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Apr. 28th, 2016 02:20 pm
hikarikirameku: (KAT-TUN 3-nin 10th Anniversary)
I meant to do this LAST week, but I was lazy and didn't. Ooops. :P Ah well. With the way the episodes have been, it's been just as well to wait a week anyways. Spoilers are in this one, so tread with caution if you're also watching Kamen Rider Amazons, Zyuohger, or Kamen Rider Ghost.

So, first off, Kamen Rider Amazons. I've watched 1-3 subbed, and 4 unsubbed because I'm waiting for the O-T version. It's been really damn good so far. I've warmed up to Haruka despite the fact that I dislike the more streamlined Rider design (just doesn't seem very Amazon to me). Meanwhile, I'd LIKE to like Jin, but I can't right now cause he's kind of a jerk. We'll see how things go later. Ep. 3 gave me Agito vibes, what with Haruka dealing with the transformation stuff (and his is pretty nasty with how Amazons work in this series). Still, I am a SUCKER for non-human/kaijin Riders, especially the organic ones, so yeah...granted not sure if Omega still counts as an organic Rider with the belt...though he DOES have a wilder, non-belt form too (that looks arguably cooler, but I digress). Anyways, still looking forward to seeing what happens with him. Also really loving Mamoru so far...he is a cinnamon roll for being a mole monster. Granted, I'm not expecting to make it to the end of this series. I saw the original Amazon, and the original mole died. Also, this is a Kobayashi series and that bitch likes to kill everyone you like if she can get away with it (yes, I am still pissed about Ankh, regardless of how much little ghost Ankh following Eiji amuses me, and fuck the entire Ryuki series in general). Anyways, it'd be a pleasant surprise if they actually keep him alive since the whole fanbase is already expecting him to die, but they'll probably kill him off to mirror the original, and because we can't have nice things (especially THIS series, it's pretty dark).

Now, Zyuohger...TBH, I can never seem to get into Sentai as much as I do Kamen Rider, but this season isn't terrible...and from what I heard it's been infinitely better than the last few seasons. Once again the focus is sliding more towards the guys, especially Red (just ONCE it'd be nice if the ladies got some decent character development too, without the guys involved). Still, Yamato is a likable Red, so that's a plus. This episode we finally get a good look at the Eagle Zyuman, or as parts of the fandom have dubbed him "Bird-Kusaka" after the actor's Faiz character (since we still don't know Bird-Kusaka's actual name yet). He's kind of a jerk, which surprised absolutely no one given who his actor is, but he DID save Yamato, so looks like this character isn't a COMPLETE ass and will probably end up as the 6th member in time...I'll be shocked if he doesn't (but we won't know til June when Zyuoh the World debuts, probably). Either way, the show's been a fun romp, and at the very least it's something to watch while I wait for Kamen Rider subs.

...and now, Ghost. Oh MAN...fucking Ghost. We're at ep. 28 now, and shit got GOOD...and kinda sad for Alain. Alain's been getting a shitton of character development recently, since they needed to do the antag -> protag switch. They did it slow and they did it well. Unfortunately the whole thing did kinda end with his dad getting killed in front of him and dying in his arms, and his brother is still trying to kill him too. Luckily he's successfully earned Takeru's trust and made friends, and seeing Takeru go NUTS on those mooks in ep. 27 was pretty badass (tore through those guys like WOAH). Meanwhile, Makoto's back and got his upgrade and we got to see that debut this episode. Deep Specter is so cool (and I love the colors...I love pink, blue, and purple, and not just because they're KAT-TUN colors ;D ). I am so happy I snagged that Eyecon toy, should hopefully get here soon. Makoto finally told Alain to call him "Makoto" instead of "Specter" too, and I squee'd happy squees. So everyone's made friends now! We actually got our first triple-henshin this ep too, but some shit happened that put Takeru out of commission, so only a double-finisher (courtesy of Necrom and Specter). Anyways, it'll be fun to see where things go from here. They'll probably start moving towards Takeru getting his final form, and while I don't think Necrom will get any upgrades, he IS going to be able to start using Ghost's Eyecons from time to time, which'll be fun too. Ah, on a side-note, they did get rid of Cubi, but they didn't kill him off. He made friends with another Ganma, and they're going on a trip I'll miss seeing his shenanigans, but at least I'm happy he wasn't killed (and another MotW was spared to boot!). Plus, maybe he'll pop back up again later, who knows? (Although it'd probably be safer for him if he doesn't ^^; ) Anyways, next week Alain gets a new outfit from the old Takoyaki lady and we laugh at the horrible fashion sense (at least it's a nice shade of green?). I suppose it could look worse though, and I like him in more casual clothes versus the uniform he was wearing anyways.

