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May. 24th, 2017 04:48 pm
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So my copies of the Senakagoshi no Chance singles came! I only bought the two LE versions, for the PV and Kame's solo song. Kame's solo is soooo gooood, OMG. So happy. Yamapi's was actually pretty good too, but I just consider that a bonus (not really a big fan of his, kinda neutral towards him). Anyways, it's up on the page, as per usual. Also managed to download Nakamaru's Otsukare Thanks solo from Amazon JP, so I put that up too. They're in the Misc. section.

Also got some new Ao no Exorcist goodies! On top of Vol. 19 (I collect the Japanese versions as well as the English ones), I bought the Iro Iro artbook. It's got pretty much anything and everything Kato-sensei has colored for AoEx over the years. It's basically the AoEx artbook I've always wanted. I am so happy with it.

In pet news...I kinda accidentally but not really started a foray into antkeeping >.>; I found a queen Black Carpenter Ant, and have decided to keep her. We'll see how that goes. TBH, I've always wanted to try keeping ants... find them interesting to watch. Also, I redid one of my 10 gallon aquariums. I've got some Harlequin Rasporas and Pristella Tetras in it. Gonna try adding the original betta occupant back in today, and see how they get along. If they don't, he'll just stay in the 1g tank I have him in currently.

Anyways, that's my update. Now I go back to lurking, lol.
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Woohoo! It's the LE too!

I'll have to wait til tomorrow to watch the actual concert, but that hasn't kept me from enjoying the Brand New Stage CD or the photobook before I leave for work tonight. <3

Oh well. After I get home from work, I'll work on updating the KAT-TUN video page.
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So, I'm spending the last night of KAT-TUN being a group watching fancams and listening to the fan recording from the 10ks concert. By the time I get up in the morning, the final Tokyo concert will have ended, and the hiatus will begin. Then it is a long, indefinite wait til they resume group activities. In the meantime, I'll follow what solo activities of theirs I can, and pray they truly are resolved to keep going.

In the meantime, there's NEWS and Hey Say Jump, my tokusatsu fandoms, and maybe the KAT-TUN 10ks DVD in the future to keep me occupied, so I'll just hope I can stay distracted by that. May also backtrack to a few dramas I've had sitting in my backlog as well, or rewatch a few (been a while since I've watched Youkai Ningen Bem and Runaway). There's always the older KAT-TUN concert DVDs too, I suppose, if I can bear to watch them.

The video page is gonna be so lonely though in the meantime...

Anyways, Goodbye KAT-TUN, and to Kamenashi, Ueda, and Nakamaru, good luck in your solo endeavors. I'll be waiting!
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Well, KAT-TUN is officially 3-nin now. Apparently J-net changed the profile images at 12am on the dot on April 1st. I'm honestly not surprised. KAT-TUN also had an appearance on a show, but I'm still waiting ro see if any rips pop up. News of what the concert goods look like are starting to pop up.The penlight is apparently gun-shaped...oh lordy ^^; Leave it to KAT-TUN to pick something so tacky :P I'll be keeping an eye on Twitter for when people start posting pictures of the goods to confirm.

In tokusatsu news, we had the Zyuohger/Ghost crossovers last weekend. Well, more like "cameos". Each hero spent about 5 minutes in the other's show then just kinda poofed. I guess it's just as well, since it gave the shows a chance to still have their plots (and while not really a huge deal for Zyuohger, there's important stuff going down in Ghost where a huge deviation from the plot would have been awkward). It was pretty cute regardless, and if anything, I'm just sad that Takuru didn't get a chance to meet Tusk or Amu because they were busy elsewhere having plot stuff happen, and only Yamato had a cameo in Ghost. From what I hear though, the non-Reds seem to get the shaft in the crossovers anyways.

At any rate, currently looking forward to seeing how the plot in Ghost progresses. We'll be seeing the new power-up for Specter in a few weeks, if the magazines are any indication. Looking forward to it. It actually looks pretty cool (if we ignore the fact that they gave him a re-coler of that stupid Sunglasslasher sword. How fucking lazy can you get, Bandai?). Oh, and there's Alain/Necrom to watch and see how he'll fare too.
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I HAVE TO RE-ENCODE ALL MY OLD PVs on this thing OMG! They remastered ALL of them! This is beautiful! Signal gets priority, of course. The newer ones shouldn't be touched, but any of the ones they switched from interlaced to progressive, I am redoing because they will just look better.

