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Ok, so I keep forgetting to do these things ^^; Hopefully I can remember all the important stuff we did over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, but kinda crazy still with all the running around I did, working the video room table at times, and trying to make it to events.
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So yeah, my first AZ was pretty fun. I think next year though I'm gonna buy a badge if I can afford one, since worrying about the video room table was a pain in the ass. I missed a lot of stuff because of that and, especially at cons I haven't gone to before, I like the general freedom of being able to do whatever.

The day after AZ was fun too, Memorial Day. We didn't get to go for sushi, liked planned, since all the restaurants that sold it were closed, so we just went to Moe's...but after that we went swimming at Kaylan's house. It was fun.

Tomorrow I plan on going to hang out with Allendorf. He's gonna help me rip the Kamen Rider Kiva DVDs I got in the mail over the weekend. They're two of the live stage shows. One was recorded after the series ends, and has three different parts, and is the one I'm looking forward to seeing the most. The other is a concert, but the first recorded of the three, and so won't have as much stuff...but I like concerts :P Hoping I can get the files to senpai-tachi soon after.
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Experimenting with cross-posting from LJ to Facebook! That way I can update both at once, although I still have to check them separately.

Anyways, hurray for new Bleach chapter! It has more new Burimyu updates. They're adding Kyouraku and Ukitake to the character line-up, and two original characters for whatever they end up doing. The chapter itself was okay. Ichigo isn't completely helpless now, but was told not to overdo things...with Orihime getting attacked I have a feeling he will ignore this in typical Ichigo fashion XD At least Chad's there to possibly bail them out if needed. I'm looking forward to when Ichigo gets his shinigami powers back, but that probably won't be til the end of the story arc.

As for other things...well, there's a whole lot of Nashi-con stuff I still need to do. I should go and battle with the sewing machine and get that functioning properly soon. I'm gonna need it. At least the most time-consuming thing is well underway, because if it wasn't, I'd be kinda screwed ^^; There's also things I need to finish for the con events too though, so I'm hoping to finish the cosplay stuff a week before the con.

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