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Done! Finally freaking done! Man, I hate to admit it, but it was getting pretty hard to keep watching this series one episode after the other, I had to stagger it over several days. The Monster of the Week formula gets old fast, and later on Amazon doesn't do as much of the feral fighting style that made him fun to watch in the first half. Thankfully, this series was short. The last of the little episode commentary under the cut (episodes 16-24).
Dai Setsudan! )

Ok, so thoughts on this...hmmm...well, I can say this, if most Showa are like this, with minimal overall story and monster of the week fare, then I'll probably pass on the older stuff. It gets pretty boring after a while. Now, I'm guessing later 80's Showa stuff is probably a lot better, like Black and Black RX. If it's closer to Heisei plot and character development, then I'll be happy. At any rate, at least I've finally managed to watch a Showa Kamen Rider series.

I still like Amazon as a Rider though. He's very unique, and has an interesting design. There's a good chance I'll still look and see what all will be involved for making a cosplay for him, and attempt it if I think it's worth trying.

Gonna take a break from Kamen Rider for a bit to finish watching Goseiger. Not tonight though, I need to clean my room ^^;
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Here we go once again in another marathoning run of Kamen Rider Amazon. Like last time, these weren't done all at once, since I've been getting through these a bit slower. There's not really a reason to rush, seeing as the series is only 24 episodes long. Episodes 9-15 in this set.
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Anyways, yeah. Still enjoying the series. It's so simple that it's actually a bit relaxing to watch after a lot of the dramatic Heisei series. There's the story of the week, the monster of the week, Amazon beats it, and very little over-arcing plot besides "these people are bad and need to be defeated". Yep. Usually something I don't like, but you can't exactly expect much from a series like this, so I forgive it. It's short anyways. Mostly watching this to see Amazon beat up on things.
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Watching my first Showa Kamen Rider series :D Kinda ironic that I pick the odd-one-out of the bunch right off the bat, but I don't really mind. It still counts :P Just means a few differences, like I won't see any of the cameos from the other Riders that the Showa series were known for. Considering that didn't happen in the first sets of Heisei Riders, I can live with that. First up is the episode 1-8 batch I watched over about 3 days, cause I was busy ^^;

Yeah, it's old, silly, and cheesy, but it's still fun to watch. Also, since I found adorable Amazon fanart on Pixiv, I made an icon ^-^ (Now if only I could find something for Gills...)

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