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Apr. 26th, 2015 11:35 pm
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I'm still here! I barely update this thing anymore though...except when KAT-TUN releases stuff, which they did, lol.

I got both Limited Edition versions of the Come Here DVDs. So far I've only watched Yoyogi (the "default"). I'm debating which to watch afterwards. I'm thinking the Osaka Countdown concert. Then I can watch the Tokyo Forum one at my leisure.

Right now though, I've been hella busy. Work's been brutal, though starting to ease up a little. I've also been working on my cosplay on top of that. I'm almost done. Going to be cosplaying Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist for this year's Animazement. Should be fun, but it's REALLY prop heavy ^^; I love my sword! <3 I'm thinking the tail will be fun too once I finish it. It's looking pretty good so far!

I also am currently watching Uta no Prince-sama. It's basically 'boybands, the anime' and it's on it's third season. It's kinda silly, but it has some great seiyuu and songs. At least it's something fun to watch since Bouei-bu is over.

Anyways, probably won't remember to post here again til Animazement, and I do my big post-con report. I am REALLY looking forward to it. ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D will be there!!! Here's hoping they play "In My World"!
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So, this weekend was the fundraiser for our local anime convention, Nashicon. It was pretty much just a short one-day version of the main con. It was very relaxed, and fun.

- Spent most of the day getting ready. Had to wash the cosplay, pack, etc.
- Got into town a bit late due to rush hour traffic.
- Visited the former workplace to say hi and snagged some food.
- Off into Columbia to meet everyone on campus for the meeting. I didn't actually do much besides hang out and get my Pokemon team ready for the next day's tournament, but it was fun seeing everyone after a long time.
- Spent night at friends' house. Chatted/fangirled, watched them bake cookies, harassed their cats.

- Mini-con proper.
- Didn't get much sleep the night before, but enough to function.
- I cosplayed my old favorite, Ichigo Kurosaki from BLEACH. The wig gave me trouble, but it always does.
- I spent various parts of the day just hanging out and having fun. Played Gangham Style early on...danced a little. I need to learn the rest.
- I went on an adventure to find an ATM, only to find out the thing I wanted in the market room had already been sold by the time I got back x.x Oh well (more money to spend on KAT-TUN stuff, I guess).
- Had lunch with a friend.
- At some point, I was challenged to Pokemon battles. Won several, only lost dragon team was pretty nasty.
- Sang karaoke, KAT-TUN songs.
- After the mini-con ended, we went to Blue Cactus for Korean food, and I got the usual Bee Bim Bob...sooo good. It's been a while.
- Hated the hour drive back home, but arrived safely.

I unfortunately didn't get any pictures..there really weren't many cosplayers. I DID however get video of myself in cosplay during karaoke. They aren't the best, my digital camera doesn't do sound well, but it's something. I love to sing, so I had fun... even if I made a few mistakes, and completely messed up Koki's short rap in LIPS ^^;

Tomorrow starts a 5-day work streak x.x Only good thing is that the shifts vary in length, and some are actually sort-of short. I just hope today was relaxing enough for me to not go nuts, lol. I'm spending some time tonight catching up on Kamen Rider Wizard, and tomorrow after work, I'll catch up on KAT-TUN DameYoru (I'm 3 episodes behind x.x)
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List of things that happened at the con:

- Wore Ichigo first thing, wore it most of the day.
- Wandered around a bit, checked out the Dealer's Room, hung out with people. It was a pretty chill con.
- Went to the Fumiko Orikasa panel that focused on her role as Rukia. Sat front row, so good seat. Got to ask her about doing character songs. She said she enjoyed them, but doing the opening covers were harder since they already had a certain sound from the actual artist. Her actual speaking voice is adorble, BTW. It was only when requested to do the "MAE! SODE NO SHIRAYUKI!" line that she sounded like Rukia XD
- At some point during the night, I passed out for a while. Got woken up by roommates I had freaked out since they didn't know anyone was in there XD
- Changed into Eiji cosplay for tokusatsu fan shenanigans.
- Went to Kamen Rider panel at 10pm. It covered every Kamen Rider series. They practically skipped over Kiva though, which pissed me off (and I chewed out the friend that ran it about that too, since I knew it's because he hates Kiva). Other than that, it was a decent enough panel. i won some Taka and Kujaku Gashapon medals, gave them to my friend.
- I can't remember which panel, but said friend that ran panel tried to demonstrate a Gills Rider Kick. Fell on his ass. LULZ were had.
- The 18+ toku panel was alright. I'll probably watch Akibaranger at some point. A friend won an OOO toy and gave it to me, it's this weird little track set.
- Late night toku cosplay shenanigans were had.

