Apr. 6th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (KAT-TUN 3-nin 10th Anniversary)
So, Over-Time picked up subbing for the Kamen Rider Amazons specials airing and managed to get a hold of some decent raws, so I decided to watch the first episode. TBH, the designs for one of them didn't impress me, not a big fan of the "updates" they've been giving the old-school Riders. Plus, Amazon is the only Showa series I've ever managed to watch, and even though it kinda sucked, I've always been really fond of the Rider's more organic design (I am a sucker for those types of Riders. Kamen Rider Gills is my all-time fave). Anyways, I figured we at least have one of the new Amazon Riders looking old-school (Amazon Alpha, the red one), so I figured what the hell, I'll give it a go with very little expectations.

Hoooooly shiiiit~
I forgot how badass it can be to watch a Kamen Rider series aimed for older audiences. I was excited. Also, in typical Amazon form, shit's getting ripped apart and kaijin are loosing limbs and it's doing it's predecessor justice. XD Super happy with several of the throw-backs to the original too! Also, found out the green Rider doesn't start with the form you see in the promo pics, and his pre-belt form looks a LOT like the original Amazon, and that made me happy. Actualy, kinda thinking now he got an updated design so he wouldn't get confused with his predecessor, lol. Like I said, we still have red at least.

Anyways, I'm pretty damn happy with it. No idea if things'll stay that way, but it was a good starter episode. We'll see if things change after shit hits the fan in ep. 2, lol. I don't even know when the next episode even comes out, TBH o_o; Hopefully they won't take too long. If anything, the main thing I'm worried about is the writer...her series are VERY hit-or-miss with me...guess we'll see.

At any rate, I'll try and have fun with this alongside Ghost! :D

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