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Been watching Gekiranger recently, finally gotten some time to watch it. Also caught up with the subbed Double episodes.
Geki and W 33-34 babble )

So I've been getting through this week pretty well. It's rough since I'm pretty much the only one doing the cleaning, taking care of and feeding the pups, and I have work on top of that. I'm just glad my shifts are short and I only work 2 more days this week. I will be so glad once everyone gets back. As it is, I'm expecting I'll be working while sleep deprived for the rest of the week. The pups usually don't let me sleep much. It's like having kids x.x Albeit, small, fuzzy, adorable ones.

Fun fun

May. 9th, 2010 11:42 pm
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I've noticed a lack of wanting to update my LJ currently. I blame the WoW: Cataclysm alpha info leak. Sooo much new stuff to see. I don't currently play the game, but with the new expansion, I might get back into it at some point.

Saturday was [livejournal.com profile] zipchan's graduation. Yay! There was a party at Tsubaki. I took some no-bake cookies and my Kamen Rider W themed mochi (Cyclone/Joker EXTREME!). I knew the mochi was a bit overcooked, but it was still edible. Zip liked that it was W colored too, which made my night. I put a lot of work into it. I also got her a cute kitten card, and I wrote/drew a silly in-joke involving their cats that she really liked. I was glad, I wasn't sure if it would be all that funny ^^; She got a few other gifts too. One, the "degree" her roomates made for her, was EPIC. So hilarious and awesome, though it's hard to describe, you'd have to have seen it in person. As for songs, it was a good mix of all sorts of stuff in various languages. I tried singing "Wind" from Naruto and kept laughing during the chorus because everyone else in the room was singing the engrish...good times. Afterward, we had a group picture outside, did the Velociraptor call, and "Jiiii~"-ed poor [livejournal.com profile] artikgato into a corner. ^^; Got lost a little on the way to drop a clubmate off at her apartment, but it was ok. She's nice to chat with. Fun day indeed.

I was going to spend part of this day watching Shinkenger, but got distracted by WoW things again. Oh well ^^; I'm sure I'll finish it eventually.
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So I found my headphones, I can watch videos again, and a whole lot of new stuff has been fansubbed, so there's a whole lot of stuff to keep me busy...starting with Kamen Rider...
Double ep. 31-32 )
Then there's Shinkenger. I'm gonna watch some more episodes shortly, but figured I should mention the crossover first. I noticed the Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger movie has been subbed. I'll watch the movie proper once I actually finish that series. I'm getting close. I actually nabbed it for the ending. Conveniently, the textless version is added as an extra video in the set. Woot! Popped that into Movie Maker, mirrored it, and now have a video to practice the ending dance to ^-^ It's actually kinda funny since the text from the karaoke and subs are mirrored too :P I hope I'll be able to learn the dance, it would be so much fun to do that with the others. It's time I learn at least ONE Japanese show related dance.

I've also started downloading Gekiranger, since that's next up on the list of series to watch. Might as well anyways, since Goseiger's still ongoing. It's easier to watch a finished series first. Watched the first episode at the girls' apartment and thought it looked really good, so I'm looking forward to it.
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My computer speakers finally gave out on me, and my headphones went missing again, so I couldn't watch my videos. I wanted to watch more Shinkenger too *sighs* I'll get to it eventually.

I decided to pass the time browsing random internet sites. A good way to burn time is to topic jump on TVTropes.com. At some point I noticed they have a Kamen Rider Double page, and started looking down the various entries. One caught my eye, as it had a link to the Japanese site selling clothing from the show. The usual things you'd expect to see. Shotaro's hats, Philip's coat-thingies, things like that.
...Then I found this and this. They're so silly, but adorable at the same time.

Other than random online stuff, I've still mostly just been passing the time playing Pokemon. Got the first 8 Badges in SoulSilver, and will be going after Lugia soon. Then I'll finish off any side-quests before heading to the Elite Four. Not looking forward to Victory Road. I think in any Pokemon game, that's always my least favorite part. I also forgot I still have Gratina to catch in Diamond. I caught all the other legendaries already, including those annoying runners.
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Because of Nashi-con prep, I haven't been able to watch a lot of my shows lately, so I have a bit of catching up to do ^^;
Double 29-30 )
Also, yesterday, something really cool happened. I was going to go hang out with Perry and Bob, and they were going to cover the tax on my Pokemon SoulSilver game, so I could finally get it. I had managed to save up $40 since I didn't spend any money at Nashi-con. I get picked up and find out they had earned some extra money at a job they had done, and they had just bought it for me as a late birthday present. I was like "OMG! You sure?", but they didn't mind...so that was really awesome of them. I've decided that since I have the leftover money from Nashi-con still, I'll go ahead and get that Swap Magic for my PS2 instead.

So I'll have SoulSilver to play, then Kingdom Hearts FM+ after that. I am going to be a very happy gamer. Of course, I'll try not to ignore watching my other shows too. I'm actually looking forward to Gekiranger since I liked the first episode quite a bit, but I have to finish Shinkenger first.

