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The trip to visit my friends was fun. I needed something like that. All my friends helped keep my mind off the sad things. Plus, I got to see everyone one more time before I go to Texas (at least until I can visit in October, hopefully).
Let's see...

Friday. Perry rode up with a different group of friends, and we drove down together (other friends returned separately. Stopped at a book store so her could buy Cardfight Vanguard manga, and he bought me the first volume of Blue Exorcist! <3 I read that in my free time over the course of the weekend. Got into town around late afternoon. We played a Vanguard tournament. It was free to enter this week, which was good, cause I got my butt kicked. Came in last ^^; It was expected though, I'm just now starting to put the effort into learning how to play, so I'm still new at it. That way, if there are players in Texas, it might make things easier to make friends. I'm still not able to play many games back-to-back without getting burned out through @-@ I don't mind playing a few games for fun, but I don't think the tournament scene is for me ^^;
Ended up staying up way too late, as per usual. Oops.

Saturday. Got up sometime during the afternoon (slept in). We went to the card shop again to hang out and just mess around. Afterwards,I was thrown a surprise going away party!!! XD So happy about that! We went to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the area, Inakaya. Afterwards, we messed around on campus in the usual place and watched anime and other silly things til we got bored and went home.

Sunday. Went straight to campus to hang out. I was tired (didn't sleep well) so I remember passing out on the table at some point for a bit (listening to music). Woke up and went with everyone to the ramen shop. One of the things I'm gonna miss about that city are all the Japanese restaurants. Got chicken ramen just cause it was new and they hadn't had it yet (I usually end up getting tonkatsu ramen). Was good. Went back to campus, and let another friend read Blue Exorcist (I'd finished with it at that point). She said it was good...I hope she reads the rest. Anyways, we messed around a bit more looking at stupid pictures on Imgur together before heading out a bit after 11pm. Takes about an hour to get home, so I got back around 12:30am. I'm used to the drive though, even at night.

Anyways. I really do have some awesome friends. They helped cheer me up when I really needed it. I feel sad that I won't be able to see them again for a while, but I have things I need to do. My dad and my dog are waiting for me, and now that my mom's gone, I don't want my dad to be left alone. At least I got to have a lot of fun this weekend. It'll help soften the blow since next weekend is going to be rough.


Mar. 26th, 2010 01:06 am
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Oh my gosh, today (Thursday) was a busy day. Got up at 6AM (ugh) to get ready for early morning driving lessons. Left around 7:20am, drove around, reviewed a bit, and was kinda nervous cause I knew after practice I was going to take my driving test. Took it, passed it only missing 2 points, and FINALLY GOT MY DAMN DRIVER'S LICENSE. Driving still scares the crap out of me though...but at least I know how to do it properly.

Of course, with Columbia being as crazy as it usually is, I let my older brother drive to the meeting (plus with him driving we got to take the good car). He didn't know the way, but I navigated. Took a while to find parking. We got in and watched Rookies. Then we got some food at Wendy's, went back, and chilled in the game room a bit. After a while we split up, he stayed in the game room, I went and watched The Wallflower in he other room. That show is...insane, but awesome. Afterwards it was off to the Russel House to chill while everyone else grabbed grub. Random Toku and Sentai babble ensued, and I was shown some rather epic pictures, fanart, and whatnot...mostly from Shinkenger. I had sooo much fun. Oh, I also got to show my Kivat plushie to everyone, so that was cool. I'm glad they thought he was cute. Justin had fun too, and he got to get out of the house and socialize, which he kinda needed...he hadn't really gone out the entire vacation ^^;

Speaking of Justin, I did manage to get him to watch a little bit of Kiva, which I find a rather big accomplishment. I told him I'd get a movie he'd really like in exchange for giving in and watching it with me for a little while. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, he hasn't seen it yet, and all the new and added scenes really make it awesome. I might also see if he'll watch the Kiva movie, and possible one of the Den-O ones, but that's not as important.

I need to watch more Shinkenger, and catch up on Double episodes at some point.
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Good lord it's been boring here. Seriously, even with Nii-san here, there's nothing to do. The twit won't even try watching Kiva, even though I thought he'd like it >.< Well...he said he might try the movie, but I'm still gonna have to explain half the series for him to understand it. I was hoping to do at least some sort of sibling thing together before he leaves, was hoping to watch some stuff with him. As of right now though, I am rather sad and disappointed. Maybe I can still lure him to the Nashi club meeting on Thursday, he likes games, I told him there's a game room.

I watched the first two episodes of Shinkenger. My buddies weren't kidding, it is VERY Japanese. I like how the show uses brushes for abilities and stuff, reminds me of Okami a little. Since this is a sentai, watching the battles is rather painful, the special effects are even worse than Kamen Rider. Still, the non-battle stuff isn't bad, the characters seem amusing. I've been told it gets better as it goes on, so I'll keep at it a little longer. Not like I have anything else to watch right now, I haven't found where to download the other shows on my list yet.

Today was Hailey's first birthday. She's just a dog, so we didn't do anything special. She didn't mind, she was just as happy running around the back yard chewing on bamboo sticks.

Tomorrow I have driving lessons. I hope those go well.
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I haven't updated in a while, there hasn't been a lot to mention. It's been pretty boring the past two days, cause the weather has been full of suck, so I haven't gone outside much. Been amusing myself by watching various videos and things on the computer.

I've finished the Den-O related stuff, finally. Well, at least the main series. Finished watching the third movie. As always, the plot makes little sense and kinda sucks, but I was ignoring it for the most part. I've learned to do that with Den-O stuff now. I just enjoyed the Imagin being 'tards, Ryu and Deneb being adorable, and the "Hey look, we're gonna throw all the Den-O forms in at once!" final battle...which I have to admit was fun to watch. There's still that Cho Den-O stuff, but I'm not gonna bother with it just yet. They're just milking the series at this point, kinda makes me feel bad for it.

I also finished re-watching Kiva again a while back, that was fun. It's actually interesting to see how opinions of certain things change once you've seen it the first time, like how I like the ending now, or that Bishop isn't quite as creepy as the first time (though still pretty creepy). Now that I've finished that and Den-O, I'll be moving on to Double.

I found out my older brother, Justin, will be coming over to visit next Friday, and he'll be staying for a week. I'm pretty excited. Me and him tend to get along really well because we share a lot of similar interests...mainly video games, but he'll sometimes watch anime too. He's the one that got me into my first RPGs and anime. I'll be trying to get him to watch Kiva, dunno if he'll like it of not though. At the very least, I'm hoping he'll come with me to my Nashi club meeting. He likes fighting games, he'd probably like the game room. I just hope he won't think he's too old for it (he's 28) :P I'll just tell him it's at the college campus...then it won't seem so bad...age doesn't really matter where anime and game fandoms are involved anyways.

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