Anyways, that's all for this week. I'll update this as I feel like it...probably when more cool stuff in the shows happens, lol.
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Well, KAT-TUN is officially 3-nin now. Apparently J-net changed the profile images at 12am on the dot on April 1st. I'm honestly not surprised. KAT-TUN also had an appearance on a show, but I'm still waiting ro see if any rips pop up. News of what the concert goods look like are starting to pop up.The penlight is apparently gun-shaped...oh lordy ^^; Leave it to KAT-TUN to pick something so tacky :P I'll be keeping an eye on Twitter for when people start posting pictures of the goods to confirm.

In tokusatsu news, we had the Zyuohger/Ghost crossovers last weekend. Well, more like "cameos". Each hero spent about 5 minutes in the other's show then just kinda poofed. I guess it's just as well, since it gave the shows a chance to still have their plots (and while not really a huge deal for Zyuohger, there's important stuff going down in Ghost where a huge deviation from the plot would have been awkward). It was pretty cute regardless, and if anything, I'm just sad that Takuru didn't get a chance to meet Tusk or Amu because they were busy elsewhere having plot stuff happen, and only Yamato had a cameo in Ghost. From what I hear though, the non-Reds seem to get the shaft in the crossovers anyways.

At any rate, currently looking forward to seeing how the plot in Ghost progresses. We'll be seeing the new power-up for Specter in a few weeks, if the magazines are any indication. Looking forward to it. It actually looks pretty cool (if we ignore the fact that they gave him a re-coler of that stupid Sunglasslasher sword. How fucking lazy can you get, Bandai?). Oh, and there's Alain/Necrom to watch and see how he'll fare too.
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Ok, so I meant to mention this, but then fox shenanigans post kinda took priority, lol

First off, I did see the news about who's taking over SCP from KAT-TUN...and it's NEWS, my secondary fandom. I had a LOT of mixed feelings about it, since I'm still super bummed about KAT-TUN losing it, and the simple fact is that I don't like NEWS as much as KAT-TUN. They're close. They have part of an entire wall devoted to them (as did KAT-TUN before all this shit went down)...but they aren't my ichibans. That said though, the fact of the matter is KAT-TUN is leaving SCP no matter what, so this is probably the best outcome for this shitty situation. Had it been anyone else, I'd probably have been even more upset. At least I know that if/when KAT-TUN ever guests on there, we'll probably have the same kind of atmosphere we got when the two groups were together least I hope so.
Here's just hoping the NEWS fandom is as good about uploading it as Hyphens were. It'll suck to have to scrounge for rips.

This is actually gonna be a big test for NEWS to see just HOW well they can hold my attention. Before they were just cute distractions between KAT-TUN they gotta step up and basically be the replacement primary fandom for a while. We'll see how well that works out. I'll probably just keep doing what I'm doing with HSJ, since I only bother with rips for them anyways.

In toku fandom news...


Sadly, I do not get a wish for collecting them all :P
But yeah, all 15 Eyecons! Plus the ones in the middle for Ghost, Boost, Specter, and the special Kishidan Ghost Eyecon that came with the theme song single. The only ones left to collect are the upcoming Eyecons for Specter and Ghosts's powerups, but it'll still be a while. So far I haven't heard anything about Necrom...he probably won't get one. I haven't decided if I want to get his toy or not...but if Alain grows on me (which after ep. 22 is a very real possibility), and also doesn't die by series end (also a very real possibility because Neo-Heisei series suck), I might.
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Tried watching Ghost ep. 22 with no subs, cause I was impatient. Only got a vague idea of what happened (and MAN did shit go down), so now I REALLY want subs. Ugh. I wonder why Over-Time subs are so much slower than they used to be where Rider subs are concerned?

Also, got my Houdini Eyecon today. Just three more to go (and they're on their way). The little candy piece that also came with was Ramune flavored. I was pleased. As for other toys, was horribly disappointed to find out Specter's powered-up form will use a recolor of Ghost's Sunglasslasher... REALLY Toei/Bandai?! You're gonna be THAT lazy about it?! Oh well. I'll probably only be after the Eyecons for Deep Specter and Infinity Ghost after this anyways. Not buying Grateful form's stuff cause it's a whole other freaking belt and not even a final form.
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You know...I don't post about my tokusatsu shows here like I used to...and it's a pity, cause this seasons shows are great so far! Kamen Rider Ghost is hitting it's second big plot milestone (as it tends to do every ten or so episodes). It's been getting harder and harder to wait for subs, lol. It's the first Kamen Rider series I've really liked in a while. The cast are all great too, following everyone's Twitter's been a trip (even if I can only really appreciate the silly pics, and Nishime Shun is a cinnamon roll). Meanwhile, Zyuohger is only at ep. 5 but has been a fun romp right out the gate! It actually got me watching Sentai again for the first time in years! Actually, the cast for that is fun to follow on their Twitter/blogs too.

