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Apr. 28th, 2016 02:20 pm
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I meant to do this LAST week, but I was lazy and didn't. Ooops. :P Ah well. With the way the episodes have been, it's been just as well to wait a week anyways. Spoilers are in this one, so tread with caution if you're also watching Kamen Rider Amazons, Zyuohger, or Kamen Rider Ghost.

So, first off, Kamen Rider Amazons. I've watched 1-3 subbed, and 4 unsubbed because I'm waiting for the O-T version. It's been really damn good so far. I've warmed up to Haruka despite the fact that I dislike the more streamlined Rider design (just doesn't seem very Amazon to me). Meanwhile, I'd LIKE to like Jin, but I can't right now cause he's kind of a jerk. We'll see how things go later. Ep. 3 gave me Agito vibes, what with Haruka dealing with the transformation stuff (and his is pretty nasty with how Amazons work in this series). Still, I am a SUCKER for non-human/kaijin Riders, especially the organic ones, so yeah...granted not sure if Omega still counts as an organic Rider with the belt...though he DOES have a wilder, non-belt form too (that looks arguably cooler, but I digress). Anyways, still looking forward to seeing what happens with him. Also really loving Mamoru so far...he is a cinnamon roll for being a mole monster. Granted, I'm not expecting to make it to the end of this series. I saw the original Amazon, and the original mole died. Also, this is a Kobayashi series and that bitch likes to kill everyone you like if she can get away with it (yes, I am still pissed about Ankh, regardless of how much little ghost Ankh following Eiji amuses me, and fuck the entire Ryuki series in general). Anyways, it'd be a pleasant surprise if they actually keep him alive since the whole fanbase is already expecting him to die, but they'll probably kill him off to mirror the original, and because we can't have nice things (especially THIS series, it's pretty dark).

Now, Zyuohger...TBH, I can never seem to get into Sentai as much as I do Kamen Rider, but this season isn't terrible...and from what I heard it's been infinitely better than the last few seasons. Once again the focus is sliding more towards the guys, especially Red (just ONCE it'd be nice if the ladies got some decent character development too, without the guys involved). Still, Yamato is a likable Red, so that's a plus. This episode we finally get a good look at the Eagle Zyuman, or as parts of the fandom have dubbed him "Bird-Kusaka" after the actor's Faiz character (since we still don't know Bird-Kusaka's actual name yet). He's kind of a jerk, which surprised absolutely no one given who his actor is, but he DID save Yamato, so looks like this character isn't a COMPLETE ass and will probably end up as the 6th member in time...I'll be shocked if he doesn't (but we won't know til June when Zyuoh the World debuts, probably). Either way, the show's been a fun romp, and at the very least it's something to watch while I wait for Kamen Rider subs.

...and now, Ghost. Oh MAN...fucking Ghost. We're at ep. 28 now, and shit got GOOD...and kinda sad for Alain. Alain's been getting a shitton of character development recently, since they needed to do the antag -> protag switch. They did it slow and they did it well. Unfortunately the whole thing did kinda end with his dad getting killed in front of him and dying in his arms, and his brother is still trying to kill him too. Luckily he's successfully earned Takeru's trust and made friends, and seeing Takeru go NUTS on those mooks in ep. 27 was pretty badass (tore through those guys like WOAH). Meanwhile, Makoto's back and got his upgrade and we got to see that debut this episode. Deep Specter is so cool (and I love the colors...I love pink, blue, and purple, and not just because they're KAT-TUN colors ;D ). I am so happy I snagged that Eyecon toy, should hopefully get here soon. Makoto finally told Alain to call him "Makoto" instead of "Specter" too, and I squee'd happy squees. So everyone's made friends now! We actually got our first triple-henshin this ep too, but some shit happened that put Takeru out of commission, so only a double-finisher (courtesy of Necrom and Specter). Anyways, it'll be fun to see where things go from here. They'll probably start moving towards Takeru getting his final form, and while I don't think Necrom will get any upgrades, he IS going to be able to start using Ghost's Eyecons from time to time, which'll be fun too. Ah, on a side-note, they did get rid of Cubi, but they didn't kill him off. He made friends with another Ganma, and they're going on a trip I'll miss seeing his shenanigans, but at least I'm happy he wasn't killed (and another MotW was spared to boot!). Plus, maybe he'll pop back up again later, who knows? (Although it'd probably be safer for him if he doesn't ^^; ) Anyways, next week Alain gets a new outfit from the old Takoyaki lady and we laugh at the horrible fashion sense (at least it's a nice shade of green?). I suppose it could look worse though, and I like him in more casual clothes versus the uniform he was wearing anyways.

