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Dec. 5th, 2015 03:08 am
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Since I'm starting to get more and more pages organized for different fandom's goodies, I've decided to make a sticky masterpost!


New stuff!

May. 24th, 2017 04:48 pm
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So my copies of the Senakagoshi no Chance singles came! I only bought the two LE versions, for the PV and Kame's solo song. Kame's solo is soooo gooood, OMG. So happy. Yamapi's was actually pretty good too, but I just consider that a bonus (not really a big fan of his, kinda neutral towards him). Anyways, it's up on the page, as per usual. Also managed to download Nakamaru's Otsukare Thanks solo from Amazon JP, so I put that up too. They're in the Misc. section.

Also got some new Ao no Exorcist goodies! On top of Vol. 19 (I collect the Japanese versions as well as the English ones), I bought the Iro Iro artbook. It's got pretty much anything and everything Kato-sensei has colored for AoEx over the years. It's basically the AoEx artbook I've always wanted. I am so happy with it.

In pet news...I kinda accidentally but not really started a foray into antkeeping >.>; I found a queen Black Carpenter Ant, and have decided to keep her. We'll see how that goes. TBH, I've always wanted to try keeping ants... find them interesting to watch. Also, I redid one of my 10 gallon aquariums. I've got some Harlequin Rasporas and Pristella Tetras in it. Gonna try adding the original betta occupant back in today, and see how they get along. If they don't, he'll just stay in the 1g tank I have him in currently.

Anyways, that's my update. Now I go back to lurking, lol.
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KAME'S NEW SOLO OMG, it's so cool. I am so happy. I was worried he'd do another ballad or something. It's more along the pop/rock route, and I couldn't be happier! I love it, and him, I'm just so happy right now <3

I'll be getting the Kame to Yamapi single, but it's coming SAL so I have to rely on DLs for now, but I'll be updating my KAT-TUN page once it arrives.

Stuff like this helps me forget we've been KAT-TUN-less for a little over a year now. I managed to get Nakamaru's new solo though (legally from Amazon, no less! After some workarounds), and now I have Kame's. Here's hoping we get something from Ueda at some point!
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Due to some circumstances, I've decided to try selling off some of my NEWS collection. Details under the cut.
Goodies under here )
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Better believe I am watching it! I'm super hyped that they're finally doing a season that is faithful to the manga. I found the first season to be super disappointing. Even the manga-based stuff had pointless filler (there was no reason the first chapter needed to be split into two episodes, for one). This season only looks like it'll run 12 eps or so, so it looks like, if anything, minor details will be cut to fit everything into the timeframe. Considering I've seen this arc condensed well enough into a 3 hour stageshow, I have faith they can do it justice with 12 eps. worth of anime. TBH, as long as the important scenes make it, I'll be happy.

I should also have stuff to share here since I should be getting new AoEx goodies around the end of the month. Mainly, the AoEx issue of Jump Ryu, and the 2016 stage show DVD. <3 Japanese vol. 18 too, but that's not really for sharing...I didn't splurge for the copy with the drama CD. I will splurge on vol. 19 with the OVA when it comes out later this year though.
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Due to some whispers that LJ may finally be on the way out due to servers switching to Russia, as a precaution, I'm importing my journal over to Dreamwidth. Probably not a huge deal, since I rarely post here nowadays anyways, but there are a lot of really old entries from when I used to use this site regularly that I'd like to keep around. Now, luckily there is cross-posting between there and here, so that's not a huge issue either. If the time comes where I ever have to shut my LJ down though (provided LJ just doesn't disappear one day), I'll be sure to put up a notice.

As for upcoming things I'll be posting soon, I should be getting some Ao no Exorcist goodies around the end of the month.

Also, I will no longer be buying NEWS stuff, so I won't be updating that page anymore. Nothing against NEWS, but I've found their recent singles to be "meh" and their concert was way to expensive. Plus, IRL stuff (like my car) has been eating most of my disposable income, so I can't justify it anymore. I'll still be listening to their stuff though, I'll just be relying on rips again like most everyone else. I already do the same with HSJ anyways too.

I will still be getting KAT-TUN stuff though...if/when they give us something to buy. Recently got my goods from the 10ks concert. The three uchiwa, pamphlet, and penlight. Lovely pics in the pamphlet, and Kame's uchiwa makes me lol. Good stuff.

Anyways, that's about all. Til next time...
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It's been a good long while since I've posted. Guess I should update.

I survived Black Friday week at work, and am in the middle of enjoying some much needed time off.

