May. 24th, 2017

New stuff!

May. 24th, 2017 04:48 pm
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So my copies of the Senakagoshi no Chance singles came! I only bought the two LE versions, for the PV and Kame's solo song. Kame's solo is soooo gooood, OMG. So happy. Yamapi's was actually pretty good too, but I just consider that a bonus (not really a big fan of his, kinda neutral towards him). Anyways, it's up on the page, as per usual. Also managed to download Nakamaru's Otsukare Thanks solo from Amazon JP, so I put that up too. They're in the Misc. section.

Also got some new Ao no Exorcist goodies! On top of Vol. 19 (I collect the Japanese versions as well as the English ones), I bought the Iro Iro artbook. It's got pretty much anything and everything Kato-sensei has colored for AoEx over the years. It's basically the AoEx artbook I've always wanted. I am so happy with it.

In pet news...I kinda accidentally but not really started a foray into antkeeping >.>; I found a queen Black Carpenter Ant, and have decided to keep her. We'll see how that goes. TBH, I've always wanted to try keeping ants... find them interesting to watch. Also, I redid one of my 10 gallon aquariums. I've got some Harlequin Rasporas and Pristella Tetras in it. Gonna try adding the original betta occupant back in today, and see how they get along. If they don't, he'll just stay in the 1g tank I have him in currently.

Anyways, that's my update. Now I go back to lurking, lol.

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