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Had a pretty good day, all things considered. Actually remembered to renew my licence plates on time for the year (Ohio sets the date for that on your birthday), and got the responsible adulting stuff out of the way. Then went and played some DDR and mat a potential new friend in the process, bought the Star Wars: The Force Awakens blu-ray, got a nommy milkshake and KFC for dinner, my dad got me a silly birthday card, one of my brothers got me a fishing license (I like fishing, we might go this Sunday), and I am now chillin' and watching Kamen Rider Agito til I feel like stopping :P I thought it'd be appropriate to watch Agito today since it was the 30th Anniversary series, and it's my 30th birthday. Plus, it's my favorite series anyways. <3 Plus, gives me an excuse to derp around with my figures. XD

Gills is like "fuck this, I don't show up til ep. 6 anyways *eats chicken*"
I am an adult, I swear

Anyways, yeah, start of a new decade. I kinda feel old, but I at least take some solace in the fact that I'm the same age as some of my favorite idols too...like Kame...and Massu will be 30 later this year too! XD
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I decided to count the last post as parts 5 AND 6, because technically it covered two days worth. Plus, I like 7 :P It's been one week since I started this, and today I'm gonna finish it...kinda a little sad actually, since this series was so good. But anyways, 9 episodes to go. Let's do this!
I made you text, but Gills eated it...J/K :P )
So, thoughts... immediate thoughts are, yeah, this series is awesome. I liked it even better than Kuuga....but I'm still a litte pissed that I really didn't have to watch Kuuga first...but then, Kuuga was a good show.

If I ever get senpai-tachi to watch it though, we are gonna have to do something about the wonky episodes...

Anyways, I'm gonna take a break before watching any more Kamen Rider. Catching up on Kamen Rider OOO will be next!
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You know, I kinda wonder how many parts to this there's gonna be? Oh well. Today I have two days worth, cause I forgot to upload yesterday. Luckily LJ automatically saves entry drafts, cause I wouldn't want to lose the stuff for these episodes.
I'm running out of things to put here )
I think I've hit my limit for episodes. So tired that it's hard to type properly anyways. There's a good chance I'm gonna finish this series tomorrow.
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I was half tempted to skip 4 and go straight to 5, but then only a handful of people get that joke anyways XD Ah, Den-O... That series was cracktastic :P
So tired...I did sleep a little bit, but not much. Anyways, I want to know what happens next!
You know the drill )
So, got through episodes 25-30...would watch more, but the kid be babysit is over, and I really don't want him watching Agito when I'm not sure if there's anything he shouldn't be seeing (he's only 4). The early Heisei stuff isn't as kid-friendly as the older Heisei stuff. At least I'm not watching Showa stuff XD Anyways, I showed him a few fights I knew were alright, and he thought Agito and Gills were really cool. Might try and find some more random fights that're okay for him to watch.
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Dunno how many episodes I'll get in tonight. Pretty sleepy already. Nerf war and all that. Had a pretty good run during Zombies game tonight. Anyways, Agito, yeah....
Let's do this )
UGH! I REALLY want to watch the next episode! I only managed two tonight (23-24)... but I promised Perry I'd go to bed ^^; I need to stop being as nocturnal.
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More Agito episode marathoning. Spoiler warning as usual.
Rawr! )
Episodes 11-22...Ugh, that's as far as I think I'm gonna go for now ^^; So sleepy...
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I forgot I used to do these! An episode by episode commentary of sorts, basically, I watch through an episode and write down what I think here. Note that there will be spoilers. Pretty much just doing this for my own amusement, and if Perry wants to see me spaz-flail.

Here we go! Count zero! )

So, got through episodes 1-10. Sleepy now, going to bed......zzzzzzzz.....

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