comes right up to me! He starts sniffing my fingers, and he's super friendly! I gently reach out to start checking his harness and collar for tags. None. Well, couldn't just leave him out there, he'd end up shot or despite my "this is insane" thoughts running through my head, I put it in the car and pray he behaves. He was super chill, although he did steal my bag of chicken sandwiches from Wendy's, but it kept him busy through the car ride, and like hell am I gonna try and take food back from a hungry fox! ^^;

So, we get it home, and tell my brother "You are not even gonna believe what I picked up on the way home". Needless to say, it got his and my dad's attention, lol. We found our dog carrier, and put him in there. Gave him a little dog food too, which he scarfed down readily. He kept scratching to get out though. Meanwhile, I'm on the computer trying to figure out who to call in the morning, since I was worried about him. In the meantime, we had to put the carrier outside because my Basset Hound was going nuts in my room, and my dad was trying to sleep.

He wasn't out there long though. My brother was like "I found the owner!". His social network is insane, and as luck would have it, someone responded knowing they knew who the fox belonged to! So we call her up, load up the fox, and around midnight he was happily back home with a happy and thankful owner. I was so happy! The lady who owns him actually breeds foxes, and had a female as well, so his mate was also thrilled to see him again. Happy fox noises are adorable BTW (now I know what the fox REALLY says, lol). We found out his name is Reggie, BTW. Anyways, I'm glad everything worked out so well!

Amazing what happens when you just happen to be at the right place at the right time...and I'm glad I ignored my apprehension and ended up helping the little guy out!

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