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So, I got woken up this morning by the dogs barking at the mailman. He had this...


BTW, don't let the pic fool you, those cases are HUGE! The BSB one is A4 sized, and the NEWS one isn't much different besides being square-shaped instead. I had work, so I can't watch them til later, but I can at least get some of the bonus disc stuff out of the way.

But yeah...getting concert blu-rays for 2 of my 3 favorite boybands...hard to top that right?...


Then I saw this:



I am SO freaking excited about this! The only sad thing is it looks like the KAT-TUN concert isn't getting the blu-ray treatment, but hell, I'll take ANYTHING. It's freaking KAT-TUN! MY ICHIBAN! Plus, maybe if the sales do well, they'll release a blu-ray version later on like they did with NEWS' concert last year. I WANT a blu-ray of this eventually...JE, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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So I am amused by the fact that while I've been on a Backstreet Boys kick, especially with their 20th anniversary, and going to their concert, MEETING them, and just overall having an awesome time getting back into the fandom...that I have neglected a newer fandom that just finished their 10th anniversary tour... NEWS.

Thing is, since NEWS are from Japan, and I obviously couldn't go, I won't really be excited about anything until they announce the release date of the concert DVD. THAT'S what really gets international fans excited, since that's usually the only time we get to see the concerts and everything we missed. It's coming, we know this, but it'll be a few months. I also need to get my concert good from Nae...that would probably also help...since I can't go to Japan, I'll just bring a little piece of Japan to me! XD

Meanwhile, I'm wondering when the hell KAT-TUN is gonna do something. I mean, it's nice that the fandoms are active during member birthdays and whatnot, but it's really hard to get excited when there is seriously nothing going on right now. I'm all like...come ON guys. On the plus side, I can let my newly rediscovered BSB fangirl run wild without feeling guilty right now.

Anyways, starting to realize that with following multiple boybands, my interests in a particular fandom sort of ebb and flow depending on what's going on, and which group's doing what. BSB is in the forefront while the tour goes on, but I bet after things calm down and they start going more inactive while they prepare for more stuff, NEWS or KAT-TUN will step up to entertain me, and I'll find more of a balance once I get used to having three different groups vying for my attention. Ah, it was so much easier when it was just KAT-TUN, but I've met some new friends thanks to NEWS, and I've REALLY missed having an American boyband to fangirl over, so I don't regret this one bit!

Well, maybe my wallet does. I've currently been buying us a lot of the BSB merchandise I missed out on...namely albums and DVDs. You'd think that would be a cheap endeavor since they're an American group and I live in the US... and for the most part it is, but some of the best copies of things are from overseas (because we apparently get the cheap but not as awesome versions of stuff here)...so that means Ebay and lots of importing. Plus, one DVD was so rare that I failed twice to get the US version of it and had to settle for the Japanese one *sighs*...oh well. God help me when KAT-TUN decides to release something if I still haven't caught up on my BSB purchases. I should be though, there's really not much left of note that I haven't already ordered.
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(X-posted from Tumblr...OMG, I never thought I'd say that on my LJ x.x)

One of the best days of my life…right between Howie and Kevin *-* Howie had his hand around my waist and everything. That is pure fangirl heaven, right there.
I had the Silver tier (downside of last-minute concert planning…no time to properly save money), so the pic was in a group, but other girls were awesome too. Once I realized who I’d be grouped with, I turned around to ask them “Is anyone here for Howie?” and they were like “This is PERFECT!”… turns out they were hoping for a Howie fangirl so there wouldn’t be any fighting over spots, and things worked out perfectly!

