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Finally making a public post for these :P

Anyways, I managed to get a hold of the first and third of the Kiva Live shows, and wanted to share them, since they're rather awesome.
Keep in mind though, these are RAW. If I could translate them, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but sadly, my Japanese is extremely limited. I enjoyed them anyways, if only because the cast's antics are amusing, not to mention the Stage Show with the Riders is fun to watch.
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If you'd like to link these elsewhere, feel free to do so (preferably, just link back to this journal entry). Hope you all enjoy these. Comments are appreciated, but not necessary.
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OK, so Nashi-con is over, and I finally have time to post my take on everything that happened. All in all, it was exhausting but a lot of fun!
Nashi-con list of awesome and stuff )

Post-con staff dinner at Tsubaki was a ton of fun. My voice was still a bit rough, but I still managed to sing ok. I was nervous, cause I usually don't sing in front of others very often. I got to sing Safety Dance, Mezase Pokemon Master, Karma (as a trio), jumped in during Climax Jump, Shinkenger's opening, and Bitch, sang a duet during Man of Constant Sorrow, and my last song was Bleeding Love (should have done it first, before I tore my voice up from the low songs ^^; )
The guys singing Tricky was really fun to listen to, we got rickrolled, and they played some of the most random stuff. Also got to eat Takoyaki for the first time, it was really good. Probably forgetting some stuff too, I was tired and there was so much stuff going on. It was so, SO much fun and I'm glad I finally got to go. I love karaoke.
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I guess the tracking on the package was a bit slow. Guess what my mom plopped on my bed this morning?

Kivatte Iku ze!
Told you I'd wind up acting like a huge dork when I got him (and yes, I am rockin' my PJs) :P

He's ADORABLE, seriously. He's also sounds just like he does on the show, though sometimes the voice box makes the words sound a little funny. Doesn't matter, cause I can't understand half of what he says anyways :P There is a list of all the phrases in the instructions. Had some fun while I had him out in the living room, and my mom and brothers were trying to repeat what he was saying and failing miserably. They understood "Wake up!" at least :P

The only downside to this little guy is his wiring seems very touchy...if you bend it the wrong way he'll stop working. Scared the crap out of me earlier, cause I thought I might have broke him ^^; I've got the voice box and wire positioned in a good spot now though, and he works just fine. I'm used to stuff like that, my computer speakers are the same way.

Still don't know where I'm gonna put him, and I don't want him to get dog and cat hair all over, so I'm currently keeping him in his box. He has some loops on his back that I might be able to rig to some string, and hang him somewhere, but I'd have to do it so I could detach it easily...maybe some clips might work. Anyways, I'll try and bring him along to a Nashi meeting at some point, my buddies will probably be interested in seeing him. I'd still like to see Zip's Kivat plushie too :D
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I haven't updated in a while, there hasn't been a lot to mention. It's been pretty boring the past two days, cause the weather has been full of suck, so I haven't gone outside much. Been amusing myself by watching various videos and things on the computer.

I've finished the Den-O related stuff, finally. Well, at least the main series. Finished watching the third movie. As always, the plot makes little sense and kinda sucks, but I was ignoring it for the most part. I've learned to do that with Den-O stuff now. I just enjoyed the Imagin being 'tards, Ryu and Deneb being adorable, and the "Hey look, we're gonna throw all the Den-O forms in at once!" final battle...which I have to admit was fun to watch. There's still that Cho Den-O stuff, but I'm not gonna bother with it just yet. They're just milking the series at this point, kinda makes me feel bad for it.

I also finished re-watching Kiva again a while back, that was fun. It's actually interesting to see how opinions of certain things change once you've seen it the first time, like how I like the ending now, or that Bishop isn't quite as creepy as the first time (though still pretty creepy). Now that I've finished that and Den-O, I'll be moving on to Double.

I found out my older brother, Justin, will be coming over to visit next Friday, and he'll be staying for a week. I'm pretty excited. Me and him tend to get along really well because we share a lot of similar interests...mainly video games, but he'll sometimes watch anime too. He's the one that got me into my first RPGs and anime. I'll be trying to get him to watch Kiva, dunno if he'll like it of not though. At the very least, I'm hoping he'll come with me to my Nashi club meeting. He likes fighting games, he'd probably like the game room. I just hope he won't think he's too old for it (he's 28) :P I'll just tell him it's at the college campus...then it won't seem so bad...age doesn't really matter where anime and game fandoms are involved anyways.
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So yeah, I got around to watching the net movies. OMG...that was the most crack-tastic thing I have EVER seen from this series. It was EPIC. They were basically short episodes made to promote the movie, but they were absolutely hilarious. Wataru's magic show, Hell's Old Maid with the Arm's Monsters, Otoya's ideas for redesigning the cafe, Nago generally being made fun of, and the last bit where Shizuka beats the crap out of everyone...then you find out it was all a dream, lol. Favorites were the first and second parts. The first for Wataru's silly outfit and seeing Shiramine (movie character played by Taiga's actor) having washtubs randomly falling on his head. OH, and Wataru making the motorcycle appear was cool, only cause I really like that thing. Second one was great because it had the Arms Monsters in it...Dogga has the best poker face EVER. Oh, and Jiro in the cafe's doghouse when he loses. XD The canon stuff is usually pretty serious (well, except when Otoya's involved), so I bet the show's actors probably had a lot of fun with those, since there were a few things out of character :P

