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I am gonna be so glad when Nashi-con is over. I love it, but OMG, crunch time SUCKS. I still have a few things left to do for the dance. At least the PVs are all edited, but I still have to arrange the songs. I have to make sure the double-play artists are separated well enough too. Since STAR RIDER kicks off the dance, it'll be easier for KAT-TUN stuff, but I still want to sneak FINALE into the first hour, so Lock On probably won't get played til the middle of the second hour.

Then there's the KAT-TUN panel. OMG, I haven't even started on it x.x I wanted to try and find clips from the newer shows, but I haven't had the chance. Not to mention the newest solo videos of anything are still relatively old...poor Junno's is from 2010. Maru's is the most recent, since it's Step by Step. Koki...I'll probably have to use his One on One performance from the NMP concert. I can't play any of his newer songs...because Koki's songs are not PG. XD Ueda...I have no idea what I'm doing for him. Kame...I might just play the clip from NMP of Lost my Way, and then let the Nakamaru Clinic play XD Not much singing, but the skit's pretty funny, and I can play the one from the Taiwan concert too. But yeah, the panel is on April 1st, so any clips I can find of them trolling each other would be great. I just wish I had more than an hour for this thing x.x
Oh yeah, I suppose as trivia I can add that the kanji for "Nashi" (Asian pear) that we use for Nashi-con is the same kanji that's in "Kamenashi".

The dance costume, which at this point will be my only costume for Nashi-con probably, is coming along...I suppose. I still haven't quite gotten the color I want for the kimono though. I'll mess with the dyes more tomorrow. I need it to be a lot darker of a purple than it currently is now though. I might need to throw in some blue, or even black, since it's tie-dyed. It's supposed to look like the Milky Way, since it'll have a star theme, just like the dance (also part of the reason I'm kicking off the dance with Star Rider). I also need to finish the inner part of the outfit, since the kimono I'm working on now is just the outer part.
This whole costume, funny enough, came about when I saw Kame's costume during his Kizuna performance from one of the earlier concerts (2006 maybe?). It was this purple and silver sparkly-sequined kimono-esque thing, and I thought it was so pretty. Eventually I thought doing a similar long-sleeved kimono dance outfit would be fun. I decided to make it space-themed because I like stars, plus I would have an excuse to make it silver and purple and covered in glitter.

Anyways, that's enough about what I've been up to at any rate. I'm thinking I'm getting a little overwhelmed, mentally, from all this stuff...so tomorrow I'll take a two or so hour break to watch a few episodes of Kamen Rider. I've been meaning to re-watch Kuuga, and I think it'll be a good stress relief.
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Experimenting with cross-posting from LJ to Facebook! That way I can update both at once, although I still have to check them separately.

Anyways, hurray for new Bleach chapter! It has more new Burimyu updates. They're adding Kyouraku and Ukitake to the character line-up, and two original characters for whatever they end up doing. The chapter itself was okay. Ichigo isn't completely helpless now, but was told not to overdo things...with Orihime getting attacked I have a feeling he will ignore this in typical Ichigo fashion XD At least Chad's there to possibly bail them out if needed. I'm looking forward to when Ichigo gets his shinigami powers back, but that probably won't be til the end of the story arc.

As for other things...well, there's a whole lot of Nashi-con stuff I still need to do. I should go and battle with the sewing machine and get that functioning properly soon. I'm gonna need it. At least the most time-consuming thing is well underway, because if it wasn't, I'd be kinda screwed ^^; There's also things I need to finish for the con events too though, so I'm hoping to finish the cosplay stuff a week before the con.
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So, it's the middle of January already, and I realized I'm procrastinating horribly on anything cosplay related again. This is not helped by the fact that the last time I tried to use my sewing machine it just refused to work properly. I still have a bunch of repairs to make, props to remake, and I'd like to get at least one more cosplay finished before Nashi-con.

I know which ones I'd LIKE to do, but I'm torn on which one to focus on first. There are two from Kamen Rider Kiva. For the group cosplay, I agreed to do Taiga, but seeing as how that doesn't look like it's gonna happen for Nashi-con, I'd love to cosplay Wataru instead. Seeing as how I just spent $60 ordering a Kiva belt as well, and he's my favorite Kamen Rider character ever, I'm really leaning towards that instead.

Ichigo's going to be at Nashi-con for sure, though I'd like to fix that annoying collar on the inner coat. Kharg's outfit is pretty good where the cloth pieces are concerned, but a lot of the props need repaired or remade badly. He won't be wearable otherwise. Mew might make an appearance, but I like to limit it because it's getting beat up. I wasn't going to wear it at all, but it kinda IS my signature Nashi-con cosplay, and a lot of people recognize me by it there.

