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Jul. 13th, 2014 04:11 pm
hikarikirameku: (OMGWTF!)
So, I've finally got my computer set back up after a rather grueling move to Texas. I was originally in South Carolina, close to the North Carolina border, so the trip was nothing to scoff at. Took two days. We arrived Tuesday night, I unpacked through Wed. and Thurs, and have been doing various things around the house as of the last few days. Today I finally got around to setting up my desktop. I was using a notebook the past two days to check FB and stuff, but this is my main computer.

So, why is this important, you may wonder? Well, I also finally got a hold of my "come Here" KAT-TUN album I've been waiting for. With the main computer up and running, I'll hopefully have it up soon...ish. Depends on how fast my encoding program decides to take.

In the meantime, I should probably finish setting up my room. Bookshelves and whatnot need filled ^^; There's also the KAT-TUN and NEWS shelves to attend to...

I also need to start looking for a new job. My boyband stuff won't pay for itself, plus money for, you know, other important things :P Luckily, it seems I won't have to worry about new KAT-TUN or NEWS stuff for a few more months. I have a little I've stashed away for KAT-TUN concert goods, but that's it.
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Driving Columbia alone for the first time during daylight. Tolerable. Driving Columbia at night, for the first time, alone, in a car that doesn't want to cooperate...holy crap. That was rather scary. I got home in one piece though, that's the good thing. Tonight's meeting was pretty short, but I ended up chatting with people afterwards, so by the time I left it was dark. Probably just as well, driving at night is better than driving with the setting sun glaring right at you.

Got my schedule for where I'll be working during Nashi-con. It's definitely making me rethink my cosplay plans. I was gonna wear my shinigami costume all of Saturday, save for the dance, but I might switch to Mew for working in the game room. Seems rather appropriate. Dunno what I'm gonna do Sunday. Doesn't seem like there's much of a point in cosplaying that day, but I might still wear Mew, like I originally planned. I also need to figure out what I'm gonna wear during the dance. Probably just regular street clothes for that, so it won't get in the way. I can wear my Nashi-con staff t-shirt then :P Glowsticks too, provided the ballroom will be dark enough for them.

Still sad I'll miss OTAKU both days, that's usually the best part of Nashi-con. I hope someone manages to record one of them. I'll at least get to play the practice game at the club this week. I'll probably miss the cosplay contest too, but that's usually got pictures and things. I just hope I have enough time during my breaks to find some of the people I met last year. I'll let them know what times I'll be working the game room so they can swing by and say hi.

Anyways, gonna go watch more Shinkenger.

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