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Had a pretty good day, all things considered. Actually remembered to renew my licence plates on time for the year (Ohio sets the date for that on your birthday), and got the responsible adulting stuff out of the way. Then went and played some DDR and mat a potential new friend in the process, bought the Star Wars: The Force Awakens blu-ray, got a nommy milkshake and KFC for dinner, my dad got me a silly birthday card, one of my brothers got me a fishing license (I like fishing, we might go this Sunday), and I am now chillin' and watching Kamen Rider Agito til I feel like stopping :P I thought it'd be appropriate to watch Agito today since it was the 30th Anniversary series, and it's my 30th birthday. Plus, it's my favorite series anyways. <3 Plus, gives me an excuse to derp around with my figures. XD

Gills is like "fuck this, I don't show up til ep. 6 anyways *eats chicken*"
I am an adult, I swear

Anyways, yeah, start of a new decade. I kinda feel old, but I at least take some solace in the fact that I'm the same age as some of my favorite idols too...like Kame...and Massu will be 30 later this year too! XD
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I'm 24 today. I do not look it, lol. This is not a bad thing though. Already got my birthday present, it was the Kivat plushie. Then I got the Kingdom Hearts necklace from my online buddy, Ninja. I'll get a bit of spending money for Nashi-con too. Don't have anything special planned for tonight. Just the usual Wednesday Nashi-con committee meeting, and I'll get to see my buddies there.

I managed to do something semi-productive, which was to let Perry know the game room thread on the forums needed some attention. I also found out our game room sponsor went bankrupt o.o; So that means a bit more work for Perry to arrange something. There's a lot of gamers at Nashi though, so I'm not too worried, we should be able to put together a decent game room on our own. Since they need TVs, I offered two 13" ones we hardly use.

Shinkenger and Double Ep. 27-28 stuff )

Anyways, that's it for now. Time for sleep.

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