Bought a Wii U, Wii controllers (for Wii games like LoZ Skyward Sword), and Windwaker HD (and already have Twilight Princess HD). Also bought Pokemon Moon about a week back, and got Pokemon Sun from my brother as an early Christmas present. I will be good for games for a very long while. Looking forward to Zelda Breath of the Wild next year now that I actually have the ability to play it. Also unlike everyone else I know, I give zero fucks about FFXV right now (Am I still salty there are no female characters in the party? Hell yes, I am). I'm just glad it's done so they can finally focus on KHIII and the FFVII remake (aka, the games I'm ACTUALLY waiting for and won't buy a PS4 til they release).

I've been slacking on my fandoms of late too. I finished up Kamen Rider Ghost ages ago, but never mentioned it, I don't think. Wasn't perfect, but was a fun romp nonetheless. I kinda just stopped watching Zyuohger. At this point I'll probably just marathon what I've missed once it ends.

On the JE front, since KAT-TUN's been on hiatus, I've been kinda "meh" on other groups as a whole. At this point, I'm just waiting for KAT-TUN to come back. Actually cancelled my pre-order of NEWS' Quartetto blu-ray as well...it's just too damn expensive and I needed the money for the aforementioned Wii U. Also considering selling off aomw of my NEWS collection as well, since LE's still resell for a good price, and I could use the extra cash. I still keep tabs on HSJ releases, but they're strictly download only. They only have a handful of songs I like anyways, even if watching the group is fun.

...so yeah, that's about it.
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Our favorite scaredy-cat of KAT-TUN is 33 today! Yay! I'd post something a little more involved, but I don't have the time. I'll spam Tumblr later though!
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Woohoo! It's the LE too!

I'll have to wait til tomorrow to watch the actual concert, but that hasn't kept me from enjoying the Brand New Stage CD or the photobook before I leave for work tonight. <3

Oh well. After I get home from work, I'll work on updating the KAT-TUN video page.
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I've pre-ordered the LE already! It comes with a CD with Brand New Stage on it, along with a 120 pg. special booklet! I am so looking forward to this, it'll be the last KAT-TUN release we'll have in the forseeable future.

Also, since I haven't posted in ages and I think completely forgot to mention, I also have a pre-order for the NEWS single coming out this month, so that'll be something fun to have in the meantime (although by the time it gets here, my KAT-TUN DVD will probably have almost shipped. NEWS single is coming SAL, but I'm splurging on EMS shipping for the KAT-TUN DVD).

And other things that are taking their sweet time getting here...the last Eyecon I needed from Kamen Rider Ghost (hoping it shows up soon, I hate SAL sometimes), and then my vol. 17 of Ao no Exorcist (which just shipped so it'll take a bit too).

So many goodies from Japan to expect~
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So, I'm spending the last night of KAT-TUN being a group watching fancams and listening to the fan recording from the 10ks concert. By the time I get up in the morning, the final Tokyo concert will have ended, and the hiatus will begin. Then it is a long, indefinite wait til they resume group activities. In the meantime, I'll follow what solo activities of theirs I can, and pray they truly are resolved to keep going.

In the meantime, there's NEWS and Hey Say Jump, my tokusatsu fandoms, and maybe the KAT-TUN 10ks DVD in the future to keep me occupied, so I'll just hope I can stay distracted by that. May also backtrack to a few dramas I've had sitting in my backlog as well, or rewatch a few (been a while since I've watched Youkai Ningen Bem and Runaway). There's always the older KAT-TUN concert DVDs too, I suppose, if I can bear to watch them.

The video page is gonna be so lonely though in the meantime...

Anyways, Goodbye KAT-TUN, and to Kamenashi, Ueda, and Nakamaru, good luck in your solo endeavors. I'll be waiting!

Toku stuff

Apr. 28th, 2016 02:20 pm
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I meant to do this LAST week, but I was lazy and didn't. Ooops. :P Ah well. With the way the episodes have been, it's been just as well to wait a week anyways. Spoilers are in this one, so tread with caution if you're also watching Kamen Rider Amazons, Zyuohger, or Kamen Rider Ghost.

