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The trip to visit my friends was fun. I needed something like that. All my friends helped keep my mind off the sad things. Plus, I got to see everyone one more time before I go to Texas (at least until I can visit in October, hopefully).
Let's see...

Friday. Perry rode up with a different group of friends, and we drove down together (other friends returned separately. Stopped at a book store so her could buy Cardfight Vanguard manga, and he bought me the first volume of Blue Exorcist! <3 I read that in my free time over the course of the weekend. Got into town around late afternoon. We played a Vanguard tournament. It was free to enter this week, which was good, cause I got my butt kicked. Came in last ^^; It was expected though, I'm just now starting to put the effort into learning how to play, so I'm still new at it. That way, if there are players in Texas, it might make things easier to make friends. I'm still not able to play many games back-to-back without getting burned out through @-@ I don't mind playing a few games for fun, but I don't think the tournament scene is for me ^^;
Ended up staying up way too late, as per usual. Oops.

Saturday. Got up sometime during the afternoon (slept in). We went to the card shop again to hang out and just mess around. Afterwards,I was thrown a surprise going away party!!! XD So happy about that! We went to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the area, Inakaya. Afterwards, we messed around on campus in the usual place and watched anime and other silly things til we got bored and went home.

Sunday. Went straight to campus to hang out. I was tired (didn't sleep well) so I remember passing out on the table at some point for a bit (listening to music). Woke up and went with everyone to the ramen shop. One of the things I'm gonna miss about that city are all the Japanese restaurants. Got chicken ramen just cause it was new and they hadn't had it yet (I usually end up getting tonkatsu ramen). Was good. Went back to campus, and let another friend read Blue Exorcist (I'd finished with it at that point). She said it was good...I hope she reads the rest. Anyways, we messed around a bit more looking at stupid pictures on Imgur together before heading out a bit after 11pm. Takes about an hour to get home, so I got back around 12:30am. I'm used to the drive though, even at night.

Anyways. I really do have some awesome friends. They helped cheer me up when I really needed it. I feel sad that I won't be able to see them again for a while, but I have things I need to do. My dad and my dog are waiting for me, and now that my mom's gone, I don't want my dad to be left alone. At least I got to have a lot of fun this weekend. It'll help soften the blow since next weekend is going to be rough.
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Managed to drive down to Columbia, SC to visit my friends. It's about an hour and a half one-way usually, so I can't go often since gas prices still aren't great. Anyways, a friend of ours was throwing a 4th of July party, and I had the money, so I finally managed to make it down there.

I missed everyone so much, I hadn't seen them in a little over a month (since Animazement). It was funny though, since we're such good friends that when I got there I barely felt like I'd been gone at all! XD Just jumped in to mingle. There was just a little catching up to do, but besides that we all mostly talked about silly things. I showed the friend of mine who got me into KAT-TUN (but she's still a lot more of a casual fan now) the new KAT-TUN PV for TO THE LIMIT (she hadn't even heard it yet!). She got a kick out of it, especially because Nakamaru is her favorite. She also got to see the two versions of the new single I had on-hand since I brought them to play during the car ride, so she got to see everyone's up-to-date looks and everything (she immediately referred to Koki as "Poodle Koki", lol).

For the night, we went to the lake to see fireworks. There wasn't an official show, but people were shooting off enough themselves where that wasn't an issue. Add in the lax South Carolina fireworks laws, and yeah, people were shooting off what a lot of states would consider professional grade stuff. It was a good show til the wind blew over a launcher and it shot sideways towards a group of my friends. At that point, we decided to leave since our friends were shaken up (the people who launched it also got in trouble with the cops, so the show was over anyways). Spent the night over at my friends place.

Today it was mostly me an three other friends meeting in Columbia to go to an art exhibit for a local artist we know. He makes Godzilla based art! XD http://neomonsterisland.com/index.html

Had to leave around 6:30pm. The drive was uneventful. I'm already planning for the next time I can go down there. I want to go on a Sunday, since that's the day we meet at USC campus and get to use all the nice computer and projector rooms. KAT-TUN stuff looks sooo nice on the projectors, and I need to give my friend a bunch of files.

Oh, and on a side note, I finally got to listen to KAT-TUN's song "CHAIN" from the special edition. The only sad thing is that a lot of fans missed out on getting it, but OMG, the song is all sorts of adorable and feel-inducing. Also really makes me want the concert DVD so I can see at least one of the shows that they did. I've seen some fancams at least though, but it's just not the same.

