May. 11th, 2010 08:16 pm
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So, today I had to check out the usual webcomics, and decided to check out the manga releases as well. Turns out FMA was released. OMG, this chapter was EPIC...on so many levels. I won't spoil anything though. It does leave me looking forward to the final chapter...since this was the next to last one. Kinda hard to think the series is finally ending.

Another manga I casually follow, Kurohime, managed to surprise me. Not only was there ONE HELL of a plot twist, but it ends on a cliffhanger with the end of the volume. It's actually sparked my interest in this manga again...for now. Here's hoping the plot can keep on course, the plot tends to shift so often it's getting hard to keep track of things anymore.

Anyways, gonna try and fit in some episodes of Shinkenger. I really do need to finish that off so I can start on some other shows ^^;
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Haven't been doing a whole lot. Still making sure the pups are doing alright, and keeping watch at night if they happen to need any help (with Daisy being a doofus, it happens rather frequently). Kinda sleep deprived, but I'm managing. It's sad that sleeping on the air mattress on the living room floor is more comfy than my own bed *sighs* My bed mattress sucks.

Anyways, Daisy is starting to get used to doing the whole mothering thing again, which makes my job easier. At least I can pop online to do stuff. I kinda felt bad, because we took the pups to the vet to get their dewclaws removed, which was painful for them. Plus Daisy was stressed at home from them being gone. She had crumpled up all the blankets in her box by the time we got back. I was glad when I got to set the puppy basket in front of her so she knew they were ok (then went to straighten out the box before putting them back).

Been playing Pokemon SoulSilver a lot since I can take it with me around the house. Got the third badge, and partway to the city with the fourth. Remembered about the PokeWalker and fired that up today too. It's kinda fun to mess with, but a pain in the ass to earn steps and watts when I don't have anywhere to really walk. I've gotten in the habit of holding it in my toes and bobbing my foot around as I play. It actually works pretty well.

Caught up on my manga. FMA was epic, and makes me hate the fact that it's monthly, because it's a long time to wait between the awesome chapters. Nearly forgot about Ouran Host Club, but I remembered to check it. As always, it's full of drama and silliness. Naruto was interesting enough, though they're using a really cliche plot device, and it's yet another Naruto does training thing. He'd better be able to control that damn fox after all this. Bleach was mostly Captain God-mode babbling about stuff due to his inability to STFU. Least there was an amusing scene with Ichigo and Isshin. If having those two on the battlefield wasn't awesome enough, Urahara's finally jumped in as well. Hell yes. I am praying Kubo eventually makes this a kickass battle, he's been disappointing us lately. Hasn't really been a battle that's made me go "Holy crap! THAT WAS EPIC!" since Hollow Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra.

Now, it is time I attempt to go to sleep...which I've been planning to do since two hours ago, but every time I try I wind up having to tend to a whining puppy. They tend to blindly wander the box and get separated, and Daisy can't group them back together, so that falls on me ^^; Plus there's one that just seems to squeak for no apparent reason...I think it might be trying to bark. Anyways, g'night!
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Changed the default icon again, the Bleach one's been there a while. I had wanted to add a Hetalia icon when I started watching it, but it took me ages to pick a character. Finally settled on Canada, seems to suit me well enough. Plus he's all sorts of adorable with his little polar bear <3

Today has been Burimyu, manga, games, more anime...Thursdays are good days for me, and tonight was an especially good Thursday. Started it off with re-downloading some BuriMyu. Got two of them done so far. Read Bleach and Naruto while I was doing that as well. This week's Bleach chapter was better than last week's, which was just downright pointless. Naruto...not much to say about's all Sasuke again, they ought to just change the damn manga's name at this rate. Oh, D. Gray-man was out too, which is rarer since it's gone monthly. They're doing Kanda's backstory, it's interesting. I kinda like the longer chapters the monthly format allows, but the wait in-between can really suck sometimes ^^; I'm keeping my eyes peeled for new FMA. Towards the afternoon I watched the 8th Pokemon movie (it's still my favorite), then played DS a little before it was time to get ready for Nashi club.

Nashi club meeting was fun. Got there a little late, but still caught most of Rookies. That show is so damn awesome. Kawato is a doofus, but that's why it's so much fun to watch. I'm still spending my time during Needless in the game room. I kinda jokingly chewed out...(ah, forgetting names again x.x)...Perry? the game room when DMC4 came up. I have a kinda odd sense of humor, I hope he realized I wasn't really serious. I keep forgetting people in the club still don't know me all that well to pick certain things up from me. I'm still too used to talking with my friends from up north, they know me and my little quirks and ways of speaking. Well, guess it's good I'm starting to at least open up a little more, least I'm not afraid to talk with everyone like I was last semester when I first joined. I just hope I don't give someone the wrong idea and accidently piss them off...I can do that sometimes ^^; On the flip side, it's hard to tell cause I don't know everyone very well either. I didn't get to say bye to most people in the game room cause they left during Genshiken. I think they were gonna go get sushi. Hope they had fun.

Anyways, sleep time now.

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