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So, I've been busy re-packing everything again. Last month I moved to Texas, and this month it's off to Ohio. My dad was fired from his job (seriously, what kind of heartless bitch fires a guy less than 30 days after his wife's death? I was pissed). So yeah, my dad's got no job, and he only moved down here to try and help my mom (which didn't help in the end), and I only moved down here so he wouldn't be alone in the middle of nowhere cause my brother who was living here couldn't hack it and bailed.

So yeah, life has been pretty shitty as of late.

Once we get up where we're going, we'll be staying at my aunt's while we can get back on our feet. I haven't decided what exactly I'll be doing besides the inevitable "get a job ASAP" cause I will be flat-ass broke. I didn't manage to find a job here in Texas within the month I was here, so I didn't manage to make any money at all x_x I do not like not having any money. Besides the obvious reasons of needing it to live, if any KAT-TUN released come out in the next two months, I am screwed. I'm hoping they'll be too busy with the tour to release anything, but you never know.

But yeah. I know my friends want to see me back in SC, and I'd love to live nearby again, but I think it might just be time to settle down for a bit, get my shit together, build up a nest egg, and properly prepare. We have family in Ohio (and in PA as well), so I won't have to worry about leaving my dad behind then.

But yeah, the plan is to pack the truck tomorrow, move out on Tuesday morning, and we'll hopefully arrive sometime Wednesday night. We'll have to unpack everything on Thursday. I won't have internet for the immediate future, because my aunt doesn't have it, so we have to figure something out.

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Jul. 13th, 2014 04:11 pm
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So, I've finally got my computer set back up after a rather grueling move to Texas. I was originally in South Carolina, close to the North Carolina border, so the trip was nothing to scoff at. Took two days. We arrived Tuesday night, I unpacked through Wed. and Thurs, and have been doing various things around the house as of the last few days. Today I finally got around to setting up my desktop. I was using a notebook the past two days to check FB and stuff, but this is my main computer.

So, why is this important, you may wonder? Well, I also finally got a hold of my "come Here" KAT-TUN album I've been waiting for. With the main computer up and running, I'll hopefully have it up soon...ish. Depends on how fast my encoding program decides to take.

In the meantime, I should probably finish setting up my room. Bookshelves and whatnot need filled ^^; There's also the KAT-TUN and NEWS shelves to attend to...

I also need to start looking for a new job. My boyband stuff won't pay for itself, plus money for, you know, other important things :P Luckily, it seems I won't have to worry about new KAT-TUN or NEWS stuff for a few more months. I have a little I've stashed away for KAT-TUN concert goods, but that's it.

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