So, first off, Kamen Rider Amazons. I've watched 1-3 subbed, and 4 unsubbed because I'm waiting for the O-T version. It's been really damn good so far. I've warmed up to Haruka despite the fact that I dislike the more streamlined Rider design (just doesn't seem very Amazon to me). Meanwhile, I'd LIKE to like Jin, but I can't right now cause he's kind of a jerk. We'll see how things go later. Ep. 3 gave me Agito vibes, what with Haruka dealing with the transformation stuff (and his is pretty nasty with how Amazons work in this series). Still, I am a SUCKER for non-human/kaijin Riders, especially the organic ones, so yeah...granted not sure if Omega still counts as an organic Rider with the belt...though he DOES have a wilder, non-belt form too (that looks arguably cooler, but I digress). Anyways, still looking forward to seeing what happens with him. Also really loving Mamoru so far...he is a cinnamon roll for being a mole monster. Granted, I'm not expecting to make it to the end of this series. I saw the original Amazon, and the original mole died. Also, this is a Kobayashi series and that bitch likes to kill everyone you like if she can get away with it (yes, I am still pissed about Ankh, regardless of how much little ghost Ankh following Eiji amuses me, and fuck the entire Ryuki series in general). Anyways, it'd be a pleasant surprise if they actually keep him alive since the whole fanbase is already expecting him to die, but they'll probably kill him off to mirror the original, and because we can't have nice things (especially THIS series, it's pretty dark).

Now, Zyuohger...TBH, I can never seem to get into Sentai as much as I do Kamen Rider, but this season isn't terrible...and from what I heard it's been infinitely better than the last few seasons. Once again the focus is sliding more towards the guys, especially Red (just ONCE it'd be nice if the ladies got some decent character development too, without the guys involved). Still, Yamato is a likable Red, so that's a plus. This episode we finally get a good look at the Eagle Zyuman, or as parts of the fandom have dubbed him "Bird-Kusaka" after the actor's Faiz character (since we still don't know Bird-Kusaka's actual name yet). He's kind of a jerk, which surprised absolutely no one given who his actor is, but he DID save Yamato, so looks like this character isn't a COMPLETE ass and will probably end up as the 6th member in time...I'll be shocked if he doesn't (but we won't know til June when Zyuoh the World debuts, probably). Either way, the show's been a fun romp, and at the very least it's something to watch while I wait for Kamen Rider subs.

...and now, Ghost. Oh MAN...fucking Ghost. We're at ep. 28 now, and shit got GOOD...and kinda sad for Alain. Alain's been getting a shitton of character development recently, since they needed to do the antag -> protag switch. They did it slow and they did it well. Unfortunately the whole thing did kinda end with his dad getting killed in front of him and dying in his arms, and his brother is still trying to kill him too. Luckily he's successfully earned Takeru's trust and made friends, and seeing Takeru go NUTS on those mooks in ep. 27 was pretty badass (tore through those guys like WOAH). Meanwhile, Makoto's back and got his upgrade and we got to see that debut this episode. Deep Specter is so cool (and I love the colors...I love pink, blue, and purple, and not just because they're KAT-TUN colors ;D ). I am so happy I snagged that Eyecon toy, should hopefully get here soon. Makoto finally told Alain to call him "Makoto" instead of "Specter" too, and I squee'd happy squees. So everyone's made friends now! We actually got our first triple-henshin this ep too, but some shit happened that put Takeru out of commission, so only a double-finisher (courtesy of Necrom and Specter). Anyways, it'll be fun to see where things go from here. They'll probably start moving towards Takeru getting his final form, and while I don't think Necrom will get any upgrades, he IS going to be able to start using Ghost's Eyecons from time to time, which'll be fun too. Ah, on a side-note, they did get rid of Cubi, but they didn't kill him off. He made friends with another Ganma, and they're going on a trip together...so I'll miss seeing his shenanigans, but at least I'm happy he wasn't killed (and another MotW was spared to boot!). Plus, maybe he'll pop back up again later, who knows? (Although it'd probably be safer for him if he doesn't ^^; ) Anyways, next week Alain gets a new outfit from the old Takoyaki lady and we laugh at the horrible fashion sense (at least it's a nice shade of green?). I suppose it could look worse though, and I like him in more casual clothes versus the uniform he was wearing anyways.

Anyways, that's all for this week. I'll update this as I feel like it...probably when more cool stuff in the shows happens, lol.
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Had a pretty good day, all things considered. Actually remembered to renew my licence plates on time for the year (Ohio sets the date for that on your birthday), and got the responsible adulting stuff out of the way. Then went and played some DDR and mat a potential new friend in the process, bought the Star Wars: The Force Awakens blu-ray, got a nommy milkshake and KFC for dinner, my dad got me a silly birthday card, one of my brothers got me a fishing license (I like fishing, we might go this Sunday), and I am now chillin' and watching Kamen Rider Agito til I feel like stopping :P I thought it'd be appropriate to watch Agito today since it was the 30th Anniversary series, and it's my 30th birthday. Plus, it's my favorite series anyways. <3 Plus, gives me an excuse to derp around with my figures. XD

