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May. 24th, 2017 04:48 pm
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So my copies of the Senakagoshi no Chance singles came! I only bought the two LE versions, for the PV and Kame's solo song. Kame's solo is soooo gooood, OMG. So happy. Yamapi's was actually pretty good too, but I just consider that a bonus (not really a big fan of his, kinda neutral towards him). Anyways, it's up on the page, as per usual. Also managed to download Nakamaru's Otsukare Thanks solo from Amazon JP, so I put that up too. They're in the Misc. section.

Also got some new Ao no Exorcist goodies! On top of Vol. 19 (I collect the Japanese versions as well as the English ones), I bought the Iro Iro artbook. It's got pretty much anything and everything Kato-sensei has colored for AoEx over the years. It's basically the AoEx artbook I've always wanted. I am so happy with it.

In pet news...I kinda accidentally but not really started a foray into antkeeping >.>; I found a queen Black Carpenter Ant, and have decided to keep her. We'll see how that goes. TBH, I've always wanted to try keeping ants... find them interesting to watch. Also, I redid one of my 10 gallon aquariums. I've got some Harlequin Rasporas and Pristella Tetras in it. Gonna try adding the original betta occupant back in today, and see how they get along. If they don't, he'll just stay in the 1g tank I have him in currently.

Anyways, that's my update. Now I go back to lurking, lol.
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Been watching Gekiranger recently, finally gotten some time to watch it. Also caught up with the subbed Double episodes.
Geki and W 33-34 babble )

So I've been getting through this week pretty well. It's rough since I'm pretty much the only one doing the cleaning, taking care of and feeding the pups, and I have work on top of that. I'm just glad my shifts are short and I only work 2 more days this week. I will be so glad once everyone gets back. As it is, I'm expecting I'll be working while sleep deprived for the rest of the week. The pups usually don't let me sleep much. It's like having kids x.x Albeit, small, fuzzy, adorable ones.


May. 5th, 2010 04:34 pm
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So today I went to Hancock Fabrics to apply for a job there, since my buddies told me they were hiring. Driving on the Interstate wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, probably helps I had the PT Cruiser, that thing drive sooo nice. Went in, (and waved hi to [ profile] yugikitsune who was working then) and looked around since I hadn't been in there before. I really do love craft/fabric stores. So much neat stuff to make things out of. Plus, it's good to get an idea of the store if you're planning on applying there. Anyways, once I was done with that, I went and got an application. Ended up filling it out right there and getting an interview once I was done.

Got the job pretty much right then and there. I was like DAMN. Fastest I've ever gotten hired, lol. Besides the fact that they were hurting for workers, the fast food experience actually helped, since it's customer service related. ALL of my jobs have had at least that in common. Only difference with this one is it deals with fabric instead of food. I'm probably gonna start next week, and will get around 20 hours a week, which is perfect for me right now. I don't need a ton since I'm living at home still, and as long as I help out with expenses my parents have no issue with it. Told my mom I'd try to give them some, but it'll probably depend on how much I bring home. Then I'll put some away in savings, and budget some for spending. I did it the last time I had a job, worked out pretty well.

So, besides that little bit of awesome, I had a bit of fun yesterday. Took Hailey to Petsmart for the first time yesterday. Lots of people came up and wanted to pet her...not surprising, Basset Hounds are adorable :P She was a bit shy, but I planned for that and brought little treat bits for people to give her to get her to warm up to strangers. I might do that more often, it's a good way to try and socialize her more. I also found a really cute, big Labrador mug that I got my mom as a Mother's Day present. It was a good gift, she drinks a lot of coffee :P I gave it to her early, so she could use it.

I stopped by and bought ingredients for some tasty treats to bring to [ profile] zipchan's graduation party this weekend. Not gonna say what though, it'll be a surprise :P I'm hoping it comes out alright. It'll be the first time making this particular variation. The hardest part will be picking a color...oh lord, I could make it almost anything. I think I'll have fun with it >D
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Haven't been doing a whole lot. Still making sure the pups are doing alright, and keeping watch at night if they happen to need any help (with Daisy being a doofus, it happens rather frequently). Kinda sleep deprived, but I'm managing. It's sad that sleeping on the air mattress on the living room floor is more comfy than my own bed *sighs* My bed mattress sucks.