I am SO happy I got this.

Gonna be SO busy though, lol
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Tonight I'm gonna part like it's 1999 2006!
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Congrats KAT-TUN! You've somehow managed to make it to 10 years despite all the bullshit you've gone through and are still going through. We'll celebrate as best we can with the new tour and the new 3-nin set-up. You guys have earned it. May your hiatus also go well so we'll be able to properly celebrate your 15th Anniversary someday.

I haven't prepared a whole lot in celebration, but I did at least do something. I've taken a bunch of older softsubs and re-timed them for my rip from the video page. The ones included are as follows:

SHIN SHUN KATSU MODE: It's the fan rip, but I finally decided to add it to the page for completion's sake, cause chances of me ever getting my hands on that DVD are next to nothing. Softsubs are included.

Break the Records
CHAIN (talking parts only, no songs, we never got proper subs so take what you can get)

Fumetsu no Scrum PV
Lock on Making and Defeated Contribute to Society #2
Going PV
Love Yourself PV & Making
D-Motion PV & Making
Rescue PV & Making
One Drop PV & Making
White X'mas PV & Making
Don't U Ever Stop PV & Making
Lips PV & Making

It's not much, but it's better than nothing. Most KAT-TUN things are hardsubbed, and i can't upload everything, so there's not much that can be done. It's hard enough just managing the raws. ^^; Many thanks to the various subbers who put out softsubs (the files all have their respective credits, so I'm not gonna list them all here). Anyways, get yourselves over to the video page if you want to snag things.
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Ok, so I meant to mention this, but then fox shenanigans post kinda took priority, lol

First off, I did see the news about who's taking over SCP from KAT-TUN...and it's NEWS, my secondary fandom. I had a LOT of mixed feelings about it, since I'm still super bummed about KAT-TUN losing it, and the simple fact is that I don't like NEWS as much as KAT-TUN. They're close. They have part of an entire wall devoted to them (as did KAT-TUN before all this shit went down)...but they aren't my ichibans. That said though, the fact of the matter is KAT-TUN is leaving SCP no matter what, so this is probably the best outcome for this shitty situation. Had it been anyone else, I'd probably have been even more upset. At least I know that if/when KAT-TUN ever guests on there, we'll probably have the same kind of atmosphere we got when the two groups were together least I hope so.
Here's just hoping the NEWS fandom is as good about uploading it as Hyphens were. It'll suck to have to scrounge for rips.

This is actually gonna be a big test for NEWS to see just HOW well they can hold my attention. Before they were just cute distractions between KAT-TUN they gotta step up and basically be the replacement primary fandom for a while. We'll see how well that works out. I'll probably just keep doing what I'm doing with HSJ, since I only bother with rips for them anyways.

In toku fandom news...


Sadly, I do not get a wish for collecting them all :P
But yeah, all 15 Eyecons! Plus the ones in the middle for Ghost, Boost, Specter, and the special Kishidan Ghost Eyecon that came with the theme song single. The only ones left to collect are the upcoming Eyecons for Specter and Ghosts's powerups, but it'll still be a while. So far I haven't heard anything about Necrom...he probably won't get one. I haven't decided if I want to get his toy or not...but if Alain grows on me (which after ep. 22 is a very real possibility), and also doesn't die by series end (also a very real possibility because Neo-Heisei series suck), I might.
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Most everyone's got it already I'm sure, but I added the UNLOCK stuff to the video page.

Trying my best to enjoy the last 4-nin KAT-TUN release we'll ever have. It's very bittersweet. Still, Greatest Journey is a great song...been basically playing it on repeat. JET too. Still really hoping they get performed at the Anniversary tour. We'll find out what the set list is after the first concert at the beginning of April.