I watched the DVD Adventure Battle thing too, basically one of those little DVD mini-games. The viewer is supposed to take the role as Kiva. It was made to entertain little kids, so I wasn't expecting a lot from it, besides watching IXAcise subbed. IXAcise is even better when you know what's being said. Besides that, it's mostly Wataru being cute, Otoya being...well, Otoya, and Nago acting like a dork, and Wataru and Kivat give a quick lesson on Kiva's abilities and forms. At the end you get an option to see the DoGaBaKi Emperor Form, which actually looks kinda stupid, so I'm glad they never use it in the actual show :P

I think now I have officially finished everything there is to see for Kiva at least once, that I know I can download anyways. Considering there's still episodes to re-watch though, I'm not done with it. I do need to start looking into tracking down Double's episodes though, that way I'll have them whenever I feel like watching them.

Kiva Movie

Mar. 7th, 2010 07:50 pm
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Watched King of Hell's Castle today, Director's cut of course. Kinda weird cause I had to keep in mind it's a separate continuity from the show. I didn't mind though, it was actually kinda cool cause they got to do things they couldn't pull off normally. The movie was nearly everything I love about the show all rolled into an hour and a half of AWESOME. So needless to say I was extremely happy with it.

The movie babble in detail )

I'm still in the process of re-watching the Kiva episodes too. I think I'm up to around episode 24 again. I watched the movie when the ads for it started popping up at the end of the episodes. Break time now, then I'll probably jump back in later tonight. I've also decided that if I ever get the chance, I'm gonna show Kiva to my older brother, cause we have similar tastes. He'd probably like it once he got used to the fact that it's live action. I'd send the episodes to him, but he's a twit and probably wouldn't watch them at first unless I made him :P He's worse than I am sometimes ^^;

Oh, and I got to order my Kivat plushie tonight, but it won't go through til at least Tuesday. Ah well. I picked the more expensive shipping, it should get here around the end of the month.
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Yeah, it's been a while coming. I was in the mood to watch it today. Not sure if it's gonna be good or not, I'll find out.

Climax Deka babble )

Ok, I'm gonna go do other stuff now...
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It's a Kivat plushie... and it TALKS, and it's ON SALE! Oh lord, I waaaant iiiiit...

It's so damn cute...and it would save me the hassle of making my own, which would be nowhere near as badass as this one...

I must plot on how I can obtain this...
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I'm trying to stay busy today to help counter the drowsiness of the medication I'm taking ^^; SO, I needed to take pics today anyways, I decided to have some fun doing random crap after I got done with the important stuff.

Tiger, my cat, tends to not get his picture taken much, so I thought it'd be cute to get some new ones. He loves books, so I laid my biggest one out, and he was content enough to sit on it while I took pics.

Kitty pictures and randomness )

Let's see, what else. I've been playing around with my HD Kiva videos, re-watching them and taking screenshots of scenes I like as I go. Taking them directly from the player is a royal pain, but they come out better than they would if I used Movie Maker...and I don't even know if MM can handle that file type anyways. Right now I just take shots that look cool, I'll probably decide if I can use them for icons later.
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Ok, so I did actually watch one of my shows today >.>; Well, I only re-watched the first episode of Kiva, because I hadn't tested out the HD episodes fully. Oh man, I can't wait til they release the rest of those. The resolution is so big, it goes the entire width of my screen (default is 1280x1024), actually might be slightly bigger, and it looks better than the initial release episodes...they look badass. Only downside is if I shrink the player, they have a habit of popping back to full size at points, but that's minor.

A bit later I was gonna go listen to the Kiva music (it's been on heavy roration on the MP3 player and computer both, I <3 it), and I remembered I hadn't seen the entire Holy Fang show yet. It's mostly music, so I figured I'd watch that, listen to music and get that done at the same time. I REALLY wish someone would sub it, because they also had talk sessions and I couldn't understand anything X.X Well, most anything, I can only pick up a few things here and there. It was great seeing everyone out of character, especially Bishop's actor (who's character is creepy as hell, but he's actually pretty funny), and Kivat's seiyuu with his little Kivat toy XD

Anyways, my top three favorite segments were probably the cast version of Circle of Life, Ixa-cise, and the cast version of Break the Chain where they're all just messing around by the end and having fun. The clips and commentary are under the cut.
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Sleep time now.


