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A new KAT-TUN release slated for February next year?! It's for the same anime NEWS did the "Yonjuushi" song for too. The title seems apt though, considering what's been going on in fandom lately..."Tragedy".

We're getting a double-PV though, one for "Atsuku Nare" as well, which they sang as an encore song during 9uarter...(it's the theme song for "Going!")

So now I'm REALLY curious...sounds like this'll still be a 4-nin single release? Part of me is kind of conflicted since I can't seem to enjoy anything 4-nin anymore since Taguchi's departure is inevitable (and part of me still hates him and wants nothing to do with him, and that part is winning out over logic right now). The other thing might be recording the "Atsuku Nare" PV as four, but the "Tragedy" PV as three...maybe to help with the "transition"...but I'm guessing as long as Taguchi is still technically "active", he'll be in stuff.

At any rate, all three are pre-ordered...
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I got the KAT-TUN page completely updated...I realized it was just in time for Taguchi's birthday. I've been in such a daze with this fandom still, I had actually forgotten about it til I saw a post on Facebook.

Hope he has a Happy Birthday. It'll most likely be the last time I post anything for it. I don't celebrate ex-member birthdays.

In other news, I have been drowning my sorrows in other fandoms, and my friends have taken full advantage of it. Bless her, she tried finding Kanjani8 songs I liked. There weren't many ^^; I guess, like with Arashi, I can't get into that fandom no matter how much I try, lol. There are a lot more Arashi songs I like in comparison though. Meanwhile, V6 has managed to grab my attention because one of the songs they performed at Best Artist was freaking amazing. "Wait for You" is SO GOOD! Plus, it was fun watching an older JE group still acting like dorks (one of them grabbed Koyama during the medley! XD ). I recognized one of the members as the lead from a drama Nakamaru was also in a few years ago. He's got a damn nice voice. Of course, I haven't really paid any attention to V6 since my Inu-yasha viewing days (back during it's original US Cartoon Network run), since they sang the first opening theme and one of the much later endings, and I didn't even know what JE was back then, lol. Gave me an excuse to go back and listen to a few of their older songs for a nostalgia trip. Also, I didn't realize it was Tackey & Tsubasa that sang the fifth opening! WTF! LOL! I wonder how many JE groups' songs I used to listen to without knowing back in the day via anime?

Right now I have a dance song playlist with NEWS, Hey Say Jump, Arashi, V6, Kis-My-Ft2, and the ONE Kanjani dance song I could find. When I'm ready I'll throw KAT-TUN back in the mix. Also gonna throw in some Backstreet Boys (and by extension, NKOTBSB), cause JE groups shouldn't have all the fun!

I've already decided the day Taguchi leaves JE for good, I'm gonna blast FINALE. I think it'd be appropriate.
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I heard the news. My friend broke it to me this morning before work. I've had all day to deal with it and am still no less pissed.

Taguchi leaving KAT-TUN and JE.

I get it, it's his life and he deserves to be happy...

But holy fuck, I don't get how idols just toss their fans under the bus the way they do. They are LITERALLY still there after all the other bullshit they've had to deal with because of us supporting them.

I've been in this fandom for 5 years...5 fucking years. Started late 2010, and was actually introduced early 2010, so it's almost closer to 6.

I came in during the aftermath of the thing with Akanishi. They were just getting their shit together as 5. Then 2013 rolled around and we lost Koki...and now this.

If this is going to start being a trend with idol groups, I may as well just give up now. What's next, NEWS? They've already lost over half of their group. I just got into Hey Say Jump, but they're younger...so how long til this happens with them? They've lost one already.

I'm going to be watching the other 3, and waiting, and hoping...but Taguchi was my bias...THE bias, in ALL of JE. This...this just fucking hurts.

I hope he's happy, and I hope it was worth it for him, but seeing the other members hurt again, after all they've already been through. Taguchi can move on and I wish him well, but I won't support him from here on out. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of seeing Kamenashi shaking and singing with a cracking voice because he was forced AGAIN to deal with the aftermath of someone destroying part of what he's worked so hard to build. Kame was my original bias in KAT-TUN anyways, and I have a ton of respect for him, so if KAT-TUN pulls through, he'll probably reclaim that spot. But I know the members say to, but I can't be happy, not for this, I can't...I'm sad, and pissed.


And once again, I am so, SO happy I have at least one non-Japanese boyband to fall back on, because as much as I get laughed at for still being a Backstreet Boys fan, at least they have their shit together.
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おたんじょうび おめでとう!淳之介 田口!

I usually don't do this sort of thing, but dammit if it isn't my favorite KAT-TUN member's birthday today. He's my favorite for a few reasons... He's adorkable, I love his puns (some are really witty, even if the others won't admit it!), he's the best dancer of the group (IMO) and at the very least the most acrobatic. I love his silly antics, although he can be surprisingly deep when he's serious. It's so cute. And of course, his smile, he's got the BEST smile.

Anyways, I'll celebrate by posting my favorite pic of him I have on my HD, and my favorite pic from the "Run for You" set.

Taguchi (favorite KAT-TUN member) + Basset Hound (favorite breed of dog) = Cuteness Overload

There are a lot from the "Run for You set", but I think I like this one the most. Just a simple pic of him with his cute smile, and his awesome hairstyle :D While I prefer his hair longer, I think that hairstyle looks really cute on him too.

Anyways, I'm hoping to be able to afford KAT-TUN's new "BIRTH" single at some point (or get it for Christmas). I won't be able to get either of the Limited Editions, but I think "ACT ON EMOTION" and "BABY B MINE" will make it worth getting the Regular Edition worth it. I loved the LE2's cover, but I'm sure scans of that will pop up eventually (although having the DVD for the PV would kick ass).

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