- Had to wake up early to get into Ichigo cosplay, then line up for the second Fumiko Orikasa panel, this one was for autographs. Had her sign a Rukia picture my friend had been line enough to give me.
- Changed into my dance outfit afterwards. Wore it to the KOTOKO concert. I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been so damn loud. It hurt my ears. It also made the sound really distorted at times. The performance was good though. KOTOKO herself wore these cute outfits, and the band cosplayed characters from Lupin. The one guitarist was pretty cute too.
- Passed out again for a bit in the afternoon.
- Went to the "dance" (they call it that, but it's pretty much a rave). There were some AMAZING glowstringers there, and I got to see the FlowToy glowsticks I've been thinking about getting in person. They're gorgeous. I promised myself if I get good enough, it will be worth the $50 to buy a pair. This means I need to work on my glowstringing. I was like "OMG" when I realized they were playing Chrono Trigger music remixes at some point.

- Lack of proper sleep was catching up to me, so I wasn't feeling that great. Decided not to cosplay.
- Broke down and bought the SHF Emperor Form Kiva. It's really freaking pretty. I ended up getting a good bit of Kamen Rider stuff over the weekend, mostly Agito.
- Hung out with my friends for most of the afternoon. Went to a panel about traveling to Japan at some point out of boredom, hung out with friends some more til con ended.
- tried not to fall asleep on the ride home.

All in all, a pretty good con. Very mellow. I can say I didn't regret buying a badge, since it meant I didn't have to help run anything. It's been a long time since I didn't have to help work a con. I enjoyed it. I do miss seeing everyone though. I'm also sad I never got a chance to properly talk with my one friend about KAT-TUN stuff. I got to tell her about the new single, and that's about it. Oh well. We toku fandomed it up hardcore there at least.
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Dear Eiji, why must your outfits be so WTF and random? makes making them for cosplay a bitch XD I just wonder if my friend plans on wearing Ankh again so I may have my angry bird bastard to hang around with :D Although, she might be wearing Meteor-tan instead. I'm looking forward to more Tokusatsu cosplay shenanigans with my friends this year.

I just hope that wig cooperates better this year. It didn't cooperate well last year. We'll hopefully be hairspraying it into submission.

I'll also be wearing my Ichigo Kurosaki cosplay again this year, and hopefully be getting an autograph from Rukia's seiyuu while wearing it!
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Ok, so I keep forgetting to do these things ^^; Hopefully I can remember all the important stuff we did over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, but kinda crazy still with all the running around I did, working the video room table at times, and trying to make it to events.
Con stuff under the cut )
So yeah, my first AZ was pretty fun. I think next year though I'm gonna buy a badge if I can afford one, since worrying about the video room table was a pain in the ass. I missed a lot of stuff because of that and, especially at cons I haven't gone to before, I like the general freedom of being able to do whatever.

The day after AZ was fun too, Memorial Day. We didn't get to go for sushi, liked planned, since all the restaurants that sold it were closed, so we just went to Moe's...but after that we went swimming at Kaylan's house. It was fun.

Tomorrow I plan on going to hang out with Allendorf. He's gonna help me rip the Kamen Rider Kiva DVDs I got in the mail over the weekend. They're two of the live stage shows. One was recorded after the series ends, and has three different parts, and is the one I'm looking forward to seeing the most. The other is a concert, but the first recorded of the three, and so won't have as much stuff...but I like concerts :P Hoping I can get the files to senpai-tachi soon after.
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Experimenting with cross-posting from LJ to Facebook! That way I can update both at once, although I still have to check them separately.

Anyways, hurray for new Bleach chapter! It has more new Burimyu updates. They're adding Kyouraku and Ukitake to the character line-up, and two original characters for whatever they end up doing. The chapter itself was okay. Ichigo isn't completely helpless now, but was told not to overdo things...with Orihime getting attacked I have a feeling he will ignore this in typical Ichigo fashion XD At least Chad's there to possibly bail them out if needed. I'm looking forward to when Ichigo gets his shinigami powers back, but that probably won't be til the end of the story arc.

As for other things...well, there's a whole lot of Nashi-con stuff I still need to do. I should go and battle with the sewing machine and get that functioning properly soon. I'm gonna need it. At least the most time-consuming thing is well underway, because if it wasn't, I'd be kinda screwed ^^; There's also things I need to finish for the con events too though, so I'm hoping to finish the cosplay stuff a week before the con.
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So, it's the middle of January already, and I realized I'm procrastinating horribly on anything cosplay related again. This is not helped by the fact that the last time I tried to use my sewing machine it just refused to work properly. I still have a bunch of repairs to make, props to remake, and I'd like to get at least one more cosplay finished before Nashi-con.

