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It's been a good long while since I've posted. Guess I should update.

I survived Black Friday week at work, and am in the middle of enjoying some much needed time off.

Bought a Wii U, Wii controllers (for Wii games like LoZ Skyward Sword), and Windwaker HD (and already have Twilight Princess HD). Also bought Pokemon Moon about a week back, and got Pokemon Sun from my brother as an early Christmas present. I will be good for games for a very long while. Looking forward to Zelda Breath of the Wild next year now that I actually have the ability to play it. Also unlike everyone else I know, I give zero fucks about FFXV right now (Am I still salty there are no female characters in the party? Hell yes, I am). I'm just glad it's done so they can finally focus on KHIII and the FFVII remake (aka, the games I'm ACTUALLY waiting for and won't buy a PS4 til they release).

I've been slacking on my fandoms of late too. I finished up Kamen Rider Ghost ages ago, but never mentioned it, I don't think. Wasn't perfect, but was a fun romp nonetheless. I kinda just stopped watching Zyuohger. At this point I'll probably just marathon what I've missed once it ends.

On the JE front, since KAT-TUN's been on hiatus, I've been kinda "meh" on other groups as a whole. At this point, I'm just waiting for KAT-TUN to come back. Actually cancelled my pre-order of NEWS' Quartetto blu-ray as well...it's just too damn expensive and I needed the money for the aforementioned Wii U. Also considering selling off aomw of my NEWS collection as well, since LE's still resell for a good price, and I could use the extra cash. I still keep tabs on HSJ releases, but they're strictly download only. They only have a handful of songs I like anyways, even if watching the group is fun.

...so yeah, that's about it.
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