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Since I'm starting to get more and more pages organized for different fandom's goodies, I've decided to make a sticky masterpost!

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I've been in this fandom for 5 years now. Holy crap. Where has the time gone? This year wasn't so bad for KAT-TUN. While I wish they would have gotten a proper tour, seeing them perform in Tokyo Dome again after so long made me super happy. Next year will hopefully be even better, seeing how it'll be their 10th Anniversary since their debut! I plan on going nuts and getting as much stuff as I can manage/afford from Japan whenever their concert tour starts.

Was planning on getting the PV/concert page completely updated by today, but my job decided otherwise, so I didn't quite make it...but I have all the main things done. Mostly just missing the LE bonus stuff from 9uarter (and I'll probably get those up by the end of the week). I guess it'll make for something to mention once Taguchi's birthday rolls around near the end of the month.

Here's to another great year!
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Welcome! If you're a Hyphen looking for all things KAT-TUN, consider yourself lucky...you've hit the proverbial jackpot!...at least where PVs and concerts are concerned.

Originally this started off as a celebration of Taguchi's 27th birthday, as well as my 2nd Hyphen anniversary. Hard to believe all the crap we've been through since then. I currently still have plans to stick around in this fandom, despite my bias leaving.
Anyways, this as an archive for all KAT-TUN concerts and PVs ever released on DVD. It took me three years from when I started, but I succeeded in tracking down every last one of them (minus Katsu Mode because Japan-only lotteries suck, although I have a rip), and have been keeping up to date with the new releases since then. Generally, I'll add new stuff within a week of it being released in Japan (only because it takes a few days to get shipped here), but sometimes it might get delayed due to IRL getting in the way. I'll get it up eventually, lol.

Click for the good stuff! )

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