For the meet-and-greet group, I was first up. It was short, I barely had time to say anything, but it was still worth it. I remember saying “This is my first time meeting you guys!” between shaking AJ and Nick’s hands, gave Kevin a big “HI!” since I derped and forgot to tell him “Welcome Back” instead. Got to Howie and while trying not to go full-fangirl I said a high-pitched “You’re my favorite!” to him (I was reluctant to, I didn’t know if that was considered rude to the other guys or not, but I figured “F*** it, I’ve waited 14 years”, and I finally got to tell him that)…Howie smiled at me…not sure what he was thinking at that point, but he smiled, LOL. Then I felt kinda bad when I got to Brian (after just confessing my bias for Howie) and just ended up saying another enthusiastic “HI!”. Really though, I love them all. Was so, SO happy to finally meet them!

A few seconds later, we scrambled into pic position. I made a beeline for the spot between Howie and Kevin since the latter had been gone for 6 years and he’s my second favorite XD As a trade-off though, I didn’t get to see Brian that close-up again the rest of the night, since my concert seats weren’t in the pit, and he wasn’t at the afterparty like the other 4 were (AJ ended up making a short appearance).
During pics, the flash didn’t go off on our first attempt, and the guys caught that and we took another set with the flash on…bought us a few extra seconds with the guys XD Also, both sets were posted on the website, so we got extra pics.

On an amusing note, I realize everyone else was wearing gray or black. Then there’s me with my ASDFGHJKL COLORS EVERYWHERE skirt. I’m very proud of that skirt though. I made it myself! No one noticed it was handmade though, cause I did such a good job on it (I wasn’t complaining. If it looks store-bought, you did it right, and I wanted it to look good for the Boys). I thought the colors were very appropriate for a Charlotte summer day as well…but yes, they were rather bright, lol.

Anyways, it was an absolutely unforgettable day. On top of this, I also had my amazing spot for the afterparty, and got to celebrate Howie’s birthday and everything. Only thing that could have made it better was if I’d have gotten pit tickets, but 6 rows from the edge of the pit walkway wasn’t exactly terrible either. :D
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CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!! The money I spend for VIP and Afterparty was TOTALLY worth it too.

Got to see them mess around during sound-check. I honestly can't remember most of it, but I do remember either Brian accidentally stepping on Kevin's toe (he was in flip-flops too ^^; ). Also, AJ and Brian spotted a fan's "Backstreet Boys Minions" shirt she had made with the artwork that's been floating around. They found it incredibly amusing. They also did almost their entire acoustic set during sound-check. Then there was the meet-and-greet and picture for VIP. Managed to say between Nick and AJ that it was my first time seeing them, ever. Said hi to Kevin. Told Howie he was my favorite. Then felt bad just saying hi to Brian. The group pic worked out PERFECTLY with the girls I was with. They were worried they'd have tofight me over someone when I asked them if anyone wanted to stand next to Howie. None did, and it worked out great! I even got my wish and could stand between Howie and Kevin! So happy~ Honestly though, even though I was meeting them for the first time, it almost had the feeling of seeing a friend you haven't sen in a very long time...guess that was the nostalgia kicking in, maybe? Either that or because they are just very down-to-earth people.

I missed most of the opening acts though. I managed to catch Brian's son sing, and he was adorable. He definitely takes after his dad. I had an anxiety attack right as DJ PaulyD started though, and stupid me forgot to bring any medicine. I managed to get myself calmed down eventually (and I think part of it was due to heat, which I dealt with, but fuck the venue for charging $4.50 just for a cup of ice. Bastards). Sat in for the last few songs of Jesse McCartney. Freaked the hell out during Beautiful Soul, since it's the only one of his songs I like, but I freaking LOVE it! Even though I missed a lot of the opening, because the sound's so loud, I could still hear it.

The seat for the concert proper was GREAT! It was just far enough back from pit where people's hands weren't as in the way, but close enough to see extremely well. It was, however, very hot, and I ended up taking my sandals off to stand on the concrete as a means to help cool down (didn't want another anxiety episode during the main show). Thankfully screaming provides an amazing outlet, which we were encouraged to do so in copious amounts. There were so many awesome parts about this concert. The songs, the dancing (THE HAT DANCE and ORIGINAL 'BACKSREET'S BACK' choreo...OMG! That's just a two!). "I Want It That Way" probably got the crowd worked up the most. I screamed bloody murder during "The One", my personal favorite song (and I'm sure my video of it is shaky as hell). "In a World Like This", their first single from the new album was also nuts. There was just so much though, they played so many old favorites and several of the new songs. I'm REALLY hoping at some point, this tour gets a DVD. I don't care if it's the American or Japanese leg, I just want one...to help relive the night.