Anyways, that's all for this week. I'll update this as I feel like it...probably when more cool stuff in the shows happens, lol.
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Had a pretty good day, all things considered. Actually remembered to renew my licence plates on time for the year (Ohio sets the date for that on your birthday), and got the responsible adulting stuff out of the way. Then went and played some DDR and mat a potential new friend in the process, bought the Star Wars: The Force Awakens blu-ray, got a nommy milkshake and KFC for dinner, my dad got me a silly birthday card, one of my brothers got me a fishing license (I like fishing, we might go this Sunday), and I am now chillin' and watching Kamen Rider Agito til I feel like stopping :P I thought it'd be appropriate to watch Agito today since it was the 30th Anniversary series, and it's my 30th birthday. Plus, it's my favorite series anyways. <3 Plus, gives me an excuse to derp around with my figures. XD

Gills is like "fuck this, I don't show up til ep. 6 anyways *eats chicken*"
I am an adult, I swear

Anyways, yeah, start of a new decade. I kinda feel old, but I at least take some solace in the fact that I'm the same age as some of my favorite idols Kame...and Massu will be 30 later this year too! XD
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So, Over-Time picked up subbing for the Kamen Rider Amazons specials airing and managed to get a hold of some decent raws, so I decided to watch the first episode. TBH, the designs for one of them didn't impress me, not a big fan of the "updates" they've been giving the old-school Riders. Plus, Amazon is the only Showa series I've ever managed to watch, and even though it kinda sucked, I've always been really fond of the Rider's more organic design (I am a sucker for those types of Riders. Kamen Rider Gills is my all-time fave). Anyways, I figured we at least have one of the new Amazon Riders looking old-school (Amazon Alpha, the red one), so I figured what the hell, I'll give it a go with very little expectations.

Hoooooly shiiiit~
I forgot how badass it can be to watch a Kamen Rider series aimed for older audiences. I was excited. Also, in typical Amazon form, shit's getting ripped apart and kaijin are loosing limbs and it's doing it's predecessor justice. XD Super happy with several of the throw-backs to the original too! Also, found out the green Rider doesn't start with the form you see in the promo pics, and his pre-belt form looks a LOT like the original Amazon, and that made me happy. Actualy, kinda thinking now he got an updated design so he wouldn't get confused with his predecessor, lol. Like I said, we still have red at least.

Anyways, I'm pretty damn happy with it. No idea if things'll stay that way, but it was a good starter episode. We'll see if things change after shit hits the fan in ep. 2, lol. I don't even know when the next episode even comes out, TBH o_o; Hopefully they won't take too long. If anything, the main thing I'm worried about is the writer...her series are VERY hit-or-miss with me...guess we'll see.

At any rate, I'll try and have fun with this alongside Ghost! :D
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So...a friend managed to get me into the Hey Say Jump fandom about two weeks ago. Lord help me. The only good thing is that I haven't gone full fangirl over it yet, and really can't afford to (KAT-TUN kills my wallet as it is, and NEWS doesn't help), so I've gotta go a little more casual with that one. Still, I've already managed a bias. Hikaru Yaotome. He is a dork, but good at rapping, plays bass guitar, and is afraid of cats of all things. He's amusing. Anyways, for having a rep as a silly, cutesy group (and good god, they are), they also have some surprisingly badass songs that a Hyphen would (and in my case does) enjoy. Plus, they have TWO rappers within their 9 members, Daiki and Hikaru (and a few other members aren't too shabby if they have to either), and they have a full band. Like seriously, a guitarist (Keito), bassist (Hikaru), keyboard (Inoo), and drummer (Yuto), and they'll play at points during the concerts, and it's AWESOME. So yeah, while KAT-TUN is always gonna be my ichiban, I'm having fun checking these guys out and seeing the unique things they bring into play.

