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I am actually really enjoying watching Shinkenger now. I think it's the characters, they all have different personalities and the interactions between them can be rather entertaining. Not to mention I've gotten up to episode 18, which covers Genta's introduction. Genta is WIN. He's hilarious, and he seems to get along well with Chiaki, who I also like. Plus maybe now Takeru will start to loosen up more. While I'm not particularly fond of the color gold, he does use the kanji for light as his symbol, "hikari", which I am incredibly fond of (might have something to do with being my screename for several years XD). Am currently downloading more episodes, I ran out.

I also found out waiting to watch the Chou Den-O/Decade movie wasn't a bad idea after all. The Director's Cut was just recently released on TV-Nihon, so I'll get to watch that version instead. I was gonna hold off on watching it indefinitely, but at last Nashi meeting Artik was telling me about the Arms Monsters from Kiva being in it and possessed by Imagin, and I was all "Hell yeah!", so I'm gonna watch it. ...because apparently the best way to get me to watch stuff is to tell me there's Kiva stuff in it ^^; Except, ironically, the Kamen Rider Decade series itself.

Now, there is some Cookie Dough ice cream calling me, so I shall partake of it. Then watch more Shinkenger XD
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I haven't updated in a while, there hasn't been a lot to mention. It's been pretty boring the past two days, cause the weather has been full of suck, so I haven't gone outside much. Been amusing myself by watching various videos and things on the computer.

I've finished the Den-O related stuff, finally. Well, at least the main series. Finished watching the third movie. As always, the plot makes little sense and kinda sucks, but I was ignoring it for the most part. I've learned to do that with Den-O stuff now. I just enjoyed the Imagin being 'tards, Ryu and Deneb being adorable, and the "Hey look, we're gonna throw all the Den-O forms in at once!" final battle...which I have to admit was fun to watch. There's still that Cho Den-O stuff, but I'm not gonna bother with it just yet. They're just milking the series at this point, kinda makes me feel bad for it.

I also finished re-watching Kiva again a while back, that was fun. It's actually interesting to see how opinions of certain things change once you've seen it the first time, like how I like the ending now, or that Bishop isn't quite as creepy as the first time (though still pretty creepy). Now that I've finished that and Den-O, I'll be moving on to Double.

I found out my older brother, Justin, will be coming over to visit next Friday, and he'll be staying for a week. I'm pretty excited. Me and him tend to get along really well because we share a lot of similar interests...mainly video games, but he'll sometimes watch anime too. He's the one that got me into my first RPGs and anime. I'll be trying to get him to watch Kiva, dunno if he'll like it of not though. At the very least, I'm hoping he'll come with me to my Nashi club meeting. He likes fighting games, he'd probably like the game room. I just hope he won't think he's too old for it (he's 28) :P I'll just tell him it's at the college campus...then it won't seem so bad...age doesn't really matter where anime and game fandoms are involved anyways.
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Yeah, it's been a while coming. I was in the mood to watch it today. Not sure if it's gonna be good or not, I'll find out.

Climax Deka babble )

Ok, I'm gonna go do other stuff now...
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Manga day. Bleach is back this week...though it's getting to the point where I don't even care right now. It's just Captain God-mode showing off how he can the crap out of everyone. I am so sick of Aizen, seriously, this whole arc has been pretty full of suck. Not to mention Ichigo's been standing in the background for like, 4 chapters now, doing nothing. I might take a break from Bleach and just catch up in like a month or so, see if things get any better. Naruto was at least decent if only for reuniting all of the old Team 7 members, and having Naruto in the chapters makes putting up with Sasuke all the time now more tolerable.

I also made it through Den-O, so the final episode and series commentary is under here.
... )

I'm tired now x.x I'm still gonna try and make it to my Nashi meeting though.
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Den-O episode stuff )

Missed my Nashi meeting tonight x.x
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I got back all the Den-O episodes that I accidentally deleted, and enough for another round of viewing. As always, random commentary ensues under the cut.

Here we go! )

Well, I'm glad the story finally started picking up, took it long enough. At least it's almost never dull watching the 4 Imagin doing random crap on the train. Add in Deneb, and it's just funny as hell. I'll probably start enjoying this series a lot more now. I need to remember to get the first Den-O movie for between episodes 27 and 28, since it fits along the series.

Til next time, see ya ^-^


Feb. 21st, 2010 05:21 am
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Played Pokemon while my brother was on the computer. Didn't get a lot done on it. I have to go through Victory Road to get to the Elite 4, and I loathe that part...so I'm stalling ^^;

I found a TOOOON of Kiva stuff online today. I found the Live Christmas show *does happy dance* I'll watch that later. Then, I got horribly side-tracked when I found a crapload of magazine scans too...so many great pictures to download *-* I love how Kiva still has this knack for stealing away my attention :P (I'd probably make a joke like "It haz eated my soul"...but given the series, that would be a horrible, HORRIBLE pun XD). I also downloaded Climax Deka before I forgot about it, cause it's part Kiva related, and I'll be watching it eventually anyways, once I finish Den-O. I'm really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately...speaking of Den-O, while I was rearranging my video folders, I kinda accidentally deleted my Den-O folder >.>; Ooops... So I have to re-download the episodes ^^; Luckily, I only had downloaded up to what I was watching, so it won't be too hard to backtrack and just re-download the old ones when I get time. For now I'll just skip that and download the ones I still need to watch.

Anyways, I guess I should get started on downloading again... I can listen to music in the meantime. I actually took the time to read the Japanese titles on some of the Kiva songs in the box set, and realized two of them were Kivat songs! So that makes 4 altogether...I love his songs, they're adorable, even if I can't really understand them (I'm pretty sure in one he's singing about the bath, lol). It still saddens me that I haven't found lyrics for them.
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...Alright, let's get this started. Time for Den-O. For amusement's sake, I'm gonna do like I did with the latter part of Kiva, and do an episode by episode thing under the cut.
Well...here we go... )

Ok, so, yeah. I think I may have underestimated just how crack-tastic this show actually is. Do I still like it? Yes. However, I'm hoping they change the pattern of events here shortly, cause it is getting just a little boring. It's pretty much just find Imagin, fight it, find a new one, etc... Between that an being tired, I had to call it cause I was too sleepy to keep going XD

On a side note, the torrent for the HD episodes for Kiva finished today...man, they look nice (huge resolution too!). I'm looking forward to when they finish more. Right now it's only the first 12 episodes. I'm replacing the old files with the new ones as they go along. Hopefully I can get some really nice screencaps from them later. Also, there's the second icon Kiva I mentioned last post.

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