Gills is like "fuck this, I don't show up til ep. 6 anyways *eats chicken*"
I am an adult, I swear

Anyways, yeah, start of a new decade. I kinda feel old, but I at least take some solace in the fact that I'm the same age as some of my favorite idols too...like Kame...and Massu will be 30 later this year too! XD
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So, Over-Time picked up subbing for the Kamen Rider Amazons specials airing and managed to get a hold of some decent raws, so I decided to watch the first episode. TBH, the designs for one of them didn't impress me, not a big fan of the "updates" they've been giving the old-school Riders. Plus, Amazon is the only Showa series I've ever managed to watch, and even though it kinda sucked, I've always been really fond of the Rider's more organic design (I am a sucker for those types of Riders. Kamen Rider Gills is my all-time fave). Anyways, I figured we at least have one of the new Amazon Riders looking old-school (Amazon Alpha, the red one), so I figured what the hell, I'll give it a go with very little expectations.

Hoooooly shiiiit~
I forgot how badass it can be to watch a Kamen Rider series aimed for older audiences. I was excited. Also, in typical Amazon form, shit's getting ripped apart and kaijin are loosing limbs and it's doing it's predecessor justice. XD Super happy with several of the throw-backs to the original too! Also, found out the green Rider doesn't start with the form you see in the promo pics, and his pre-belt form looks a LOT like the original Amazon, and that made me happy. Actualy, kinda thinking now he got an updated design so he wouldn't get confused with his predecessor, lol. Like I said, we still have red at least.

Anyways, I'm pretty damn happy with it. No idea if things'll stay that way, but it was a good starter episode. We'll see if things change after shit hits the fan in ep. 2, lol. I don't even know when the next episode even comes out, TBH o_o; Hopefully they won't take too long. If anything, the main thing I'm worried about is the writer...her series are VERY hit-or-miss with me...guess we'll see.

At any rate, I'll try and have fun with this alongside Ghost! :D
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Well, KAT-TUN is officially 3-nin now. Apparently J-net changed the profile images at 12am on the dot on April 1st. I'm honestly not surprised. KAT-TUN also had an appearance on a show, but I'm still waiting ro see if any rips pop up. News of what the concert goods look like are starting to pop up.The penlight is apparently gun-shaped...oh lordy ^^; Leave it to KAT-TUN to pick something so tacky :P I'll be keeping an eye on Twitter for when people start posting pictures of the goods to confirm.

In tokusatsu news, we had the Zyuohger/Ghost crossovers last weekend. Well, more like "cameos". Each hero spent about 5 minutes in the other's show then just kinda poofed. I guess it's just as well, since it gave the shows a chance to still have their plots (and while not really a huge deal for Zyuohger, there's important stuff going down in Ghost where a huge deviation from the plot would have been awkward). It was pretty cute regardless, and if anything, I'm just sad that Takuru didn't get a chance to meet Tusk or Amu because they were busy elsewhere having plot stuff happen, and only Yamato had a cameo in Ghost. From what I hear though, the non-Reds seem to get the shaft in the crossovers anyways.

At any rate, currently looking forward to seeing how the plot in Ghost progresses. We'll be seeing the new power-up for Specter in a few weeks, if the magazines are any indication. Looking forward to it. It actually looks pretty cool (if we ignore the fact that they gave him a re-coler of that stupid Sunglasslasher sword. How fucking lazy can you get, Bandai?). Oh, and there's Alain/Necrom to watch and see how he'll fare too.
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As much as I adore derpy happy Rin, that was supposed to be temporary while I look for a new KAT-TUN icon. I might have to hit up some of the more recent 3-nin magazine scans. I'd use mine, but they aren't here yet :/
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I HAVE TO RE-ENCODE ALL MY OLD PVs on this thing OMG! They remastered ALL of them! This is beautiful! Signal gets priority, of course. The newer ones shouldn't be touched, but any of the ones they switched from interlaced to progressive, I am redoing because they will just look better.

I am SO happy I got this.

Gonna be SO busy though, lol
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Tonight I'm gonna part like it's 1999 2006!
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Congrats KAT-TUN! You've somehow managed to make it to 10 years despite all the bullshit you've gone through and are still going through. We'll celebrate as best we can with the new tour and the new 3-nin set-up. You guys have earned it. May your hiatus also go well so we'll be able to properly celebrate your 15th Anniversary someday.

I haven't prepared a whole lot in celebration, but I did at least do something. I've taken a bunch of older softsubs and re-timed them for my rip from the video page. The ones included are as follows:

SHIN SHUN KATSU MODE: It's the fan rip, but I finally decided to add it to the page for completion's sake, cause chances of me ever getting my hands on that DVD are next to nothing. Softsubs are included.

