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Since I'm starting to get more and more pages organized for different fandom's goodies, I've decided to make a sticky masterpost!

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Welcome! If you're a Hyphen looking for all things KAT-TUN, consider yourself lucky...you've hit the proverbial jackpot!...at least where PVs and concerts are concerned.

Originally this started off as a celebration of Taguchi's 27th birthday, as well as my 2nd Hyphen anniversary. Hard to believe all the crap we've been through since then. I currently still have plans to stick around in this fandom, despite my bias leaving.
Anyways, this as an archive for all KAT-TUN concerts and PVs ever released on DVD. It took me three years from when I started, but I succeeded in tracking down every last one of them (minus Katsu Mode because Japan-only lotteries suck, although I have a rip), and have been keeping up to date with the new releases since then. Generally, I'll add new stuff within a week of it being released in Japan (only because it takes a few days to get shipped here), but sometimes it might get delayed due to IRL getting in the way. I'll get it up eventually, lol.

Click for the good stuff! )

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