After-party was a lot of fun...but chaotic (my bag was tipped over and trampled, my clearfile fell out and is not in good shape now, and all my things got mud on them). The plus side was I managed the front row, and I had Howie standing in from of me nearly the ENTIRE time!!! I was on the very far left, so I never got called up to dance onstage with them, but this came with the perk of not being kicked out of the front row (they were rotating people from towards the back to the front). HOWIE CELEBRATED HIS 40TH BIRTHDAY AT MIDNIGHT!!! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! I got to see my bias on his birthday <3 I recorded the entire beginning bit, but my SD card filled RIGHT after, so I didn't get much else from the after-party (got a TON from sound-check and the concert proper though). Also, AJ actually showed up for a bit! He left a few songs later, but he was there. Right in freaking front of me too (all the guys were, at one point. I know girls that would have killed for my view of Nick, and I got to see Kevin too). There were a lot of dirty jokes, since the party was 21+, so that was hilarious. I also got the mic pointed at me twice for singing, which was also fun ("Livin' on a Prayer" and "Don't Stop Believing"). Also, I nearly forgot, but at some point during the afterparty, Howie slipped and damn-near fell on me and a few other girls ^^; Luckily the security guy was there to catch him, cause if it had just been us girls, we'd have probably gotten squished (and I wouldn't want Howie to get hurt either!). The afterparty lasted an hour, since the noise ordinance for the area meant we had to wrap things up at 1am. I was okay with that though, since I was exhausted by that point.

All in all, it was an awesome experience, but not one I could repeat on a regular basis. Honestly, concerts are horrible for me...throwing someone with anxiety disorder into a loud, chaotic, screaming mess of thousands of strangers...yeah. BUT! When I was with smaller groups of people, I did manage to chat, and even make some new Facebook friends. They remembered me throughout the concert because of my bright skirt and big, white flower in my hair XD I wore that flower intentionally, that way I might be able to stand out to the Boys better, but other people remembered me throughout the day too ^-^

I'll try and get some of the videos up. probably just the one from sound-check and after-party though, since the ones from the concert will look like hell. The lights don't play nice with cameras. It was amazing night though, and I'll never forget it. My inner child was so very, very pleased, and my 27 year old self is so happy I finally got to do something I'd always wanted (see a boyband I like live!).
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So, remember that Backstreet Boys concert I mentioned getting a ticket to a couple posts back?

...yeah, so two nights ago, I also bought a Silver VIP ticket, as well as an After-party ticket. I get to meet them, in person, get a picture, be there for soundtest, then watch the concert, THEN be at the party where Nick DJs and two others show up to party as well (so far it's been Kevin and Howie at other concerts, which I am perfectly okay with).

I am SO freaking psyched for this...you have no idea. I get to meet one of my favorite boybands from my childhood. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED!

Concert prep has been crazy though, but I'll pull it off. I've done crazier for anime conventions.
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So yeah, it's been a while. Something awesome's come up!

I dunno how many people know this, but Backstreet Boys will be releasing a new album very soon (it's already out in Japan) for their 20th anniversary. They'll also be touring in the US and Japan...

...guess who got concert tickets for the Charlotte, NC date!!! XD 6 rows from the front! 6 ROWS! Yes, the ticket was expensive,but hell if I care, that will totally be worth it!

I am all sorts of excited. I've been wanting to see them since I was little, and to finally be able to make a childhood dream come true...OMG...

Now, I just need to figure out what I'll wear...

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