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Pictures of the snow, and the dogs out in it

Well, the snow didn't last long, but it was fun while it did. I'm glad I got to see and run around in it at least once this year. Although I don't miss having to trudge through it nearly every day for months, I do miss it when I can't see it at all. If it snows down here at least once a year, I'm happy. Plus it was hilarious seeing Hailey's reaction to it, I wasn't sure if she'd ever get to see it. Our labrador barked at my brother's snowman, which was funny...she's dumb.

Also, mini-snowman, FTW!
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Holy crap, we got snow! I never thought I'd be so happy to see it again, but I am. Guess I still am a northerner at heart XD It looks so pretty. It's coming down pretty good actually. Hailey got to run around in it for the first time...she didn't seem to care too much, except she came in quick, so it was probably cold :P I'll be taking pics as the day progresses, and the most snow-heavy ones will be posted later on my Facebook, for my buddies still up north to see.

Anyways, guess this is a good day to watch shows. Just as well, cause I have a new show to download. During the Nashi club meeting, after an hour-long showcase of why it is awesome (during gameroom time), Andrea managed to convince me to watch Kamen Rider. She told me that if I wanted to, start with Kiva, then move on to Den-O, then Decade and Double if I want. Now that I have a starting point, should be a little easier. She also mentioned Shinkenger, but that will have to wait. I'm doing it a series at a time.

Anyways, Kamen Rider Kiva is 48 episodes, so I'd better get started...that's a lot of stuff to download...

I also decided to try tagging my entries, cause I've realized it makes trying to find older ones a bit easier.

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