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Aug. 1st, 2013 12:10 am
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Yeah, I finally decided which version to buy. Went with the DVD since, for the time being, I can do more with it than the blu-ray version, including the all important use of softsubs with the actual disk. I wasn't expecting to get one of the pens with it too...I was pretty sure they'd sold out, but I won't complain. Probably won't use it much though.

As for what I've been up to...well, I'm working on finishing the long-overdue project of the shelf for my NEWS-related items. I also am trying to work up the motivation to work on the uploads page. I'm torn though, if I should keep using Mediafire, or if I should switch to that Mega site. MF is a pain, but I've had my share of issues with Mega too. Oh well. In the meantime I'll at least get the RESCUE PV uploaded.
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I keep neglecting this journal, and that's kinda sad, since I then regret not making notes of any fun stuff that's been happening.

OK, so I just had a 4-day weekend (last Thurs.-Sun., and lots of stuff was going on.

Thursday - Worked all day on a skirt using the butterfly fabric Katie gave me. I got a good ways, but didn't finish it in time to wear to the anime club. Decided I'd finish it for Saturday.

Friday - Got distracted with internet. Remembered later to finish skirt. Was up til 4:15, but that bugger was done.

Saturday - Went to friend's birthday party at Tsubaki (local karaoke bar that has Japanese songs available). Sang til my throat hurt, so it was a good night. Sang KAT-TUN songs solo for the first time ("Bokura no Machi de", and "Lips" we sang as a group but I kinda drowned everyone out singing too loud >.>; ). Sang a bunch of Kamen Rider themes (Original, Black RX, Agito, Kuuga, Kiva). Also sang the Shinkenger theme for the first time in ages. Sang other songs too, Allendorf forced me to sing "The Safety Dance" again in an effort to get me to sing more English songs XD Went to campus afterwards. Ended up messing around and having fun watching random videos.

Sunday - Went out and bought Zelda: Skyward Sword, after much agonizing all week if I should spend that kind of money right now or not. So far, no regrets, although getting used to motion controls is kicking my ass (first serious game I've ever played on the Wii). Went to Sakura meeting later. Watched Episode 5 of Youkai Ningen Bem RAW, since I was too impatient to wait for subs. Understood the important bits. Fangirled hardcore for the rest of the night.

Oh right, I don't think I've mentioned it here yet. Current show I've been following weekly isn't Kamen Rider (haven't even started Fourze yet since OOO ended). It's a J-drama called "Youkai Ningen Bem", and it's DAMN least I think so. Definitely my kind of genre. The main three characters are monsters that have human forms, although they still have things like horns or scales they have to hide, and they're looking for a way to become human. They help out people in trouble along the way, and end up befriending a detective and his family in the process...which ends up being kinda hilarious since they're awkward around humans and they're trying to hide the fact that they're not human. Also doesn't hurt that the lead character, Bem, is played by Kazuya (close) second-favorite member from KAT-TUN (Kame was originally my favorite when I started getting into KAT-TUN stuff, til I learned more about the members and switched to Junnosuke Taguchi <3 ).

Speaking of KAT-TUN, their new single "Birth" will be out on the 30th. The A-side title song is the ending theme for previously mentioned drama. It's an alright song, not as catchy as "Run for You" though. I am, however anxious to see what the B-side "Star Rider" ends up being like, especially the PV, since it's a possibility to play at the Nashi-con dance if it's a dance song. Considering the last double PV single was "Love yourself" with "D-motion" as the B-side, the chances are high.

Aaaand, now that I've wall-'o-texted anyone's f-list that still actually has me friended and reads LJ, I'm off! Gotta go run around Hyrule and save Zelda, or something...

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