Technically I've gotten back into the Kamen Rider fandom as well. Kinda did with Drive, but that series hit my shit list when it killed off my favorite character (and it was pretty mediocre as it was and I was ONLY watching it for said character), so now I basically hate it.
On the plus side, Kamen Rider Ghost has managed to get my full attention right out the gate! Plus, I don't have to worry about the main character dying, seeing as they kill him off from the get-go (it's a bit of a non-spoiler...he's Kamen Rider GHOST for a reason, this was common knowledge even before ep.1 aired). The main point of the series is for him to collect enough of the series' collectible gimmick items ("Eyecons" this time) to come back to life. Doesn't hurt that Takeru, the main character, is a puppy. His actor's only 17, so that also probably has something to do with it. I've gotten to the point where we're only at ep.5 and I'm already hunting down toys. I managed to get the Ghost Driver, his weapon, one of the secondary Rider's side Eyecons, and I have a few on pre-order I'll hopefully also get. Good thing my paychecks around this time of the year are decent...

Don't think I've forgotten about my other fandoms though. NEWS has a new single coming out on the 25th, "YonJuushi", and I'll be getting the LE for that. I'm SUPER hyped for "ANTHEM", their B-side and also this year's FIFA World Cup song from them. I've heard previews and it's awesome. Their soccer songs always have been though.

...and of course, my main fandom. The big one. KAT-TUN. I have their 9uarter concert DVD. It was awesome. My Hyphen anniversary is in three days, so I plan on finally getting the PV and concert page caught up. I kinda fell behind earlier this year when the computer died and I didn't have one for a few months. I think I'll manage though.
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List of things that happened at the con:

- Wore Ichigo first thing, wore it most of the day.
- Wandered around a bit, checked out the Dealer's Room, hung out with people. It was a pretty chill con.
- Went to the Fumiko Orikasa panel that focused on her role as Rukia. Sat front row, so good seat. Got to ask her about doing character songs. She said she enjoyed them, but doing the opening covers were harder since they already had a certain sound from the actual artist. Her actual speaking voice is adorble, BTW. It was only when requested to do the "MAE! SODE NO SHIRAYUKI!" line that she sounded like Rukia XD
- At some point during the night, I passed out for a while. Got woken up by roommates I had freaked out since they didn't know anyone was in there XD
- Changed into Eiji cosplay for tokusatsu fan shenanigans.
- Went to Kamen Rider panel at 10pm. It covered every Kamen Rider series. They practically skipped over Kiva though, which pissed me off (and I chewed out the friend that ran it about that too, since I knew it's because he hates Kiva). Other than that, it was a decent enough panel. i won some Taka and Kujaku Gashapon medals, gave them to my friend.
- I can't remember which panel, but said friend that ran panel tried to demonstrate a Gills Rider Kick. Fell on his ass. LULZ were had.
- The 18+ toku panel was alright. I'll probably watch Akibaranger at some point. A friend won an OOO toy and gave it to me, it's this weird little track set.
- Late night toku cosplay shenanigans were had.

- Had to wake up early to get into Ichigo cosplay, then line up for the second Fumiko Orikasa panel, this one was for autographs. Had her sign a Rukia picture my friend had been line enough to give me.
- Changed into my dance outfit afterwards. Wore it to the KOTOKO concert. I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been so damn loud. It hurt my ears. It also made the sound really distorted at times. The performance was good though. KOTOKO herself wore these cute outfits, and the band cosplayed characters from Lupin. The one guitarist was pretty cute too.
- Passed out again for a bit in the afternoon.
- Went to the "dance" (they call it that, but it's pretty much a rave). There were some AMAZING glowstringers there, and I got to see the FlowToy glowsticks I've been thinking about getting in person. They're gorgeous. I promised myself if I get good enough, it will be worth the $50 to buy a pair. This means I need to work on my glowstringing. I was like "OMG" when I realized they were playing Chrono Trigger music remixes at some point.

- Lack of proper sleep was catching up to me, so I wasn't feeling that great. Decided not to cosplay.
- Broke down and bought the SHF Emperor Form Kiva. It's really freaking pretty. I ended up getting a good bit of Kamen Rider stuff over the weekend, mostly Agito.
- Hung out with my friends for most of the afternoon. Went to a panel about traveling to Japan at some point out of boredom, hung out with friends some more til con ended.
- tried not to fall asleep on the ride home.