Anyways, Daisy is starting to get used to doing the whole mothering thing again, which makes my job easier. At least I can pop online to do stuff. I kinda felt bad, because we took the pups to the vet to get their dewclaws removed, which was painful for them. Plus Daisy was stressed at home from them being gone. She had crumpled up all the blankets in her box by the time we got back. I was glad when I got to set the puppy basket in front of her so she knew they were ok (then went to straighten out the box before putting them back).

Been playing Pokemon SoulSilver a lot since I can take it with me around the house. Got the third badge, and partway to the city with the fourth. Remembered about the PokeWalker and fired that up today too. It's kinda fun to mess with, but a pain in the ass to earn steps and watts when I don't have anywhere to really walk. I've gotten in the habit of holding it in my toes and bobbing my foot around as I play. It actually works pretty well.

Caught up on my manga. FMA was epic, and makes me hate the fact that it's monthly, because it's a long time to wait between the awesome chapters. Nearly forgot about Ouran Host Club, but I remembered to check it. As always, it's full of drama and silliness. Naruto was interesting enough, though they're using a really cliche plot device, and it's yet another Naruto does training thing. He'd better be able to control that damn fox after all this. Bleach was mostly Captain God-mode babbling about stuff due to his inability to STFU. Least there was an amusing scene with Ichigo and Isshin. If having those two on the battlefield wasn't awesome enough, Urahara's finally jumped in as well. Hell yes. I am praying Kubo eventually makes this a kickass battle, he's been disappointing us lately. Hasn't really been a battle that's made me go "Holy crap! THAT WAS EPIC!" since Hollow Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra.

Now, it is time I attempt to go to sleep...which I've been planning to do since two hours ago, but every time I try I wind up having to tend to a whining puppy. They tend to blindly wander the box and get separated, and Daisy can't group them back together, so that falls on me ^^; Plus there's one that just seems to squeak for no apparent reason...I think it might be trying to bark. Anyways, g'night!
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Well, after a long last night of watching her in labor, going to bed at 1am, and getting woken up at 5:30am this dog, Daisy, finally had her pups. Looks like the father is the neighbor's dog, meaning they're purebred Labradors. There are 5 total, 2 females, 3 males. They are also adorable. I'm so glad she had a small litter this time, it'll make taking care of them so much easier. I'm still a bit tired, since I had to stay awake to help deliver the last four pups. Mom went back to bed after she helped deliver the first one...she had work this morning. My youngest brother was my assistant, and Daisy was pretty cooperative too, so things went smoothly.
I posted some pics up on my facebook: Clicky here

I had to miss last night's post Nashi-con meeting, but it was for a good cause. I might be able to make tonight's club meeting though, I'd like to get a summary of last night's meeting. I can also take Pokemon Diamond and SoulSilver and maybe borrow a DS to do some trading between my versions. It's been slow going, I've only gotten to the second gym's city. I played on and off yesterday while keeping an eye on Daisy.

Anyways, things seem pretty calm right now, so I'm gonna try and get some more rest while I can.
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I'm trying to stay busy today to help counter the drowsiness of the medication I'm taking ^^; SO, I needed to take pics today anyways, I decided to have some fun doing random crap after I got done with the important stuff.

Tiger, my cat, tends to not get his picture taken much, so I thought it'd be cute to get some new ones. He loves books, so I laid my biggest one out, and he was content enough to sit on it while I took pics.

Kitty pictures and randomness )

Let's see, what else. I've been playing around with my HD Kiva videos, re-watching them and taking screenshots of scenes I like as I go. Taking them directly from the player is a royal pain, but they come out better than they would if I used Movie Maker...and I don't even know if MM can handle that file type anyways. Right now I just take shots that look cool, I'll probably decide if I can use them for icons later.

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