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Ok, so I keep forgetting to do these things ^^; Hopefully I can remember all the important stuff we did over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, but kinda crazy still with all the running around I did, working the video room table at times, and trying to make it to events.
Con stuff under the cut )
So yeah, my first AZ was pretty fun. I think next year though I'm gonna buy a badge if I can afford one, since worrying about the video room table was a pain in the ass. I missed a lot of stuff because of that and, especially at cons I haven't gone to before, I like the general freedom of being able to do whatever.

The day after AZ was fun too, Memorial Day. We didn't get to go for sushi, liked planned, since all the restaurants that sold it were closed, so we just went to Moe's...but after that we went swimming at Kaylan's house. It was fun.

Tomorrow I plan on going to hang out with Allendorf. He's gonna help me rip the Kamen Rider Kiva DVDs I got in the mail over the weekend. They're two of the live stage shows. One was recorded after the series ends, and has three different parts, and is the one I'm looking forward to seeing the most. The other is a concert, but the first recorded of the three, and so won't have as much stuff...but I like concerts :P Hoping I can get the files to senpai-tachi soon after.
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I am getting so close to catching up to current. It'll be interesting though, cause then I won't be able to do batch commentary like this. Oh well. Maybe I can just mix them into actual journal entries, and write about something other than Kamen Rider on this thing ^^; It's still getting a bit neglected because of Facebook.
Episodes 21-30 )
I plan on also getting through the next 4 episodes that are out, but I'm going to put them in a different entry. Plus, I'll probably start switching to watching Over-Time's subs, instead of TV-Nihon's only because I like soft-subs, and they get theirs out faster (they have episode 34 out already ^-^ ).
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Another round of OOOs marathoning, woo-hoo! I actually do need to hurry through these too, cause on top of doing this before AZ, I'm supposed to be working on a spur-of-the-moment cosplay. Oh well, gonna be caught up with this soon enough at this rate.
Episodes 11-20 )
So yeah, I am loving this series so far. Plus, my favorite combo has finally showed up (well, barring possibly the dinosaur one, but I haven't gotten that far yet). Anyways, hoping I can catch up on the rest of these tomorrow.
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Ok, so, I know I was gonna try and wait on Kamen Rider OOO, but it looks like that's not gonna be possible without it being spoiled to hell (well, moreso than it already has been for me), so I'm just gonna watch it. Gonna catch up to current before Animazement. Means I'll have to wait a bit longer to watch Goseiger and Blade though, because if I watch other series in-between, I'll start mixing things up, and that's bad. It's why I only watch one series at a time if I can help it.
Anyways, the usual episode by episode comments are under the cut.
Count the medals! Episodes 1-10 )
Man, I'm loving this series so far. Still really trying to decide how much I like Eiji. I'm thinking of cosplaying him since senpai is cosplaying Ankh. Speaking of Ankh, he is a bastard, but he gets trolled enough in return because of it that it's really hilarious, so I can't hate him. Hina's cool, a female character that I actually liked from the get-go, and is the source of much Ankh trolling as well. Looking forward to watching more episodes.

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