I should probably update my toku's still Kamen Rider OOO, LOL! Granted, Tajadol form is still probably one of the prettiest Rider forms ever (those peacock feathers!). Still, aybe I'll update the red bird motif to ZyuoEagle instead :P I actually really like Yamato. He's more like the team mom than the team leader, lol, he's great.
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Needless to say, I've been enjoying the hell out of Kamen Rider Ghost, LOL! Reeeeally hoping it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass like Drive did, but at least this time the main Rider is the one I like, so I might be safe there...I mean, he's already dead, so how much worse can it get? (I shouldn't say that though, the writers would find a way)

Anyways, the toys are hella fun to play with, and I plan to try and collect all the main Eyecons, although I wouldn't complain about getting any of the more "fun" ones either.

Oh! And one more thing I just got today!

NEWS' Yonjuushi single! LE version, since I generally only pick those up since NEWS is second-favorite (KAT-TUN I will buy all editions of singles...albums and concerts are case-by-case basis, I generally only go LE for those too though. I love them, but JE shit's expensive, lol). Almost sad I didn't pick up the RE though, when i heard how awesome SPEAKER was, and EIEN has a gorgeous opening, and the rest isn't bad either, although it's the one I listen to least. Meanwhile, Yonjuushi has grown on me and I really like it and ANTHEM is freaking amazing! I think this is the first NEWS single where I've liked all the songs! That makes me happy. It's almost like this fandom knows I'd need cheering up.

Yonjuushi PV isn't bad either, but kinda sad Anthem couldn't have been the A-side (or a double-A-side instead), cause I'd rather have a PV for that, lol. I still need to watch the making though.

Part of me wonders if I should do a page similar to my KAT-TUN page for NEWS, although it'd have to be limited to just 4-nin stuff since that's all I have. Also, I can't do the concerts I have either (besides Utsucon's LE) because they're all Blu-ray and I don't have a computer drive for those yet ^^; Eventually though, I want one!
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So...a friend managed to get me into the Hey Say Jump fandom about two weeks ago. Lord help me. The only good thing is that I haven't gone full fangirl over it yet, and really can't afford to (KAT-TUN kills my wallet as it is, and NEWS doesn't help), so I've gotta go a little more casual with that one. Still, I've already managed a bias. Hikaru Yaotome. He is a dork, but good at rapping, plays bass guitar, and is afraid of cats of all things. He's amusing. Anyways, for having a rep as a silly, cutesy group (and good god, they are), they also have some surprisingly badass songs that a Hyphen would (and in my case does) enjoy. Plus, they have TWO rappers within their 9 members, Daiki and Hikaru (and a few other members aren't too shabby if they have to either), and they have a full band. Like seriously, a guitarist (Keito), bassist (Hikaru), keyboard (Inoo), and drummer (Yuto), and they'll play at points during the concerts, and it's AWESOME. So yeah, while KAT-TUN is always gonna be my ichiban, I'm having fun checking these guys out and seeing the unique things they bring into play.

Technically I've gotten back into the Kamen Rider fandom as well. Kinda did with Drive, but that series hit my shit list when it killed off my favorite character (and it was pretty mediocre as it was and I was ONLY watching it for said character), so now I basically hate it.
On the plus side, Kamen Rider Ghost has managed to get my full attention right out the gate! Plus, I don't have to worry about the main character dying, seeing as they kill him off from the get-go (it's a bit of a non-spoiler...he's Kamen Rider GHOST for a reason, this was common knowledge even before ep.1 aired). The main point of the series is for him to collect enough of the series' collectible gimmick items ("Eyecons" this time) to come back to life. Doesn't hurt that Takeru, the main character, is a puppy. His actor's only 17, so that also probably has something to do with it. I've gotten to the point where we're only at ep.5 and I'm already hunting down toys. I managed to get the Ghost Driver, his weapon, one of the secondary Rider's side Eyecons, and I have a few on pre-order I'll hopefully also get. Good thing my paychecks around this time of the year are decent...

Don't think I've forgotten about my other fandoms though. NEWS has a new single coming out on the 25th, "YonJuushi", and I'll be getting the LE for that. I'm SUPER hyped for "ANTHEM", their B-side and also this year's FIFA World Cup song from them. I've heard previews and it's awesome. Their soccer songs always have been though.

...and of course, my main fandom. The big one. KAT-TUN. I have their 9uarter concert DVD. It was awesome. My Hyphen anniversary is in three days, so I plan on finally getting the PV and concert page caught up. I kinda fell behind earlier this year when the computer died and I didn't have one for a few months. I think I'll manage though.

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