In other group news, got my pre-order in for NEWS' WHITE tour blu-ray. It's about damn time!!! I hate how they split the content though. I went with the LE by default, since I can always get the RE later, but I can't afford both versions, and it's gonna suck that I don't have the solo PV making-ofs. I'll have to download them :/ I hope the concert MCs are good, cause the LE has those instead.
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So both my copies of the UNLOCK single AND the NEWS QUARTETTO album showed up today, lol. Crazy. I'm just now getting around to them, since I had to work all day, but luckily my computer's fast. NEWS took priority, since it wasn't up yet, and it's already on the video page, but I'm working on getting KAT-TUN's stuff done now.

I'm listening to the new NEWS songs right now. Quartetto is fun and catchy. シリウス is happy and uplifting. NEWSKOOL is LOL! I haven't gotten to the others yet since I skipped to solo songs. Sadly, none of them particularly stood out. Tegoshi's is pretty, to be sure, but boring. Keii's is meh. Shige's is weird and sounds like his last one. Massu's...well, I got a LUL out of it.
and this is my KAT-TUN back-up...I am so screwed ^^; Well, I suppose there's always HSJ...maybe.

KAT-TUN, you jerks had BETTER keep your promise and be back eventually! You definitely my only ichiban group!
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OK, so I'm waiting on my copies of KAT-TUN's Unlock single, so I haven't watched PVs yet, but I managed to find the songs. Just got done listening to them now.

Thoughts & Ranking (Favorite vs. least)

JET - IS SO FREAKING COOL, OMG!!! CRANK THE BASS AND VOLUME UP, NO FUCKS GIVEN! This song will be AMAZING at the tour if they perform it (please...please lord let them perform it). Hard to catch Maru's beatboxing part, but you can hear it if you pay attention. This song will probably be on heavy repeat the next week or more, lol.

Greatest Journey - SO CATCHY! Such a fun song! Been looking forward to this one for a while. It's a pity they're only just now releasing it when the show's getting cancelled. T-T (Granted, it's entirely Taguchi's fault, otherwise I'm sure they'd have had more time). Looking forward to seeing the PV. Saw the previews and it looks so silly and fun.

UNLOCK - The A-side ranking third, lol. It's not a bad song. Very KAT-TUN and matches the mood of the Kameneko drama. It's just...JET hit so much harder and pretty much got all my attention, lol. I'm sure I'll be listening to this one quite a bit too.

Ame ni Saku Ai, Yoru ni Naki Ai - This is more generic Johnny's style, but KAT-TUN's been doing songs like this as B-sides more often, so I've gotten used to it. At least this one's decent. It might grow on me later, and if they perform it at the live, it seems like a good opportunity to see some nice dance moves.

HONESTY - Token ballad. It's not that I particularly dislike the ballads, but I have to be in the mood for them because otherwise they can be boring. I was meh towards Star from the Come Here album, and now it's a song I'm pretty fond of, so I reserve judgement on this one...but for now it doesn't stand out at all, lol.

At any rate, I like all the songs, granted, some more than others, but still. That makes me really happy seeing as this will be the last KAT-TUN single we'll be seeing for a long time (provided they keep their promise and re-group at some point). Might also be the last new song we get for a while unless they put a bonus song on the new album (which I am honestly hoping for). They usually put at least one bonus song on the RE version albums, so who knows? If they do, I hope it's a 3-nin song. I' like at least one proper songs with the new group make-up to send us off with, and make it "official" to speak...although I guess the tour DVD will also do that just as well. At any rate, this is it for 4-nin KAT-TUN.'s so depressing saying that, but we have to move on. I'll be going into the next live tour bias-less. Might just stay that way, cause TBH, it's REALLY hard to pick a new favorite from the remaining three, cause I like them all about the same for different reasons. XD
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Got KAT-TUN's Tragedy singles today, and they're on the PV page as well.

Atsuku Nare's PV and making of are hilarious. Kinda makes up for the fact that we got jipped on Tragedy's Making of (the PV's pretty cool though!). Anyways, the Atsuku Nare PV and MO made me laugh enough to forget I still kinda want to punch Taguchi.

Of the songs, Tragedy and Feathers are my favorites, followed by Twilight and Atsuku Nare. I have no idea what they were thinking with Tokyo Starry. Doesn't sound like a KAT-TUN-type of song at all :/ Ah well.