I know which ones I'd LIKE to do, but I'm torn on which one to focus on first. There are two from Kamen Rider Kiva. For the group cosplay, I agreed to do Taiga, but seeing as how that doesn't look like it's gonna happen for Nashi-con, I'd love to cosplay Wataru instead. Seeing as how I just spent $60 ordering a Kiva belt as well, and he's my favorite Kamen Rider character ever, I'm really leaning towards that instead.

Ichigo's going to be at Nashi-con for sure, though I'd like to fix that annoying collar on the inner coat. Kharg's outfit is pretty good where the cloth pieces are concerned, but a lot of the props need repaired or remade badly. He won't be wearable otherwise. Mew might make an appearance, but I like to limit it because it's getting beat up. I wasn't going to wear it at all, but it kinda IS my signature Nashi-con cosplay, and a lot of people recognize me by it there.

Anyways, sleeptime.
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*spazflail!* I found a pic of Kharg's profile artwork from the game,OMG! I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE! Not only is it going to come in extremely handy when I'm making this thing, I'll have artwork from the proper game to show everyone when I show them who I'm cosplaying, instead of the one from the sequel-that-should-not-exist *shudder* Well, technically it was in the instruction booklet too, but it was tiny...
(I also found some rather other epic artwork from the game, that made me happy)

Err, so yeah! Cosplay! ^^;
Click meh! )

Anyways, I should so be sleeping. I hate getting scheduled to work at night, then have to work morning the next day >.< It sucks.cause I can never get to sleep on time, then wind up working on next to no sleep. At least I have the rest of the afternoon and the day after off.
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OK, so Nashi-con is over, and I finally have time to post my take on everything that happened. All in all, it was exhausting but a lot of fun!
Nashi-con list of awesome and stuff )

Post-con staff dinner at Tsubaki was a ton of fun. My voice was still a bit rough, but I still managed to sing ok. I was nervous, cause I usually don't sing in front of others very often. I got to sing Safety Dance, Mezase Pokemon Master, Karma (as a trio), jumped in during Climax Jump, Shinkenger's opening, and Bitch, sang a duet during Man of Constant Sorrow, and my last song was Bleeding Love (should have done it first, before I tore my voice up from the low songs ^^; )
The guys singing Tricky was really fun to listen to, we got rickrolled, and they played some of the most random stuff. Also got to eat Takoyaki for the first time, it was really good. Probably forgetting some stuff too, I was tired and there was so much stuff going on. It was so, SO much fun and I'm glad I finally got to go. I love karaoke.
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ZOMG! Nashi-con in three days!

Ok, finished the last few things I needed to do for my cosplay stuff. Mew shirt has been fixed with its proper thread. Glue gun was found, and now my waraji sandals have some anti-slip measures in place (I'm so glad the hot glue seems to be working well). [ profile] artikgato should have my commission done today. All is well.

Today and tomorrow I'll be helping with food prep, and then this weekend is the con. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping the game room doesn't have too much drama (and BO issues >.>; ), but I'll have fun getting to see all the games, gamers, and random people passing through.

Which cosplays I wear at which times Saturday will depend on how long I feel like wearing my shinigami uniform. I'll probably switch to Mew if it hits 8 or 9pm regardless, cause I'm plotting on possibly wearing it to the dance. Sunday's cosplay will depend on the status and comfort of the costumes after Saturday, but I'd like to stick with the shinigami uniform if I can. Might combine them for OTAKU, since it's the perfect time for random crack. (ShinigaMew! XD)

Anyways, I need to get going. Gonna be a busy day today.


Apr. 8th, 2010 05:53 am
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So my birthday was fun! Got to go eats homemade spagetti with my Nashi friends, play Para Para Paradise for the first time, and traded Pokemon. PLUS, at the meeting I got my Nashi-con schedule rearranged, and I am ecstatic about that. Instead of registration, I'll get to work the game rooms. Plus it'll be fun doubling as a Nashi-con RPG boss...something I couldn't have done being on Registration. Sunday, they don't have me scheduled for anything now. I'll be "on call" so to speak...just doing things where they need me. I'm just glad I won't be cooped up in the back room all day, and I'll get a chance to see OTAKU.

