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Better believe I am watching it! I'm super hyped that they're finally doing a season that is faithful to the manga. I found the first season to be super disappointing. Even the manga-based stuff had pointless filler (there was no reason the first chapter needed to be split into two episodes, for one). This season only looks like it'll run 12 eps or so, so it looks like, if anything, minor details will be cut to fit everything into the timeframe. Considering I've seen this arc condensed well enough into a 3 hour stageshow, I have faith they can do it justice with 12 eps. worth of anime. TBH, as long as the important scenes make it, I'll be happy.

I should also have stuff to share here since I should be getting new AoEx goodies around the end of the month. Mainly, the AoEx issue of Jump Ryu, and the 2016 stage show DVD. <3 Japanese vol. 18 too, but that's not really for sharing...I didn't splurge for the copy with the drama CD. I will splurge on vol. 19 with the OVA when it comes out later this year though.
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