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Let's see, what have I been up to this week? Well, been playing DOMO a little bit again. I found it's best to limit it to only a few hours a day, so I don't get burned out like last time. Then there's been watching of shows, mostly GekiRanger. Shopping too, even though I'm supposed to be saving my money >.>;

So yeah, GekiRanger was awesome. I easily liked it better than Shinkenger, and that's saying a lot cause Shinkenger was pretty awesome too. I think it helped that all the main characters, bad guys included, had some pretty nice story development over the course of the series. I actually ended up liking both Rio and Mele by the end, and it's rare I like the villains. Not to mention Jan is awesome...he made a good chunk of the show for me. I had fun keeping track of all his random Jan-speak...it ended up being a long list. Half of it I still don't have meanings for, and about a quarter of it is guesses XD I could talk more about it, but I know some of my friends are going to watch it later...don't wanna spoil things.

Was planning on starting to download Goseiger, but it seems my comp's running low on Harddrive space >.>; I think it's time I finally invest in an external hard drive when I can. Been meaning to for ages now anyways. Either that, or get some DVDs, but I'd need a LOT of DVDs...

As for the shopping thing I mentioned. Well, to be fair most of what I bought was stuff I needed. Needed new sandals, and they were on sale at Kmart, so I got two pairs. Then I went to Wal*Mart to get a new swimsuit, since I don't like the one I got last year. Picked out a sporty-looking one-piece. Black, with blue stripes down the sides...wish it could have been red or pink instead of blue, but that's all they had. Either way, it'll be good enough.

I also found a cute SoulSilver/HeartGold DS kit with gold and silver game cases, a Lugia/Ho-oh print cleaning cloth, and gold and silver stylus with Lugia and Ho-oh trinkets on them. After much debate, I gave in and bought it, even though I didn't need it (only $10 at any rate) ^^; I put my games and cleaning cloth in the silver game case, and took both trinkets off the stylus and strapped them on the DS instead. Dunno what I'll do with the gold case and stylus...I don't have HeartGold ^^;

Speaking of Pokemon though, I haven't been in the mood to play it much. I think it's because I'm in an annoying in-between part that I don't feel like doing :P I'll probably force myself to play it eventually.
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Finished the Shinkenger episodes last night. Finally. It was a pretty good series. I still have to watch the cross-over movie, but I'll do that later. I'm itching to start into Gekiranger.

Been playing Pokemon too. There are still a few things I need to catch in Diamond that I forgot about. I'm also going to have to play Sapphire again at some point too. Then there's SoulSilver I still need to do more things in. Plus, there's been some news regarding Gen 5 as well, so that's been cool. They shows the starters and trainers. I'm really loving the new trainer designs.

Anyways, hoping I can get to hang out with my buddies tonight. They're at the college, but I don't have a car right now, so I'm stuck at home. I'll watch Gekiranger in the meantime, I guess.
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My computer speakers finally gave out on me, and my headphones went missing again, so I couldn't watch my videos. I wanted to watch more Shinkenger too *sighs* I'll get to it eventually.

I decided to pass the time browsing random internet sites. A good way to burn time is to topic jump on TVTropes.com. At some point I noticed they have a Kamen Rider Double page, and started looking down the various entries. One caught my eye, as it had a link to the Japanese site selling clothing from the show. The usual things you'd expect to see. Shotaro's hats, Philip's coat-thingies, things like that.
...Then I found this and this. They're so silly, but adorable at the same time.

Other than random online stuff, I've still mostly just been passing the time playing Pokemon. Got the first 8 Badges in SoulSilver, and will be going after Lugia soon. Then I'll finish off any side-quests before heading to the Elite Four. Not looking forward to Victory Road. I think in any Pokemon game, that's always my least favorite part. I also forgot I still have Gratina to catch in Diamond. I caught all the other legendaries already, including those annoying runners.
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Haven't been doing a whole lot. Still making sure the pups are doing alright, and keeping watch at night if they happen to need any help (with Daisy being a doofus, it happens rather frequently). Kinda sleep deprived, but I'm managing. It's sad that sleeping on the air mattress on the living room floor is more comfy than my own bed *sighs* My bed mattress sucks.

Anyways, Daisy is starting to get used to doing the whole mothering thing again, which makes my job easier. At least I can pop online to do stuff. I kinda felt bad, because we took the pups to the vet to get their dewclaws removed, which was painful for them. Plus Daisy was stressed at home from them being gone. She had crumpled up all the blankets in her box by the time we got back. I was glad when I got to set the puppy basket in front of her so she knew they were ok (then went to straighten out the box before putting them back).

Been playing Pokemon SoulSilver a lot since I can take it with me around the house. Got the third badge, and partway to the city with the fourth. Remembered about the PokeWalker and fired that up today too. It's kinda fun to mess with, but a pain in the ass to earn steps and watts when I don't have anywhere to really walk. I've gotten in the habit of holding it in my toes and bobbing my foot around as I play. It actually works pretty well.

Caught up on my manga. FMA was epic, and makes me hate the fact that it's monthly, because it's a long time to wait between the awesome chapters. Nearly forgot about Ouran Host Club, but I remembered to check it. As always, it's full of drama and silliness. Naruto was interesting enough, though they're using a really cliche plot device, and it's yet another Naruto does training thing. He'd better be able to control that damn fox after all this. Bleach was mostly Captain God-mode babbling about stuff due to his inability to STFU. Least there was an amusing scene with Ichigo and Isshin. If having those two on the battlefield wasn't awesome enough, Urahara's finally jumped in as well. Hell yes. I am praying Kubo eventually makes this a kickass battle, he's been disappointing us lately. Hasn't really been a battle that's made me go "Holy crap! THAT WAS EPIC!" since Hollow Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra.