All in all, a pretty good con. Very mellow. I can say I didn't regret buying a badge, since it meant I didn't have to help run anything. It's been a long time since I didn't have to help work a con. I enjoyed it. I do miss seeing everyone though. I'm also sad I never got a chance to properly talk with my one friend about KAT-TUN stuff. I got to tell her about the new single, and that's about it. Oh well. We toku fandomed it up hardcore there at least.
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I am gonna be so glad when Nashi-con is over. I love it, but OMG, crunch time SUCKS. I still have a few things left to do for the dance. At least the PVs are all edited, but I still have to arrange the songs. I have to make sure the double-play artists are separated well enough too. Since STAR RIDER kicks off the dance, it'll be easier for KAT-TUN stuff, but I still want to sneak FINALE into the first hour, so Lock On probably won't get played til the middle of the second hour.

Then there's the KAT-TUN panel. OMG, I haven't even started on it x.x I wanted to try and find clips from the newer shows, but I haven't had the chance. Not to mention the newest solo videos of anything are still relatively old...poor Junno's is from 2010. Maru's is the most recent, since it's Step by Step. Koki...I'll probably have to use his One on One performance from the NMP concert. I can't play any of his newer songs...because Koki's songs are not PG. XD Ueda...I have no idea what I'm doing for him. Kame...I might just play the clip from NMP of Lost my Way, and then let the Nakamaru Clinic play XD Not much singing, but the skit's pretty funny, and I can play the one from the Taiwan concert too. But yeah, the panel is on April 1st, so any clips I can find of them trolling each other would be great. I just wish I had more than an hour for this thing x.x
Oh yeah, I suppose as trivia I can add that the kanji for "Nashi" (Asian pear) that we use for Nashi-con is the same kanji that's in "Kamenashi".

The dance costume, which at this point will be my only costume for Nashi-con probably, is coming along...I suppose. I still haven't quite gotten the color I want for the kimono though. I'll mess with the dyes more tomorrow. I need it to be a lot darker of a purple than it currently is now though. I might need to throw in some blue, or even black, since it's tie-dyed. It's supposed to look like the Milky Way, since it'll have a star theme, just like the dance (also part of the reason I'm kicking off the dance with Star Rider). I also need to finish the inner part of the outfit, since the kimono I'm working on now is just the outer part.
This whole costume, funny enough, came about when I saw Kame's costume during his Kizuna performance from one of the earlier concerts (2006 maybe?). It was this purple and silver sparkly-sequined kimono-esque thing, and I thought it was so pretty. Eventually I thought doing a similar long-sleeved kimono dance outfit would be fun. I decided to make it space-themed because I like stars, plus I would have an excuse to make it silver and purple and covered in glitter.

Anyways, that's enough about what I've been up to at any rate. I'm thinking I'm getting a little overwhelmed, mentally, from all this tomorrow I'll take a two or so hour break to watch a few episodes of Kamen Rider. I've been meaning to re-watch Kuuga, and I think it'll be a good stress relief.
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So yeah, finally got the last bit of stuff sorted out with the KAT-TUN CDs. As much as it pained me to be separated from almost $85 for only two CDs (well, and their DVDs), I kinda forgot about it when I saw the pic of my own copies she sent me, and that gorgeous STAR RIDER version of the BIRTH single. I am gonna scan the hell out of it when I get it, mostly because I STILL do not have a decent digital version of Taguchi's pic from it...which makes me very sad. The BIRTH version, well goes without saying, I'm excited for the Taguchi punishment game that's on it. Now I'll have both, since I already have CHAIN.

And just to show that I haven't abandoned my Kamen Rider fandom, I also snagged a Kamen Rider Gills S.H.Figuart from HLJ, since they're having a massive sale.

Still, I need to put buying anymore things on hold for a while, til my new job starts up. Which will hopefully be sometime after the 24th.