Jan. 21st, 2016 11:45 pm
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Holy crap they are releasing Unlock almost back-to-back with Tragedy, that is nuts. I'm barely keeping up with it all. If NEWS releases their concert DVD anytime soon, I am so screwed. ^^;

Pretty sure they're milking the time 4-nin KAT-TUN has for all it's worth...well, and Kame does have the drama, so maybe the timing of that has something to do with it too (we did get Maru's drama theme song less than a month after the "come Here" album after all). At least we're finally getting "Greatest Journey" (and a PV too, no less). I'm still pretty "meh" with the remaining 4-nin stuff, but I'd be stupid not to at least enjoy any good music they put out there in the meantime. I mean hell, I still listen to 6 and 5-nin songs too.

Actually, if there's one thing that's happened with this whole mess, it's that I've become a lot less emotionally invested in my idol groups. This is both a good and bad thing, but as long as I don't get so distant as to fall out of the fandom, I'm alright.
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A new KAT-TUN release slated for February next year?! It's for the same anime NEWS did the "Yonjuushi" song for too. The title seems apt though, considering what's been going on in fandom lately..."Tragedy".

We're getting a double-PV though, one for "Atsuku Nare" as well, which they sang as an encore song during 9uarter...(it's the theme song for "Going!")

So now I'm REALLY curious...sounds like this'll still be a 4-nin single release? Part of me is kind of conflicted since I can't seem to enjoy anything 4-nin anymore since Taguchi's departure is inevitable (and part of me still hates him and wants nothing to do with him, and that part is winning out over logic right now). The other thing might be recording the "Atsuku Nare" PV as four, but the "Tragedy" PV as three...maybe to help with the "transition"...but I'm guessing as long as Taguchi is still technically "active", he'll be in stuff.

At any rate, all three are pre-ordered...
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Since I'm starting to get more and more pages organized for different fandom's goodies, I've decided to make a sticky masterpost!

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I heard the news. My friend broke it to me this morning before work. I've had all day to deal with it and am still no less pissed.

Taguchi leaving KAT-TUN and JE.

I get it, it's his life and he deserves to be happy...

But holy fuck, I don't get how idols just toss their fans under the bus the way they do. They are LITERALLY still there after all the other bullshit they've had to deal with because of us supporting them.

I've been in this fandom for 5 years...5 fucking years. Started late 2010, and was actually introduced early 2010, so it's almost closer to 6.

I came in during the aftermath of the thing with Akanishi. They were just getting their shit together as 5. Then 2013 rolled around and we lost Koki...and now this.

If this is going to start being a trend with idol groups, I may as well just give up now. What's next, NEWS? They've already lost over half of their group. I just got into Hey Say Jump, but they're how long til this happens with them? They've lost one already.

I'm going to be watching the other 3, and waiting, and hoping...but Taguchi was my bias...THE bias, in ALL of JE. This...this just fucking hurts.

I hope he's happy, and I hope it was worth it for him, but seeing the other members hurt again, after all they've already been through. Taguchi can move on and I wish him well, but I won't support him from here on out. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of seeing Kamenashi shaking and singing with a cracking voice because he was forced AGAIN to deal with the aftermath of someone destroying part of what he's worked so hard to build. Kame was my original bias in KAT-TUN anyways, and I have a ton of respect for him, so if KAT-TUN pulls through, he'll probably reclaim that spot. But I know the members say to, but I can't be happy, not for this, I can't...I'm sad, and pissed.


And once again, I am so, SO happy I have at least one non-Japanese boyband to fall back on, because as much as I get laughed at for still being a Backstreet Boys fan, at least they have their shit together.
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I've been in this fandom for 5 years now. Holy crap. Where has the time gone? This year wasn't so bad for KAT-TUN. While I wish they would have gotten a proper tour, seeing them perform in Tokyo Dome again after so long made me super happy. Next year will hopefully be even better, seeing how it'll be their 10th Anniversary since their debut! I plan on going nuts and getting as much stuff as I can manage/afford from Japan whenever their concert tour starts.

Was planning on getting the PV/concert page completely updated by today, but my job decided otherwise, so I didn't quite make it...but I have all the main things done. Mostly just missing the LE bonus stuff from 9uarter (and I'll probably get those up by the end of the week). I guess it'll make for something to mention once Taguchi's birthday rolls around near the end of the month.