Fun fun

May. 9th, 2010 11:42 pm
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I've noticed a lack of wanting to update my LJ currently. I blame the WoW: Cataclysm alpha info leak. Sooo much new stuff to see. I don't currently play the game, but with the new expansion, I might get back into it at some point.

Saturday was [livejournal.com profile] zipchan's graduation. Yay! There was a party at Tsubaki. I took some no-bake cookies and my Kamen Rider W themed mochi (Cyclone/Joker EXTREME!). I knew the mochi was a bit overcooked, but it was still edible. Zip liked that it was W colored too, which made my night. I put a lot of work into it. I also got her a cute kitten card, and I wrote/drew a silly in-joke involving their cats that she really liked. I was glad, I wasn't sure if it would be all that funny ^^; She got a few other gifts too. One, the "degree" her roomates made for her, was EPIC. So hilarious and awesome, though it's hard to describe, you'd have to have seen it in person. As for songs, it was a good mix of all sorts of stuff in various languages. I tried singing "Wind" from Naruto and kept laughing during the chorus because everyone else in the room was singing the engrish...good times. Afterward, we had a group picture outside, did the Velociraptor call, and "Jiiii~"-ed poor [livejournal.com profile] artikgato into a corner. ^^; Got lost a little on the way to drop a clubmate off at her apartment, but it was ok. She's nice to chat with. Fun day indeed.

I was going to spend part of this day watching Shinkenger, but got distracted by WoW things again. Oh well ^^; I'm sure I'll finish it eventually.
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Saturday, I hung out with people from the club. Just Andy and Perry for a while, then after that people kinda left and came in at random. Zip was there for a good bit, but had to leave cause her allergies were bad (I feel your pain). We watched some Tokusatsu stuff, helping Perry decide what kinds of things he should put in his Nashi-con panel. Then there was some stuff we watched just for fun. Later in the evening we played stuff on the Wii, and Pokemon. I battled Perry twice and won both times, but that was mostly thanks to my Dialga. If I hadn't had that I would have been pretty screwed. Oh, and my Lucario. It saved my ass in both battles, once against his Ambipom, and later against his Espeon because he didn't know it had the move Crunch :) It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad my Pokemon can still put up a decent fight, even though they weren't raised for competing. We went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Five Points, it was the first time I'd gone to that side of town (I'm used to the Vista). They had some REALLY good food. Perry was singing W-B-X along the way, and I tried to sing along, but I forgot most of the lyrics >.>; Later on we just kinda walked around town chatting, there was a semi-amusing search for a restroom, and then it was time to go cause it was 2am. Even I was getting a bit sleepy by then, and I'm a night owl :P

Sunday... My Eyes! They buuuurn! Well, they're actually more itchy and watery, and my eyedrops aren't helping much. I was supposed to go hang out again with Perry and friends, but I couldn't put in my contacts with my allergies going haywire cause it burned. So I stayed home, cause I can't drive without my contacts. I ended up going over to the neighbor's, since her 6 year old granddaughter wanted to hang out with me again. We had dinner, I read her some stuff from my dragon book, and we colored a few of my older inked pictures because she wanted to. She was also excited cause she lost her second tooth, and was worried about staying up late cause she thought the toothfairy might miss her house if she wasn't asleep, it was cute. I told her the toothfairy would come regardless, so not to worry...plus her idea of "late" was 10pm, which was when she finally conked out so I came back home. Found out Perry had called while I was gone, so I called him back, we chatted for a bit, and then my phone started dying, so that was the end of that.

In cosplay stuff, I finally remembered to order those Tabi socks I'd been meaning to, to go with my Bleach cosplay sandals. The sandals also need to have a bit of hot glue discretely added to the bottoms as a non-slip measure...something I meant to do earlier and forgot. I also need to start going out looking for a plastic toy katana, since I'm lazy and don't want to make a sword. Finally, I need to throw my Mew costume in the wash and do a bit of repair sewing to the shirt. Then Nashi-con cosplay preparations shall be complete.


