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So, I did NOT know about the posters...so imagine my surprise when I pulled THREE of them out of my freaking package...and unlike the Kusabi and In Fact ones, they managed to arrive unscathed. OMG.

On that note, since I have my copies, that means my PV page has been updated. I have both PVs done, and the DoA making of should be up shortly.

Meh >.>

Jun. 15th, 2012 03:27 pm
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Well, for all my ranting about it, I gave in and managed to find a place that was taking pre-orders for KAT-TUN's Special Limited Edition of TO THE LIMIT, and have gotten things arranged with them.

*sighs* While I'm still not happy with how JE did this release, as long as they don't make this a regular thing, I'll forgive them this once. However, they start pulling this BS again, and I really will have to re-think my whole "buy all the new releases" thing from here on out. It's bad enough that I have to deal with this kind of crap in the Tokusatsu fandom, because Bandai does this kind of things with their toys. "Oh, that really cool figurine? Yeah, you want that? Too bad", and I've just said "Then f*** 'em, they don't deserve my money". I don't want to have to do that with KAT-TUN, but I can't afford having to shell out an extra $40 every time they have a new release, just because I can't combine the order on CD Japan and reduce the shipping costs. I'm willing to buy three versions at once on CD Japan though, that's not an issue, since reduced shipping for combined orders goes a long way to reducing the price for us foreign fans.

I suppose I should at least be glad that I never have to pay customs charges on those kinds of things here in the US at least, and shipping to NA is slightly cheaper than shipping to Europe. I know some fans have to deal with that on top of everything else.

I still think this release is still gonna leave a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth for a while though.


Jun. 10th, 2012 09:55 am
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So, on top of managing to pre-order both versions of KAT-TUN's new single, "TO the Limit", which I actually did a few days after they announced it...I managed to snag one of the CDs I've been hunting down for half the price I usually see it for.

I bought the "CHANGE UR WORLD" Limited Edition! FINALLY!

I am so happy~ It was the first single that came out after I joined the fandom, it's what got me hooked on not only KAT-TUN, but 5-man KAT-TUN...before I even could remember all their names, LOL (seriously, I had to look them up to even figure out who was missing). Man, it's going to be so nice having the PV on DVD...the quality of the rips that are still around have been rather lacking. Then again, I'm kind of a quality whore :P Nothing beats watching it straight off the DVD.

Of course, the shipping was free (registered airmail), so it'll take a while. It'll probably get her after my copies of "To the Limit" (which are coming EMS, because like hell am I waiting a month to get THOSE, LOL!). Either way, the end of this month shall be full of KAT-TUN goodness.
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I came to the realization I haven't done my post-series music hunt for Den-O. Am currently in the process now. I figured I was gonna get Climax Jump, since it'd catchy and I tend to like AAA's stuff (I have several other songs by them). I haven't gotten to hear a lot of the other songs from the series yet though, outside of the episodes in the background where you can't hear them very well. I like new music, it's always fun to see which songs you end up liking the best.

Have been feeling rather out of it today, kinda blah. It's taken a good amount of effort not to just go lay down all afternoon, but I found stuff to do. Like cleaning the kitchen, and playing outside with the dogs...things like that. At least, as long as things don't get worse, I'll be able to go to my Nashi meetings this week. Coolbeans. I still do need to track down last week's Rookies episode too, I nearly forgot.

Did some screenshotting for Kiva again. There's a rather amusing Kivat one I hope I can work into an icon. I dunno if I'll leave it blank or caption it. My captions tend to suck, but my blank icons are kinda boring...*sighs* I need to learn to mess around with the Photoshop brushes and filters more often. Speaking of which...I realized I don't have any of my brushes anymore X.X I'll have to re-download all of them...least I know where they are.

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