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It's been a while since I've posted pics of the full collection, plus someone asked to see it, so...here it is. I had to split them up because I don't have the floor space to spread it all out at once right now ^^; It's REALLY fun when I get a chance to though, last time I did it, I covered my bed! XD
Pics are a bit big, so they're under the cut )

This was fun, if not a little time consuming...but it's awesome to compare the pics from when my collection was just starting out. Fun fact, the VERY first single that started this whole mess was BIRTH (regular edition). I find the name highly appropriate. I had no idea things were gonna snowball into this though, lol. I regret nothing. It's been a lot of fun...mostly. I was sadly not lucky enough to will a Shin Shun Katsu Mode DVD (my friend entered for me with my CD codes), so that'll be the one thing I'll always be missing x_x
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So, this weekend was the fundraiser for our local anime convention, Nashicon. It was pretty much just a short one-day version of the main con. It was very relaxed, and fun.

- Spent most of the day getting ready. Had to wash the cosplay, pack, etc.
- Got into town a bit late due to rush hour traffic.
- Visited the former workplace to say hi and snagged some food.
- Off into Columbia to meet everyone on campus for the meeting. I didn't actually do much besides hang out and get my Pokemon team ready for the next day's tournament, but it was fun seeing everyone after a long time.
- Spent night at friends' house. Chatted/fangirled, watched them bake cookies, harassed their cats.

- Mini-con proper.
- Didn't get much sleep the night before, but enough to function.
- I cosplayed my old favorite, Ichigo Kurosaki from BLEACH. The wig gave me trouble, but it always does.
- I spent various parts of the day just hanging out and having fun. Played Gangham Style early on...danced a little. I need to learn the rest.
- I went on an adventure to find an ATM, only to find out the thing I wanted in the market room had already been sold by the time I got back x.x Oh well (more money to spend on KAT-TUN stuff, I guess).
- Had lunch with a friend.
- At some point, I was challenged to Pokemon battles. Won several, only lost twice...my dragon team was pretty nasty.
- Sang karaoke, KAT-TUN songs.
- After the mini-con ended, we went to Blue Cactus for Korean food, and I got the usual Bee Bim Bob...sooo good. It's been a while.
- Hated the hour drive back home, but arrived safely.

I unfortunately didn't get any pictures..there really weren't many cosplayers. I DID however get video of myself in cosplay during karaoke. They aren't the best, my digital camera doesn't do sound well, but it's something. I love to sing, so I had fun... even if I made a few mistakes, and completely messed up Koki's short rap in LIPS ^^;

Tomorrow starts a 5-day work streak x.x Only good thing is that the shifts vary in length, and some are actually sort-of short. I just hope today was relaxing enough for me to not go nuts, lol. I'm spending some time tonight catching up on Kamen Rider Wizard, and tomorrow after work, I'll catch up on KAT-TUN DameYoru (I'm 3 episodes behind x.x)

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