Feb. 21st, 2010 05:21 am
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Played Pokemon while my brother was on the computer. Didn't get a lot done on it. I have to go through Victory Road to get to the Elite 4, and I loathe that part...so I'm stalling ^^;

I found a TOOOON of Kiva stuff online today. I found the Live Christmas show *does happy dance* I'll watch that later. Then, I got horribly side-tracked when I found a crapload of magazine scans too...so many great pictures to download *-* I love how Kiva still has this knack for stealing away my attention :P (I'd probably make a joke like "It haz eated my soul"...but given the series, that would be a horrible, HORRIBLE pun XD). I also downloaded Climax Deka before I forgot about it, cause it's part Kiva related, and I'll be watching it eventually anyways, once I finish Den-O. I'm really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately...speaking of Den-O, while I was rearranging my video folders, I kinda accidentally deleted my Den-O folder >.>; Ooops... So I have to re-download the episodes ^^; Luckily, I only had downloaded up to what I was watching, so it won't be too hard to backtrack and just re-download the old ones when I get time. For now I'll just skip that and download the ones I still need to watch.

Anyways, I guess I should get started on downloading again... I can listen to music in the meantime. I actually took the time to read the Japanese titles on some of the Kiva songs in the box set, and realized two of them were Kivat songs! So that makes 4 altogether...I love his songs, they're adorable, even if I can't really understand them (I'm pretty sure in one he's singing about the bath, lol). It still saddens me that I haven't found lyrics for them.
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Today's the day I finish watching Kamen Rider Kiva. I can't believe I'll have managed to get through a 48 episode series in only...what, 3-4 days? Yeeeeaaah... well, I wanted to finish it before next Nashi meeting. Still, it's a bit sad that it'll be over so soon, kinda regretting rushing through this just a little (not that I don't have like...three other series after this). Anyways, time for the final 4 episodes. I'll be doing like yesterday, and write a little bit after I watch each episode.
Thoughts on episodes, ending, and series in general )

Alrighty, well...I think that's about it for that series. Gonna wait a few days before starting Den-O. Probably start downloading a few episodes after Thursday's Nashi meeting, then start watching a few on Friday. Might take that series just a little slower considering I blazed through this one. Also will try not to flood the LJ with too many Kamen Rider posts...Kiva was special...it's the first sentai-ish thing I've watched in a loooong, long time, and on top of actually finishing it, I actually LIKED it, so it deserved some special attention.
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Doing things slightly different, gonna write a little about each episode as I watch them...helps me remember things better that way. This covers episodes 37-44
Gonna put things in a cut...this might get long... )
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Today's Chinese New Year, which oddly enough, falls on Valentine's Day as well. Anyways, normally I don't really care that much about Chinese New Year, but seeing as how I was born on a Tiger year, I feel inclined to post something :P

I'm still chugging along through Kamen Rider Kiva, but I hit my download limit eariler, and am just now able to start downloading again. Got up to episode 26. Current opinion on the story is "OH SNAP!". There's some sort of Den-O related ad at the end of the Kiva episodes that are pretty amusing. Unfortunately, I won't be watching Den-O til I finish this series first, for the sake of not completely confusing myself. On a side note, only downside to watching episodes back to back is the theme song tends to get stuck in my head x.x

Anyways, episode 27 is done, so it's off to watch!

Edit: Mon. 1:05am - Why does the Rider I think looks the coolest have to be the bad guy?! NUUUU~! That sucks! Episode 35 was pretty cool, random awesome power-ups FTW. On to episode 36, then time for bed.
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Yep, I've been watching them back to back since I've gotten a good chunk of them downloaded. Took a while to really start to get into it (I think these kinds of shows are kinda an acquired taste), but I'm honestly interested in it and enjoying it now. Only downside is I'm watching them so fast, I'm up to nearly the halfway mark and still have trouble remembering character names. I recognize important characters by face anyways.

I barely managed to make it through the first few episodes. The one thing that kept me going is that Wataru is all sorts of adorable. Seriously. You just wanna huggle him. The bat thing amuses me too. Otoya makes me facepalm... a LOT (and the way he moves reminds me of Gin from BuriMyu). The dual storylines were confusing at first, but I've gotten used to it for the most part. At least it's easy to tell when the focus switches. I know several spoilers, but kinda forgot a lot of them, probably good since they were making things more confusing. For now I just go along on the stuff they tell in episodes...makes it easier.

Episodes 19 and 20...so wrong, yet so amusing...poor Wataru ^^; I am officially at the point of no return, cause I've managed to get hooked by the plot. I don't even make fun of the absolutely horrid battle special-effects...as much XD

Looks like I'll easily have this series done by next Nashi meeting, that's good. Anyways, I must resist the urge to stay up all night watching this show and go to sleep... there'll be plenty of time tomorrow XD

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