Apr. 2nd, 2010 09:21 pm
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Go figure the weekend the air breaks, it's going to be in the mid-80's the entire time. Joy. It's generally tolerable in the main part of the house, but my room gets way too hot in the afternoon. So I generally don't get online til nighttime. Kinda sucks, cause there's times I wanna watch Shinkenger, but don't want to deal with the heat.

Last night's Nashi meeting was pretty awesome. We play-tested some stuff from OTAKU while in the Russel House cafeteria, which kinda added to the hilarity of my having to do a Kamen Rider henshin pose during it. There was also the usual ramblings of random topics, REALLY random. At one point a simple comment about the sprinklers and a commercial sparked an entire discussion on Slip 'n Slides XD Just one more reason why the group I hang out with is awesome. Between hanging out with everyone at the club, Russel House, and parking lot, I didn't get home til 1am...it was glorious. I love being able to come and go as I please...well, as long as Aaron isn't using the car we share >.>;

As for shows, I've got one more to add to the list. Although, I can't remember if it was Dekaranger or Gekiranger they suggested...I think they mentioned it was the one that ran beside Den-O, and if that's the case, it was Gekiranger. Fine by me, I thought the costumes from that looked kinda cool with the cat designs. I like cats. It'll have to wait til I'm done with Shinkenger though. I'm up to episode 27, which was hilarious.

Speaking of Shinkenger, I went and downloaded the music for it already. The opening I had to kinda warm up to. I'm still more fond of the ending, only because there's a movie version with the Shinkengers singing along too, and it's catcher that way. I also have a techno version of both from the Exit Trance Tokusatsu 3 album, they're not too bad.

On an awesome note, one of my online friends I've known for a long time sent me a birthday present. A Kingdom Hearts necklace that looks like the one Sora wears. He had told me he'd get me something, and I'd suggested it like 2 months ago, but I didn't expect him to actually get it for me. One of these days, I need to get a PS3 so we can game online again. That's how we met in the first place, on an online PS2 game, but the servers for it closed less than a year after it launched. There's an RPG I'd probably be interested in playing with him. In the meantime though, we chat on MSN and AIM.
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...from laughing so damn hard XD Tonight was so much fun. Made it to the Nashi club meeting tonight. Was a little late, but managed to make it before Rookies started. It was such a good episode, even though they're all pretty good. One part had everyone laughing so hard, it was great. I felt kinda bad laughing at what was supposed to be a more serious part, but people were making comments and it was kind of funny.

They were watching something different in the second slot, but I still didn't want to watch it, and ended up milling about trying to decide which game room to head into. I ended up heading out with my buddies to a sandwich place they knew of. Katie was nice enough to buy for me <3, although all I got was a milkshake cause it was all I was really feeling up to eating. Insanity, hilarity, and crack ensued. It was SO much fun. At one point we were discussing Kiva cosplay. Zip was doing her Otoya thing, and I was attempting to try and stay in character as Taiga, and failed miserably...Zip's just too damn funny, not to mention the things the others were doing ("Nii-san!")...I was laughing SO hard. I'm convinced it's impossible to keep a straight face with those guys for more than maybe 10 seconds. I really do hope we managed to get a full Kiva group, if I can't do it this year, I'll definitely aim for that being my goal for next year.

Afterwards it was back to the main building, we talked about sentai shows. I'm still not quite as sold on sentai as I am some of the other live action stuff I've watched, but I'll probably give it a go. We watched the first episode of Go-onger together. It was...err..."special". Pure crack. I mean, it's one thing to hear about it, but then you see it, and it's just like...wow. I'm thinking I'll take their advice and watch Shinkenger instead, since it's supposed to be less crack-tastic. Of course, even that will have to wait, I have a few other things I still need to do first. I'm still having fun finishing up Kiva and Den-O related things.

Also, I'm gonna see if I can order that Kivat plushie tomorrow, but I'm torn on what kind of shipping to pick. On one hand, I can go with the cheaper one (about $8), and have it possibly take a while (estimated 7-45 days), and there's no tracking, or I can get the more expensive one (about $17), which is faster (estimated 5-14 days) and has tracking. The speed might not matter if it gets stuck in customs or something, but at least I'll know where it is. The final price with cheaper shipping will be about $21, with the more expensive it's closer to $30 and I'd be paying more in shipping than for the plushie, which is only around $13. Although, considering the normal price for the plushie is around $40 just on it's own, I'm still saving money either way, but you can see why I'm torn ^^;

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