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Let's see, what have I been up to this week? Well, been playing DOMO a little bit again. I found it's best to limit it to only a few hours a day, so I don't get burned out like last time. Then there's been watching of shows, mostly GekiRanger. Shopping too, even though I'm supposed to be saving my money >.>;

So yeah, GekiRanger was awesome. I easily liked it better than Shinkenger, and that's saying a lot cause Shinkenger was pretty awesome too. I think it helped that all the main characters, bad guys included, had some pretty nice story development over the course of the series. I actually ended up liking both Rio and Mele by the end, and it's rare I like the villains. Not to mention Jan is awesome...he made a good chunk of the show for me. I had fun keeping track of all his random Jan-speak...it ended up being a long list. Half of it I still don't have meanings for, and about a quarter of it is guesses XD I could talk more about it, but I know some of my friends are going to watch it later...don't wanna spoil things.

Was planning on starting to download Goseiger, but it seems my comp's running low on Harddrive space >.>; I think it's time I finally invest in an external hard drive when I can. Been meaning to for ages now anyways. Either that, or get some DVDs, but I'd need a LOT of DVDs...

As for the shopping thing I mentioned. Well, to be fair most of what I bought was stuff I needed. Needed new sandals, and they were on sale at Kmart, so I got two pairs. Then I went to Wal*Mart to get a new swimsuit, since I don't like the one I got last year. Picked out a sporty-looking one-piece. Black, with blue stripes down the sides...wish it could have been red or pink instead of blue, but that's all they had. Either way, it'll be good enough.

I also found a cute SoulSilver/HeartGold DS kit with gold and silver game cases, a Lugia/Ho-oh print cleaning cloth, and gold and silver stylus with Lugia and Ho-oh trinkets on them. After much debate, I gave in and bought it, even though I didn't need it (only $10 at any rate) ^^; I put my games and cleaning cloth in the silver game case, and took both trinkets off the stylus and strapped them on the DS instead. Dunno what I'll do with the gold case and stylus...I don't have HeartGold ^^;

Speaking of Pokemon though, I haven't been in the mood to play it much. I think it's because I'm in an annoying in-between part that I don't feel like doing :P I'll probably force myself to play it eventually.
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My computer speakers finally gave out on me, and my headphones went missing again, so I couldn't watch my videos. I wanted to watch more Shinkenger too *sighs* I'll get to it eventually.

I decided to pass the time browsing random internet sites. A good way to burn time is to topic jump on TVTropes.com. At some point I noticed they have a Kamen Rider Double page, and started looking down the various entries. One caught my eye, as it had a link to the Japanese site selling clothing from the show. The usual things you'd expect to see. Shotaro's hats, Philip's coat-thingies, things like that.
...Then I found this and this. They're so silly, but adorable at the same time.

Other than random online stuff, I've still mostly just been passing the time playing Pokemon. Got the first 8 Badges in SoulSilver, and will be going after Lugia soon. Then I'll finish off any side-quests before heading to the Elite Four. Not looking forward to Victory Road. I think in any Pokemon game, that's always my least favorite part. I also forgot I still have Gratina to catch in Diamond. I caught all the other legendaries already, including those annoying runners.
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Because of Nashi-con prep, I haven't been able to watch a lot of my shows lately, so I have a bit of catching up to do ^^;
Double 29-30 )
Also, yesterday, something really cool happened. I was going to go hang out with Perry and Bob, and they were going to cover the tax on my Pokemon SoulSilver game, so I could finally get it. I had managed to save up $40 since I didn't spend any money at Nashi-con. I get picked up and find out they had earned some extra money at a job they had done, and they had just bought it for me as a late birthday present. I was like "OMG! You sure?", but they didn't mind...so that was really awesome of them. I've decided that since I have the leftover money from Nashi-con still, I'll go ahead and get that Swap Magic for my PS2 instead.

So I'll have SoulSilver to play, then Kingdom Hearts FM+ after that. I am going to be a very happy gamer. Of course, I'll try not to ignore watching my other shows too. I'm actually looking forward to Gekiranger since I liked the first episode quite a bit, but I have to finish Shinkenger first.

Gonna play a little bit of SoulSilver now before bed :P

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