Gonna play a little bit of SoulSilver now before bed :P
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OK, so Nashi-con is over, and I finally have time to post my take on everything that happened. All in all, it was exhausting but a lot of fun!
Nashi-con list of awesome and stuff )

Post-con staff dinner at Tsubaki was a ton of fun. My voice was still a bit rough, but I still managed to sing ok. I was nervous, cause I usually don't sing in front of others very often. I got to sing Safety Dance, Mezase Pokemon Master, Karma (as a trio), jumped in during Climax Jump, Shinkenger's opening, and Bitch, sang a duet during Man of Constant Sorrow, and my last song was Bleeding Love (should have done it first, before I tore my voice up from the low songs ^^; )
The guys singing Tricky was really fun to listen to, we got rickrolled, and they played some of the most random stuff. Also got to eat Takoyaki for the first time, it was really good. Probably forgetting some stuff too, I was tired and there was so much stuff going on. It was so, SO much fun and I'm glad I finally got to go. I love karaoke.
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I'm 24 today. I do not look it, lol. This is not a bad thing though. Already got my birthday present, it was the Kivat plushie. Then I got the Kingdom Hearts necklace from my online buddy, Ninja. I'll get a bit of spending money for Nashi-con too. Don't have anything special planned for tonight. Just the usual Wednesday Nashi-con committee meeting, and I'll get to see my buddies there.

I managed to do something semi-productive, which was to let Perry know the game room thread on the forums needed some attention. I also found out our game room sponsor went bankrupt o.o; So that means a bit more work for Perry to arrange something. There's a lot of gamers at Nashi though, so I'm not too worried, we should be able to put together a decent game room on our own. Since they need TVs, I offered two 13" ones we hardly use.

Shinkenger and Double Ep. 27-28 stuff )

Anyways, that's it for now. Time for sleep.
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My brother left early this morning, I managed to get up in time to see him off. Probably won't see him again til summertime.

My parents went looking for new houses in the area to rent, because the one we're in is kinda small for as many people are here now. Plus, this one was kinda temporary anyways. So far they've looked at a few in the Irmo area, near the mall. Crazy traffic aside, it would ROCK being that close to the mall. It would just take a bit longer to get to Columbia. Dunno if we'll get any of the houses there though.

Watched episodes 25 and 26 of Double. Creepy doll was creepy...when it wasn't squeaking like a rubber duck, then it was kinda funny. Weather dude is always creepy, I don't like him. I felt bad for Wakana, I have a feeling things are not going to go well for her in the future. The Frog gadget that Philip made was cute, but I wonder if it has any battle capabilities. Also, in Ep. 25 you can clearly see the Henshin marks on Shotaro's face, I'd been wondering what exactly they were supposed to look like. The fact that they're even there reminds me of Kiva just a little though. Ep. 26 had the Cyclone/Metal finisher for the first time. It looks cool, but still not as flashy as Heat/Metal.

Also been watching a few more episodes of Shinkenger, but it's really hard to marathon that one, since it gets on my nerves after a while. I blame the repetitive episode set-up, and it doesn't help I generally dislike the giant mecha battles. However, I do like the characters, and the story bits. Also starting to remember the character names...Takeru, Chiaki, Mako, Ryu-something...err... I'll get them down eventually ^^; I have a bad habit of just remembering them by their color.
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Kamen Rider Double babble (Episodes 3-18) )
That's it for now...I think I might have overdid it though ^^; I have to say, I'm enjoying Double for the most part. It's been interesting enough plot-wise, and the battles are even cool at points. I still think most of the monster designs suck though. Highlight so far was most of episode 16, especially the battle.

On a side note, my Kivat plushie is in the States now, according to the tracking. It's in New York :P I should hopefully be getting it soon-ish. I'm so happy I picked the better shipping. It's nice being able to tell where it's at.
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Looks like I'm starting Double a little early, since I can't seem to get to sleep anyways. Only the first two episodes, but that gives me more space to talk about them.
Yep, this again, clicky for episode comments )

I actually compared subs this time too, between TV-Nihon and Order of Zeronos. When I tried this with Kiva, the fact that TV-Nihon doesn't translate certain terms is a bit of an annoyance (mostly the family terms, Kaa-san, Tou-san, Nii-san, which I know anyways), but the subs seem to be closer to what's said more often, and their font choice is much easier to read. Add that to the HD releases and they won for that series. Haven't compared Den-O cause I don't really care at this point...sorry Den-O ^^; For Double, I realized that the TV-Nihon version was the one I saw at the cosplay picnic, but compared the two again anyways. They're about even translation-wise, but I still prefer TV-Nihon's font, especially during the Henshin sequences, it just looks cooler. Plus, once again, HD releases. It's pretty badass to watch a show in near-fullscreen glory and have it look that good. So for personal preferences, I'll be sticking with TV-Nihon, I suppose.

Anyways, I should probably try and get some sleep, so off I go. G'night...morning...whatever :P

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