Now, it is time I attempt to go to sleep...which I've been planning to do since two hours ago, but every time I try I wind up having to tend to a whining puppy. They tend to blindly wander the box and get separated, and Daisy can't group them back together, so that falls on me ^^; Plus there's one that just seems to squeak for no apparent reason...I think it might be trying to bark. Anyways, g'night!
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Well, after a long last night of watching her in labor, going to bed at 1am, and getting woken up at 5:30am this morning...my dog, Daisy, finally had her pups. Looks like the father is the neighbor's dog, meaning they're purebred Labradors. There are 5 total, 2 females, 3 males. They are also adorable. I'm so glad she had a small litter this time, it'll make taking care of them so much easier. I'm still a bit tired, since I had to stay awake to help deliver the last four pups. Mom went back to bed after she helped deliver the first one...she had work this morning. My youngest brother was my assistant, and Daisy was pretty cooperative too, so things went smoothly.
I posted some pics up on my facebook: Clicky here

I had to miss last night's post Nashi-con meeting, but it was for a good cause. I might be able to make tonight's club meeting though, I'd like to get a summary of last night's meeting. I can also take Pokemon Diamond and SoulSilver and maybe borrow a DS to do some trading between my versions. It's been slow going, I've only gotten to the second gym's city. I played on and off yesterday while keeping an eye on Daisy.

Anyways, things seem pretty calm right now, so I'm gonna try and get some more rest while I can.
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Because of Nashi-con prep, I haven't been able to watch a lot of my shows lately, so I have a bit of catching up to do ^^;
Double 29-30 )
Also, yesterday, something really cool happened. I was going to go hang out with Perry and Bob, and they were going to cover the tax on my Pokemon SoulSilver game, so I could finally get it. I had managed to save up $40 since I didn't spend any money at Nashi-con. I get picked up and find out they had earned some extra money at a job they had done, and they had just bought it for me as a late birthday present. I was like "OMG! You sure?", but they didn't mind...so that was really awesome of them. I've decided that since I have the leftover money from Nashi-con still, I'll go ahead and get that Swap Magic for my PS2 instead.

So I'll have SoulSilver to play, then Kingdom Hearts FM+ after that. I am going to be a very happy gamer. Of course, I'll try not to ignore watching my other shows too. I'm actually looking forward to Gekiranger since I liked the first episode quite a bit, but I have to finish Shinkenger first.

Gonna play a little bit of SoulSilver now before bed :P
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Saturday, I hung out with people from the club. Just Andy and Perry for a while, then after that people kinda left and came in at random. Zip was there for a good bit, but had to leave cause her allergies were bad (I feel your pain). We watched some Tokusatsu stuff, helping Perry decide what kinds of things he should put in his Nashi-con panel. Then there was some stuff we watched just for fun. Later in the evening we played stuff on the Wii, and Pokemon. I battled Perry twice and won both times, but that was mostly thanks to my Dialga. If I hadn't had that I would have been pretty screwed. Oh, and my Lucario. It saved my ass in both battles, once against his Ambipom, and later against his Espeon because he didn't know it had the move Crunch :) It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad my Pokemon can still put up a decent fight, even though they weren't raised for competing. We went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Five Points, it was the first time I'd gone to that side of town (I'm used to the Vista). They had some REALLY good food. Perry was singing W-B-X along the way, and I tried to sing along, but I forgot most of the lyrics >.>; Later on we just kinda walked around town chatting, there was a semi-amusing search for a restroom, and then it was time to go cause it was 2am. Even I was getting a bit sleepy by then, and I'm a night owl :P

Sunday... My Eyes! They buuuurn! Well, they're actually more itchy and watery, and my eyedrops aren't helping much. I was supposed to go hang out again with Perry and friends, but I couldn't put in my contacts with my allergies going haywire cause it burned. So I stayed home, cause I can't drive without my contacts. I ended up going over to the neighbor's, since her 6 year old granddaughter wanted to hang out with me again. We had dinner, I read her some stuff from my dragon book, and we colored a few of my older inked pictures because she wanted to. She was also excited cause she lost her second tooth, and was worried about staying up late cause she thought the toothfairy might miss her house if she wasn't asleep, it was cute. I told her the toothfairy would come regardless, so not to worry...plus her idea of "late" was 10pm, which was when she finally conked out so I came back home. Found out Perry had called while I was gone, so I called him back, we chatted for a bit, and then my phone started dying, so that was the end of that.

In cosplay stuff, I finally remembered to order those Tabi socks I'd been meaning to, to go with my Bleach cosplay sandals. The sandals also need to have a bit of hot glue discretely added to the bottoms as a non-slip measure...something I meant to do earlier and forgot. I also need to start going out looking for a plastic toy katana, since I'm lazy and don't want to make a sword. Finally, I need to throw my Mew costume in the wash and do a bit of repair sewing to the shirt. Then Nashi-con cosplay preparations shall be complete.
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Well, two new Pokemon from the next Gen have been revealed. It's a fox, a dark-type fox, and it's evolution. I actually wasn't horribly impressed. It's not that it's bad, but they introduced something similar last-gen with Lucario, and there's already a fox Pokemon already (Ninetales, which I like quite a bit). Of course, there is that whole "they're probably running out of ideas" thing. I mean, we got a god Pokemon 4th gen, pretty hard to top that. Anyways, this new Pokemon's gonna be in the new movie. I've heard there'll be other 5th gen Pokemon revealed next month.

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