I think the next CDs I buy will be the Queen of Pirates and No More Pain LE albums. I'd like to also get more of the newer 5-man singles, but they're so freaking expensive x.x Plus, I need to keep a money buffer, since I have a feeling there will be a new single soon. I heard a new KAT-TUN song on a baseball commercial recently. I don't think the concert DVD will be out til summer, so I've got plenty of time to save for that.
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Finally making a public post for these :P

Anyways, I managed to get a hold of the first and third of the Kiva Live shows, and wanted to share them, since they're rather awesome.
Keep in mind though, these are RAW. If I could translate them, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but sadly, my Japanese is extremely limited. I enjoyed them anyways, if only because the cast's antics are amusing, not to mention the Stage Show with the Riders is fun to watch.
Links and stuff under the cut )

If you'd like to link these elsewhere, feel free to do so (preferably, just link back to this journal entry). Hope you all enjoy these. Comments are appreciated, but not necessary.
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Ok, so I keep forgetting to do these things ^^; Hopefully I can remember all the important stuff we did over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, but kinda crazy still with all the running around I did, working the video room table at times, and trying to make it to events.
Con stuff under the cut )
So yeah, my first AZ was pretty fun. I think next year though I'm gonna buy a badge if I can afford one, since worrying about the video room table was a pain in the ass. I missed a lot of stuff because of that and, especially at cons I haven't gone to before, I like the general freedom of being able to do whatever.

The day after AZ was fun too, Memorial Day. We didn't get to go for sushi, liked planned, since all the restaurants that sold it were closed, so we just went to Moe's...but after that we went swimming at Kaylan's house. It was fun.

Tomorrow I plan on going to hang out with Allendorf. He's gonna help me rip the Kamen Rider Kiva DVDs I got in the mail over the weekend. They're two of the live stage shows. One was recorded after the series ends, and has three different parts, and is the one I'm looking forward to seeing the most. The other is a concert, but the first recorded of the three, and so won't have as much stuff...but I like concerts :P Hoping I can get the files to senpai-tachi soon after.
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I am getting so close to catching up to current. It'll be interesting though, cause then I won't be able to do batch commentary like this. Oh well. Maybe I can just mix them into actual journal entries, and write about something other than Kamen Rider on this thing ^^; It's still getting a bit neglected because of Facebook.
Episodes 21-30 )
I plan on also getting through the next 4 episodes that are out, but I'm going to put them in a different entry. Plus, I'll probably start switching to watching Over-Time's subs, instead of TV-Nihon's only because I like soft-subs, and they get theirs out faster (they have episode 34 out already ^-^ ).
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Another round of OOOs marathoning, woo-hoo! I actually do need to hurry through these too, cause on top of doing this before AZ, I'm supposed to be working on a spur-of-the-moment cosplay. Oh well, gonna be caught up with this soon enough at this rate.
Episodes 11-20 )
So yeah, I am loving this series so far. Plus, my favorite combo has finally showed up (well, barring possibly the dinosaur one, but I haven't gotten that far yet). Anyways, hoping I can catch up on the rest of these tomorrow.
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Ok, so, I know I was gonna try and wait on Kamen Rider OOO, but it looks like that's not gonna be possible without it being spoiled to hell (well, moreso than it already has been for me), so I'm just gonna watch it. Gonna catch up to current before Animazement. Means I'll have to wait a bit longer to watch Goseiger and Blade though, because if I watch other series in-between, I'll start mixing things up, and that's bad. It's why I only watch one series at a time if I can help it.
Anyways, the usual episode by episode comments are under the cut.
Count the medals! Episodes 1-10 )
Man, I'm loving this series so far. Still really trying to decide how much I like Eiji. I'm thinking of cosplaying him since senpai is cosplaying Ankh. Speaking of Ankh, he is a bastard, but he gets trolled enough in return because of it that it's really hilarious, so I can't hate him. Hina's cool, a female character that I actually liked from the get-go, and is the source of much Ankh trolling as well. Looking forward to watching more episodes.
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Done! Finally freaking done! Man, I hate to admit it, but it was getting pretty hard to keep watching this series one episode after the other, I had to stagger it over several days. The Monster of the Week formula gets old fast, and later on Amazon doesn't do as much of the feral fighting style that made him fun to watch in the first half. Thankfully, this series was short. The last of the little episode commentary under the cut (episodes 16-24).
Dai Setsudan! )

Ok, so thoughts on this...hmmm...well, I can say this, if most Showa are like this, with minimal overall story and monster of the week fare, then I'll probably pass on the older stuff. It gets pretty boring after a while. Now, I'm guessing later 80's Showa stuff is probably a lot better, like Black and Black RX. If it's closer to Heisei plot and character development, then I'll be happy. At any rate, at least I've finally managed to watch a Showa Kamen Rider series.