Break the Records
CHAIN (talking parts only, no songs, we never got proper subs so take what you can get)

Fumetsu no Scrum PV
Lock on Making and Defeated Contribute to Society #2
Going PV
Love Yourself PV & Making
D-Motion PV & Making
Rescue PV & Making
One Drop PV & Making
White X'mas PV & Making
Don't U Ever Stop PV & Making
Lips PV & Making

It's not much, but it's better than nothing. Most KAT-TUN things are hardsubbed, and i can't upload everything, so there's not much that can be done. It's hard enough just managing the raws. ^^; Many thanks to the various subbers who put out softsubs (the files all have their respective credits, so I'm not gonna list them all here). Anyways, get yourselves over to the video page if you want to snag things.
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Ok, so I meant to mention this, but then fox shenanigans post kinda took priority, lol

First off, I did see the news about who's taking over SCP from KAT-TUN...and it's NEWS, my secondary fandom. I had a LOT of mixed feelings about it, since I'm still super bummed about KAT-TUN losing it, and the simple fact is that I don't like NEWS as much as KAT-TUN. They're close. They have part of an entire wall devoted to them (as did KAT-TUN before all this shit went down)...but they aren't my ichibans. That said though, the fact of the matter is KAT-TUN is leaving SCP no matter what, so this is probably the best outcome for this shitty situation. Had it been anyone else, I'd probably have been even more upset. At least I know that if/when KAT-TUN ever guests on there, we'll probably have the same kind of atmosphere we got when the two groups were together before...at least I hope so.
Here's just hoping the NEWS fandom is as good about uploading it as Hyphens were. It'll suck to have to scrounge for rips.

This is actually gonna be a big test for NEWS to see just HOW well they can hold my attention. Before they were just cute distractions between KAT-TUN releases...now they gotta step up and basically be the replacement primary fandom for a while. We'll see how well that works out. I'll probably just keep doing what I'm doing with HSJ, since I only bother with rips for them anyways.

In toku fandom news...


Sadly, I do not get a wish for collecting them all :P
But yeah, all 15 Eyecons! Plus the ones in the middle for Ghost, Boost, Specter, and the special Kishidan Ghost Eyecon that came with the theme song single. The only ones left to collect are the upcoming Eyecons for Specter and Ghosts's powerups, but it'll still be a while. So far I haven't heard anything about Necrom...he probably won't get one. I haven't decided if I want to get his toy or not...but if Alain grows on me (which after ep. 22 is a very real possibility), and also doesn't die by series end (also a very real possibility because Neo-Heisei series suck), I might.
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So, tonight was an adventure. Was working late tonight, and on my way home I spotted a fox crossing the street. I stopped my car, waiting for it, and noticed it had a collar and harness. It was a domesticated fox! That's incredibly rare here, despite them being perfectly legal. So I put my car in park, put blinkers on, get out, and try to see if I can get close. I kneel down and am like 'hey, buddy'...and the little guy just comes right up to me! He starts sniffing my fingers, and he's super friendly! I gently reach out to start checking his harness and collar for tags. None. Well, couldn't just leave him out there, he'd end up shot or hit...so despite my "this is insane" thoughts running through my head, I put it in the car and pray he behaves. He was super chill, although he did steal my bag of chicken sandwiches from Wendy's, but it kept him busy through the car ride, and like hell am I gonna try and take food back from a hungry fox! ^^;

So, we get it home, and tell my brother "You are not even gonna believe what I picked up on the way home". Needless to say, it got his and my dad's attention, lol. We found our dog carrier, and put him in there. Gave him a little dog food too, which he scarfed down readily. He kept scratching to get out though. Meanwhile, I'm on the computer trying to figure out who to call in the morning, since I was worried about him. In the meantime, we had to put the carrier outside because my Basset Hound was going nuts in my room, and my dad was trying to sleep.

He wasn't out there long though. My brother was like "I found the owner!". His social network is insane, and as luck would have it, someone responded knowing they knew who the fox belonged to! So we call her up, load up the fox, and around midnight he was happily back home with a happy and thankful owner. I was so happy! The lady who owns him actually breeds foxes, and had a female as well, so his mate was also thrilled to see him again. Happy fox noises are adorable BTW (now I know what the fox REALLY says, lol). We found out his name is Reggie, BTW. Anyways, I'm glad everything worked out so well!

Amazing what happens when you just happen to be at the right place at the right time...and I'm glad I ignored my apprehension and ended up helping the little guy out!

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