Mar. 8th, 2016

hikarikirameku: (Happy Rin)
So both my copies of the UNLOCK single AND the NEWS QUARTETTO album showed up today, lol. Crazy. I'm just now getting around to them, since I had to work all day, but luckily my computer's fast. NEWS took priority, since it wasn't up yet, and it's already on the video page, but I'm working on getting KAT-TUN's stuff done now.

I'm listening to the new NEWS songs right now. Quartetto is fun and catchy. シリウス is happy and uplifting. NEWSKOOL is LOL! I haven't gotten to the others yet since I skipped to solo songs. Sadly, none of them particularly stood out. Tegoshi's is pretty, to be sure, but boring. Keii's is meh. Shige's is weird and sounds like his last one. Massu's...well, I got a LUL out of it.
and this is my KAT-TUN back-up...I am so screwed ^^; Well, I suppose there's always HSJ...maybe.

KAT-TUN, you jerks had BETTER keep your promise and be back eventually! You definitely my only ichiban group!

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