Cosplay-wise, I also got my tabi socks for my sandals in the mail. They're pretty comfy. Still not sure if my waraji sandals will survive the entire day, but I really am not in the mood to make that second pair. The weaving kills my arms, and it's generally a royal pain in the ass. I tend to make my things able to withstand beatings anyways, the pair I have should be alright. The Mew costume has also been washed. That just leaves doing some repair work on the shirt, and it'll be set.

Was gonna watch more of Shinkenger, but then I found the entire manga of Buso Renkin online. I never got to read the whole manga before, so I'm curious to see how it differs from the anime. It's a good series anyways, so it'll be worth re-reading. Pity not many people have watched/read it. I guess when you have a choice between the manga-ka's other works, Rurouni Kenshin overshadows it by a lot :P
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Saturday, I hung out with people from the club. Just Andy and Perry for a while, then after that people kinda left and came in at random. Zip was there for a good bit, but had to leave cause her allergies were bad (I feel your pain). We watched some Tokusatsu stuff, helping Perry decide what kinds of things he should put in his Nashi-con panel. Then there was some stuff we watched just for fun. Later in the evening we played stuff on the Wii, and Pokemon. I battled Perry twice and won both times, but that was mostly thanks to my Dialga. If I hadn't had that I would have been pretty screwed. Oh, and my Lucario. It saved my ass in both battles, once against his Ambipom, and later against his Espeon because he didn't know it had the move Crunch :) It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad my Pokemon can still put up a decent fight, even though they weren't raised for competing. We went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Five Points, it was the first time I'd gone to that side of town (I'm used to the Vista). They had some REALLY good food. Perry was singing W-B-X along the way, and I tried to sing along, but I forgot most of the lyrics >.>; Later on we just kinda walked around town chatting, there was a semi-amusing search for a restroom, and then it was time to go cause it was 2am. Even I was getting a bit sleepy by then, and I'm a night owl :P

Sunday... My Eyes! They buuuurn! Well, they're actually more itchy and watery, and my eyedrops aren't helping much. I was supposed to go hang out again with Perry and friends, but I couldn't put in my contacts with my allergies going haywire cause it burned. So I stayed home, cause I can't drive without my contacts. I ended up going over to the neighbor's, since her 6 year old granddaughter wanted to hang out with me again. We had dinner, I read her some stuff from my dragon book, and we colored a few of my older inked pictures because she wanted to. She was also excited cause she lost her second tooth, and was worried about staying up late cause she thought the toothfairy might miss her house if she wasn't asleep, it was cute. I told her the toothfairy would come regardless, so not to her idea of "late" was 10pm, which was when she finally conked out so I came back home. Found out Perry had called while I was gone, so I called him back, we chatted for a bit, and then my phone started dying, so that was the end of that.

In cosplay stuff, I finally remembered to order those Tabi socks I'd been meaning to, to go with my Bleach cosplay sandals. The sandals also need to have a bit of hot glue discretely added to the bottoms as a non-slip measure...something I meant to do earlier and forgot. I also need to start going out looking for a plastic toy katana, since I'm lazy and don't want to make a sword. Finally, I need to throw my Mew costume in the wash and do a bit of repair sewing to the shirt. Then Nashi-con cosplay preparations shall be complete.
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Driving Columbia alone for the first time during daylight. Tolerable. Driving Columbia at night, for the first time, alone, in a car that doesn't want to cooperate...holy crap. That was rather scary. I got home in one piece though, that's the good thing. Tonight's meeting was pretty short, but I ended up chatting with people afterwards, so by the time I left it was dark. Probably just as well, driving at night is better than driving with the setting sun glaring right at you.

Got my schedule for where I'll be working during Nashi-con. It's definitely making me rethink my cosplay plans. I was gonna wear my shinigami costume all of Saturday, save for the dance, but I might switch to Mew for working in the game room. Seems rather appropriate. Dunno what I'm gonna do Sunday. Doesn't seem like there's much of a point in cosplaying that day, but I might still wear Mew, like I originally planned. I also need to figure out what I'm gonna wear during the dance. Probably just regular street clothes for that, so it won't get in the way. I can wear my Nashi-con staff t-shirt then :P Glowsticks too, provided the ballroom will be dark enough for them.

Still sad I'll miss OTAKU both days, that's usually the best part of Nashi-con. I hope someone manages to record one of them. I'll at least get to play the practice game at the club this week. I'll probably miss the cosplay contest too, but that's usually got pictures and things. I just hope I have enough time during my breaks to find some of the people I met last year. I'll let them know what times I'll be working the game room so they can swing by and say hi.

Anyways, gonna go watch more Shinkenger.

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