I still like Amazon as a Rider though. He's very unique, and has an interesting design. There's a good chance I'll still look and see what all will be involved for making a cosplay for him, and attempt it if I think it's worth trying.

Gonna take a break from Kamen Rider for a bit to finish watching Goseiger. Not tonight though, I need to clean my room ^^;
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Here we go once again in another marathoning run of Kamen Rider Amazon. Like last time, these weren't done all at once, since I've been getting through these a bit slower. There's not really a reason to rush, seeing as the series is only 24 episodes long. Episodes 9-15 in this set.
GiiGiiGiiGii! )

Anyways, yeah. Still enjoying the series. It's so simple that it's actually a bit relaxing to watch after a lot of the dramatic Heisei series. There's the story of the week, the monster of the week, Amazon beats it, and very little over-arcing plot besides "these people are bad and need to be defeated". Yep. Usually something I don't like, but you can't exactly expect much from a series like this, so I forgive it. It's short anyways. Mostly watching this to see Amazon beat up on things.
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Watching my first Showa Kamen Rider series :D Kinda ironic that I pick the odd-one-out of the bunch right off the bat, but I don't really mind. It still counts :P Just means a few differences, like I won't see any of the cameos from the other Riders that the Showa series were known for. Considering that didn't happen in the first sets of Heisei Riders, I can live with that. First up is the episode 1-8 batch I watched over about 3 days, cause I was busy ^^;

Yeah, it's old, silly, and cheesy, but it's still fun to watch. Also, since I found adorable Amazon fanart on Pixiv, I made an icon ^-^ (Now if only I could find something for Gills...)
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OK, so I'm not in the mood to watch Kamen Rider OOOs, because there are a handful of movies I still haven't watched yet. Namely Kamen Rider the Next (I watched Kamen Rider the First a few days ago when I hung out with Perry-tachi), and I have Shin Kamen Rider as well. So tonight I'm getting those out of the way. Cuts for potential spoilers.
Kamen Rider the Next )
Shin Kamen Rider )

I'd consider watching District 9 to round out the "gore-filled bug-monster" movie theme I seem to have going tonight, but it's kinda late...
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I decided to count the last post as parts 5 AND 6, because technically it covered two days worth. Plus, I like 7 :P It's been one week since I started this, and today I'm gonna finish it...kinda a little sad actually, since this series was so good. But anyways, 9 episodes to go. Let's do this!
I made you text, but Gills eated it...J/K :P )
So, thoughts... immediate thoughts are, yeah, this series is awesome. I liked it even better than Kuuga....but I'm still a litte pissed that I really didn't have to watch Kuuga first...but then, Kuuga was a good show.

If I ever get senpai-tachi to watch it though, we are gonna have to do something about the wonky episodes...

Anyways, I'm gonna take a break before watching any more Kamen Rider. Catching up on Kamen Rider OOO will be next!
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You know, I kinda wonder how many parts to this there's gonna be? Oh well. Today I have two days worth, cause I forgot to upload yesterday. Luckily LJ automatically saves entry drafts, cause I wouldn't want to lose the stuff for these episodes.
I'm running out of things to put here )
I think I've hit my limit for episodes. So tired that it's hard to type properly anyways. There's a good chance I'm gonna finish this series tomorrow.
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I was half tempted to skip 4 and go straight to 5, but then only a handful of people get that joke anyways XD Ah, Den-O... That series was cracktastic :P
So tired...I did sleep a little bit, but not much. Anyways, I want to know what happens next!
You know the drill )
So, got through episodes 25-30...would watch more, but the kid be babysit is over, and I really don't want him watching Agito when I'm not sure if there's anything he shouldn't be seeing (he's only 4). The early Heisei stuff isn't as kid-friendly as the older Heisei stuff. At least I'm not watching Showa stuff XD Anyways, I showed him a few fights I knew were alright, and he thought Agito and Gills were really cool. Might try and find some more random fights that're okay for him to watch.
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Dunno how many episodes I'll get in tonight. Pretty sleepy already. Nerf war and all that. Had a pretty good run during Zombies game tonight. Anyways, Agito, yeah....
Let's do this )
UGH! I REALLY want to watch the next episode! I only managed two tonight (23-24)... but I promised Perry I'd go to bed ^^; I need to stop being as nocturnal.

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