Here's to another great year!
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So...a friend managed to get me into the Hey Say Jump fandom about two weeks ago. Lord help me. The only good thing is that I haven't gone full fangirl over it yet, and really can't afford to (KAT-TUN kills my wallet as it is, and NEWS doesn't help), so I've gotta go a little more casual with that one. Still, I've already managed a bias. Hikaru Yaotome. He is a dork, but good at rapping, plays bass guitar, and is afraid of cats of all things. He's amusing. Anyways, for having a rep as a silly, cutesy group (and good god, they are), they also have some surprisingly badass songs that a Hyphen would (and in my case does) enjoy. Plus, they have TWO rappers within their 9 members, Daiki and Hikaru (and a few other members aren't too shabby if they have to either), and they have a full band. Like seriously, a guitarist (Keito), bassist (Hikaru), keyboard (Inoo), and drummer (Yuto), and they'll play at points during the concerts, and it's AWESOME. So yeah, while KAT-TUN is always gonna be my ichiban, I'm having fun checking these guys out and seeing the unique things they bring into play.

Technically I've gotten back into the Kamen Rider fandom as well. Kinda did with Drive, but that series hit my shit list when it killed off my favorite character (and it was pretty mediocre as it was and I was ONLY watching it for said character), so now I basically hate it.
On the plus side, Kamen Rider Ghost has managed to get my full attention right out the gate! Plus, I don't have to worry about the main character dying, seeing as they kill him off from the get-go (it's a bit of a non-spoiler...he's Kamen Rider GHOST for a reason, this was common knowledge even before ep.1 aired). The main point of the series is for him to collect enough of the series' collectible gimmick items ("Eyecons" this time) to come back to life. Doesn't hurt that Takeru, the main character, is a puppy. His actor's only 17, so that also probably has something to do with it. I've gotten to the point where we're only at ep.5 and I'm already hunting down toys. I managed to get the Ghost Driver, his weapon, one of the secondary Rider's side Eyecons, and I have a few on pre-order I'll hopefully also get. Good thing my paychecks around this time of the year are decent...

Don't think I've forgotten about my other fandoms though. NEWS has a new single coming out on the 25th, "YonJuushi", and I'll be getting the LE for that. I'm SUPER hyped for "ANTHEM", their B-side and also this year's FIFA World Cup song from them. I've heard previews and it's awesome. Their soccer songs always have been though.

...and of course, my main fandom. The big one. KAT-TUN. I have their 9uarter concert DVD. It was awesome. My Hyphen anniversary is in three days, so I plan on finally getting the PV and concert page caught up. I kinda fell behind earlier this year when the computer died and I didn't have one for a few months. I think I'll manage though.

Still here

Apr. 26th, 2015 11:35 pm
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I'm still here! I barely update this thing anymore though...except when KAT-TUN releases stuff, which they did, lol.

I got both Limited Edition versions of the Come Here DVDs. So far I've only watched Yoyogi (the "default"). I'm debating which to watch afterwards. I'm thinking the Osaka Countdown concert. Then I can watch the Tokyo Forum one at my leisure.

Right now though, I've been hella busy. Work's been brutal, though starting to ease up a little. I've also been working on my cosplay on top of that. I'm almost done. Going to be cosplaying Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist for this year's Animazement. Should be fun, but it's REALLY prop heavy ^^; I love my sword! <3 I'm thinking the tail will be fun too once I finish it. It's looking pretty good so far!

I also am currently watching Uta no Prince-sama. It's basically 'boybands, the anime' and it's on it's third season. It's kinda silly, but it has some great seiyuu and songs. At least it's something fun to watch since Bouei-bu is over.

Anyways, probably won't remember to post here again til Animazement, and I do my big post-con report. I am REALLY looking forward to it. ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D will be there!!! Here's hoping they play "In My World"!
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So, I did NOT know about the imagine my surprise when I pulled THREE of them out of my freaking package...and unlike the Kusabi and In Fact ones, they managed to arrive unscathed. OMG.

On that note, since I have my copies, that means my PV page has been updated. I have both PVs done, and the DoA making of should be up shortly.

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