Anyways, sleeptime.
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OK, so Nashi-con is over, and I finally have time to post my take on everything that happened. All in all, it was exhausting but a lot of fun!
Nashi-con list of awesome and stuff )

Post-con staff dinner at Tsubaki was a ton of fun. My voice was still a bit rough, but I still managed to sing ok. I was nervous, cause I usually don't sing in front of others very often. I got to sing Safety Dance, Mezase Pokemon Master, Karma (as a trio), jumped in during Climax Jump, Shinkenger's opening, and Bitch, sang a duet during Man of Constant Sorrow, and my last song was Bleeding Love (should have done it first, before I tore my voice up from the low songs ^^; )
The guys singing Tricky was really fun to listen to, we got rickrolled, and they played some of the most random stuff. Also got to eat Takoyaki for the first time, it was really good. Probably forgetting some stuff too, I was tired and there was so much stuff going on. It was so, SO much fun and I'm glad I finally got to go. I love karaoke.
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ZOMG! Nashi-con in three days!

Ok, finished the last few things I needed to do for my cosplay stuff. Mew shirt has been fixed with its proper thread. Glue gun was found, and now my waraji sandals have some anti-slip measures in place (I'm so glad the hot glue seems to be working well). [livejournal.com profile] artikgato should have my commission done today. All is well.

Today and tomorrow I'll be helping with food prep, and then this weekend is the con. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping the game room doesn't have too much drama (and BO issues >.>; ), but I'll have fun getting to see all the games, gamers, and random people passing through.

Which cosplays I wear at which times Saturday will depend on how long I feel like wearing my shinigami uniform. I'll probably switch to Mew if it hits 8 or 9pm regardless, cause I'm plotting on possibly wearing it to the dance. Sunday's cosplay will depend on the status and comfort of the costumes after Saturday, but I'd like to stick with the shinigami uniform if I can. Might combine them for OTAKU, since it's the perfect time for random crack. (ShinigaMew! XD)

Anyways, I need to get going. Gonna be a busy day today.


Apr. 8th, 2010 05:53 am
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So my birthday was fun! Got to go eats homemade spagetti with my Nashi friends, play Para Para Paradise for the first time, and traded Pokemon. PLUS, at the meeting I got my Nashi-con schedule rearranged, and I am ecstatic about that. Instead of registration, I'll get to work the game rooms. Plus it'll be fun doubling as a Nashi-con RPG boss...something I couldn't have done being on Registration. Sunday, they don't have me scheduled for anything now. I'll be "on call" so to speak...just doing things where they need me. I'm just glad I won't be cooped up in the back room all day, and I'll get a chance to see OTAKU.

Cosplay-wise, I also got my tabi socks for my sandals in the mail. They're pretty comfy. Still not sure if my waraji sandals will survive the entire day, but I really am not in the mood to make that second pair. The weaving kills my arms, and it's generally a royal pain in the ass. I tend to make my things able to withstand beatings anyways, the pair I have should be alright. The Mew costume has also been washed. That just leaves doing some repair work on the shirt, and it'll be set.

Was gonna watch more of Shinkenger, but then I found the entire manga of Buso Renkin online. I never got to read the whole manga before, so I'm curious to see how it differs from the anime. It's a good series anyways, so it'll be worth re-reading. Pity not many people have watched/read it. I guess when you have a choice between the manga-ka's other works, Rurouni Kenshin overshadows it by a lot :P
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Driving Columbia alone for the first time during daylight. Tolerable. Driving Columbia at night, for the first time, alone, in a car that doesn't want to cooperate...holy crap. That was rather scary. I got home in one piece though, that's the good thing. Tonight's meeting was pretty short, but I ended up chatting with people afterwards, so by the time I left it was dark. Probably just as well, driving at night is better than driving with the setting sun glaring right at you.

Got my schedule for where I'll be working during Nashi-con. It's definitely making me rethink my cosplay plans. I was gonna wear my shinigami costume all of Saturday, save for the dance, but I might switch to Mew for working in the game room. Seems rather appropriate. Dunno what I'm gonna do Sunday. Doesn't seem like there's much of a point in cosplaying that day, but I might still wear Mew, like I originally planned. I also need to figure out what I'm gonna wear during the dance. Probably just regular street clothes for that, so it won't get in the way. I can wear my Nashi-con staff t-shirt then :P Glowsticks too, provided the ballroom will be dark enough for them.

Still sad I'll miss OTAKU both days, that's usually the best part of Nashi-con. I hope someone manages to record one of them. I'll at least get to play the practice game at the club this week. I'll probably miss the cosplay contest too, but that's usually got pictures and things. I just hope I have enough time during my breaks to find some of the people I met last year. I'll let them know what times I'll be working the game room so they can swing by and say hi.

Anyways, gonna go watch more Shinkenger.
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First off, will just mention I finally got around to finishing Digimon Savers, finally. So ends me catching up on Digimon series...for now.
I saw a tiny bit of the dub on YouTube (to check out Mararu's dub voice, by Quinton Flynn), and died a little inside when I heard Falcomon's voice...it's horrible. I'm so glad I watched it in Japanese.

Anyways, there a few videos from Nashi-con on YouTube that have me in them, doing random things, along with various other people from the con. The first has an interview with me and the Guilmon cosplayer, whom I wound up spending a good chunk of the day hanging out with.

The videos taken by the Guilmon cosplayer. Wath me fail at Para Para dancing :P


Apr. 11th, 2009 10:27 pm
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Oh man, did I have fun today. Pity I lost my con booklet, but I remember what I did pretty well.

Got there a little late in the morning, so I missed opening ceremonies. I did, however, get to the Kingdom Hearts panel in time. There was trivia at the end. I lost in sudden death, but ended up winning 5 heart-shaped lollipops as prizes :P I ended up giving them to random people in the hall though, I wasn't really in the mood for candy that early ^^;

Next up was game room time. Played one round of DDR on standard, a remix of Butterfly on the Revolution X version. Did pretty well. Stomped the person I played against :P

After that, oh man, it's hard to remember it all in order. I went to the maid cafe at some point and tried Muskmelon flavored mochi. It was yummy. I went to a Para Para panel, and learned a quick dance routine. Went to a panel about costuming. Watched the OTAKU board game, almost completely, til 5.

At 5, the Gaia people got together for a photoshoot, and various dancing. I ended up doing Caramelldansen 3 times over the course of the day :P I'm hoping someone who got a video of one puts it on YouTube. I was having fun doing stuff with the Gaians, but I needed to get food. Wound up eating at Chik-fil-a (or however it's spelled), and it was kinda expensive, but good. The other places in the building were closed.

I missed most of the patterning panel because it took so long to get food, but I was there for the plushie-making panel. My Inu-yasha had a small battle with the panalist's Sesshomaru. After that it was various hanging out. I spent a good bit of the day with the Guilmon cosplayer, but actually didn't get a pic of him. He'll have pictures on his Myspace though I'll be able to link.

The cosplay contest was next. I didn't participate, but it was fun to watch. The Kon was taking other people's various props and adding them on him (he took my Pokeball). It was really amusing. Got a picture of a kickass Urahara cosplayer from Bleach, one of the NASHI club members running the con. My mom's coworker's son, dressed as Zero from Kurohime, won Best Props, a set of four guns. He spun them around all awesomelike during his walk-on. It was epic. A group of Naruto cosplayers won Best Group, and had a really great Orochimaru.

After the cosplay contest, things were starting to wind down. I spent a good chunk of time just chatting with various people, occasionally getting asked for photos, and generally just having a good time. Closing ceremonies were at 9:30pm. There weren't a whole lot of people left, but we talked about how things went, what could used improved, and suggestions for next year. They mentioned they MIGHT, bit might, make it a 2-day con next year. This year pulled in around 525 people, double from last year. The cool thing about closing ceremonies was that the club, staff, and attendees were all gathered together in a small group, and it really gave you that feeling of being among friends. I'm sure people next year will remember me as the Mew, regardless of who I cosplay.

A fun thing about my cosplay. At the beginning, I had my tail pinned up, but it was hard to see. With the ribbons and bows, a lot of people mistook me for someone from Tokyo Mew Mew. During a short cosplayer interview, I unpinned the tail, and shortly after people started recognizing me when they saw the tail. So needless to say, I was carrying the tail all day. People played with it and stuff. Towards midday, and arm ribbon broke, so I took those off, and later took the ear ribbons off, and toward the evening, the tail ribbon. As I took them off, more people recognized me as Mew. So yeah, I guess I should have kept it simple to begin with, but I will say, people loved my tail. Lots of people played with it and complimented on it, and I got asked quite a few times for pics and hugs. It was so much fun.

Also, I didn't find anything I liked in the Dealers room, and have around $20 to spend on...whatever. I'm debating on what it will be. It counts as my birthday money, I guess, so I get to keep it. I also found out I should be able to join NASHI, the anime club that runs the con, even though I'm not a USC student. They just hold it there I guess. It's weird. Anyways, I'll be looking into that, cause I'd love to get to know the anime fans in the area around here better.

Expect me to post various YouTube con videos as people upload them. I'm hoping to get at least one of me dancing :P

Anyways, for a small con, as my first it rocked and I highly look forward to next year!

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